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Star: Tenan

Origin: Falena

Events: Sun Rune War

Position: Gladiator

Born: IS 421

Death: N/A

Born a gladiator of Falena, Belcoot ran away to escape his desolate life. He ran away to [Kanakan], where he became a student of the famous Rolundier Haia. He finished his training and recieved the Falcon Rune, and decided that he was going to return to Falena. Knowing that the previous Queen, Arshtat, had abolished brutalization of gladiators, he planned to enter the Sacred Games, become Lymsleia's husband, and abolish slavery entirely. Belcoot realized that, if a nobleman like Godwin or Barows would marry the Princess, things would revert back to the way they were before Arshtat became queen.

Belcoot was a bad gladiator in his youth, so no one recongnized him when he returned to Stormfist. He blew away the competition effortlessly. However, since he was not recongnized as a Falenian, he was accosted by patriotic vigilantes who did not want another foreigner to marry the Queen. He was rescued by the Prince, and Belcoot bonded with both him and Sialeeds.

During the finals, Belcoot had to fight Childerich, the champion of Gizel Godwin. The same patriotic thugs kidnapped the girl who worked at the inn Belcoot was staying at, Marina, and told Belcoot that, if he didn't want her to get hurt, he'd go to the cabin in the woods alone. Belcoot realized it was a trap, but was going to fall into it anyway to save Marina. Before he did it, though, he met up with the Prince, and, due to Sialeeds's knowledge of the area around Stormfist, was able to rescue Marina without being hurt.

Marina cooked a big breakfast for Belcoot, to celebrate and so he could get his energy for the finals. But when the finals rolled around, Belcoot could barely stand up. It looked like he hadn't slept in days. He lost the fight easily and was sent to the Infirmary. Belcoot had slept fine the previous night, so foul play is suspected. Sialeeds quickly rules out magic as the cause, and Dr. Murad can't find any sort of debiliative drugs in Belcoot's body. Lyon, however, knows that Belcoot was drugged with Dark Arcanum, which cannot be detected by normal means. Georg isn't sure about what happened, no one could have slipped him a drug because Belcoot was with them all morning. However, he quickly deduces that Marina was the one who did it. However, because Belcoot doesn't want to risk Marina's safety or a Godwin reprisal, he denies he was drugged. Before the Prince leaves Stormfist, he checks in on Belcoot, where the gladiator admits he underestimated the Godwins. He warns the Prince to be forever cautious of Gizel.

Belcoot traveled with Marina after the Godwins takeover, and the two went from town to town looking for work. In Yeshuna Village, the two meet with the Prince again. The Prince offers Marina a job at his castle, and Belcoot accompanies her.

Belcoot is very dense when it comes to love. He cannot suspect Marina's true feelings for him. Also, despite spending time in [Kanakan], he is definitely a lightweight when it comes to alcohol, leaving both Sialeeds and Shinro to wonder how he could have ever lived there for so long.

Belcoot does not consider himself a direct retainer of the Prince, he states as such to Hazuki, a rival, when she asks the Prince to order a duel between her and Belcoot.

After the war, Belcoot becomes a teacher of swordsmanship at the arena, which is now a training facility. He helps out Marina at the inn on his days off. - Matt620 (article), Basel (image)

Gameplay Information for Suikoden V

How to Recruit: After the restoration of Lordlake, talk to him in Yashuna Village. Ask Marina inside the inn to join, and Belcoot will join her.

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