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Star: N/A

Origin: Gregminster

Events: Succession Wars, Jowston-Scarlet Moon Wars, Kalekka Incident, Gate Rune Wars

Position: Emperor

Born: IS 406

Death: N/A

Called the "Golden Emperor" he was the hero of the Succession Wars who saved Toran from the tyrannical rule of the usurper Geil Rugner. Barbarossa was the crown prince; but Geil, Barbarossa's uncle, pushed a motion through the court to remove Barbarossa's right to the throne while Barbarossa was away fighting Jowston in the Dana area; this action triggered the Succession Wars. Barbarossa's force was small in the beginning, but with the aid of the Six Great Generals and Leon Silverberg he was able to defeat Geil; despite the death of his wife, Claudia. After he became Emperor he showed that he was a capable administrator by his benevolent rule; but when Jowston attacked again, and public opinion was anti-war, he approved Leon's plan for the "Kalekka Incident". Also, he started to change after he hired the court magician, Windy; Windy looked like Claudia, but Barbarossa also sensed the sadness within her. He allowed her to manipulate him to the point of destroying his own empire; however, in the end he realized the folly of his love for Windy, and leapt from the height of his palace with her in his arms.

Note: He has no death date because he is officially missing, not dead, along with Windy. - Blue Moon