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Star: N/A

Origin: Falena

Events: Falenan Civil War

Position: Queen

Born: N/A

Death: IS 441

Queen of Falena for a short two years, from IS 439 to 441. Second in line for the throne, behind her older sister, Shahrewar. However, Falzrahm was married to Kauss Barows of the scheming Barows faction, whose head, Salum, schemed with the best of them, and campaigned for Falzrahm to take the throne. The conflict between the two princesses escalated, and intensified after the death of their aging mother, Olhazeta.

Both princesses now used Nether's Gate to assassinate members of the other side. By Falzrahm's order, Mardas Godwin, and other Godwin supporters in the Senate were assassinated. Her own husband, Kauss, was also killed. Falzrahm won the struggle, when Shahrewar got tired of the fighting and conceded the throne to her younger sister. However, Falzrahm saw this as another ploy, and her first action after ascending to the throne was to have Nether's Gate kill her sister.

As Queen, she was seen as ineffective and cruel, but she did have one wise decision - she betrothed her second daughter, Sialeeds, to Gizel Godwin, of the Godwin faction, to help create a balance of power between the two factions. Her reign didn't last very long, as she died of natural causes a relatively short time after taking the throne. - Matt620