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Star: Chiin

Origin: Sauronix

Events: Sun Rune War

Position: Queen's Knight

Born: IS 427

Death: N/A

A Queen's Knight and the bodyguard of Princess Lymsleia, Miakis is a cheerful, energetic young woman who is quick to play practical jokes on the Princess as well as make off-the-wall comments.

Miakis grew up in Sauronix Castle, her father extremely close to Craig Laden. Miakis grew up a complete tomboy, sparring with many of the boys there, and beating them all. Craig, Roog, and Rahal are just some of the boys she whipped. She wanted to join the Dragon Cavalry, but, since women are not permitted there, Craig sent her to Ferid instead. Ferid noticed her skill and let her become a Queen's Knight.

Miakis is never found far from the Princess's side, and, whenever Lym goes tromping through the halls looking for her brother, Miakis is usually found bringing up the rear. Like the Princess she watches, she is also fond of the Prince, poking fun at him, as well as asking him to bring souvenirs whenever he goes out.

When Lym has to go on her pre-engagement ceremony rites, Miakis goes with her. She is familiar with Lady Haswar's love of children and is not surprised when the Oracle smothers Lym with hugs. Miakis joins Lym in the purification rite, and enjoys how the cold water made her skin feel so silky. After Lun and Logg are caught stealing gold dust, Miakis is in charge of taking the Princess back to Sol-Falena while the Prince and Sialeeds go negoitate with Raja.

Although light-hearted and affable at the engagement banquet, playing jokes with the Prince, she is informed of what is going to happen at night, that Gizel is planning on attacking. She stays with the Princess. One time, though, she leaves to say something urgent to Arshtat, and arrives in time to see Georg's sword stuck straight through the Queen's stomach. Heartbroken, Miakis runs from the room believing Georg a traitor, and returning to the Princess.

Miakis tries to get the Princess to escape from the castle. Although aided by Galleon, Zahhak and Alenia found the Princess before she could leave and prevented her from escaping. Lym is then shut inside of her room with Miakis to watch over her.

Miakis tells the Princess that it is alright to grieve for her parents, but Lym refuses, because that would be like admitting the defeat of her family.

Miakis and the Princess stay together until the coronation ceremony. Although Lym initially refuses to go along with it, Gizel threatens Miakis's life and she capitulates, despite Miakis's protests. Because guarding the Queen of Falena is the job of the Commander of the Queen's Knights, Miakis no longer has the Princess to protect. Believing being a Queen's Knight is all she has left, she applies herself to those duties.

During the siege of Doraat, Miakis is sent as an assistant to Alenia, and neither of them are too keen on working with each other. Alenia is defeated by the Prince and Zerase after the Twilight Rune went out of control, but Dolph manages to save her and get her out, having Miakis guard the door to prevent someone from following.

The Prince meets her, but Miakis refuses to allow him to pass. She draws her weapons and engages him in a duel. However, he defeats her, and she apologizes. The Prince forgives her, and she joins his army. When she notices Georg is there, though, she nearly attacks him. Later, she apologizes for the brashness of her actions, but she tells the Prince she was not wrong about what she saw: Georg did kill Arshtat.

During the Queen's Campaign, Miakis accompanies the Prince to rescue Lym, and fights Galleon to get access to her. However, Sialeeds betrays the Prince and Dolph attacks Lyon. Miakis fights off Dolph, but cannot get past Sialeeds's formidable magic to reach Lym. After Lyon is brought back to the castle, Miakis is told the truth of what happened to Arshtat by Galleon, and she feels awful about it. Since Georg is gone, though, there's not much she can do about it. She decides to accompany the Prince as his bodyguard until Lyon gets better.

Miakis shows the Prince Sauronix Castle and talks to Craig Laden before hitting the Western Ruins to see if he could get more power in the Dawn Rune to heal Lyon's injuries. When Armes rides out to stop the Prince, Miakis tries to bring back the Dragon Cavalry, only to get solely Roog and Rahal, Craig not budging for inexplicable reasons.

Miakis believes the problem, the reason why the cavalry wouldn't ride out, resided in Gordius Village. Since women were not permitted in Gordius, she sent Roog and Rahal in her place. After the problem with the cavalry is taken care off and the homebase recovered, Miakis is the first to proclaim that they were home.

Miakis accompanies the Prince again after his army lays siege to Sol-Falena. After the Prince and Gizel talk, Lym runs to Miakis to get away from Gizel.

After the war, Miakis resumes her duties as the bodyguard of Lymsleia. The two remain as close as sisters for their whole lives. - Matt620 (article), Basel (image)

Gameplay Information for Suikoden V

How to Recruit: Joins automatically after the attack on Doraat.

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