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Star: Chisou

Origin: Estrise

Events: Sun Rune War

Position: Engineer

Born: IS 398

Death: N/A

Babbage is an inventor who lives in Estrise. His passion for life is gears, and the revolving bridge connecting the Barows territory in Rainwall is his masterpiece. However, he also designed the many windmills of Estrise. Babbage likes to see his gears in action, so he initially wanted the windmills to have the mechanical parts on the outside, but since the sea air would rust them, he had to put them on the inside. When investigating [Sindar] Castle, his assistant, Sorensen, noticed a gear room in the lower level of the castle, and showed it to the professor. Suitably impressed with it, Babbage decided to work with the Prince and maintain these gears. As it turned out, the gears powered an elevator throughout the castle. Although Babbage is a master engineer, he lacks both social graces and self-sufficency. Sorensen does all of Babbage's housework for him, and Babbage does not even give him a thank you in response. Babbage believes that it is the duty of the apprentice to do the chores of his master. Besides, Babbage does not believe Sorensen minds doing the housework. - Matt620 (article), Basel (image)

Gameplay Information for Suikoden V

How to Recruit: After recruiting Sorensen and Lymsleia's coronation, bring Sorenson to the Gear Room in the HQ (HQ has upgraded along with coronation scene). Go back to Babbage's office, talk to him, and bring him to the gears. Leave the HQ and return, then return to the Gear Room. Babbage will join there.