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Star: N/A

Origin: New Armes Kingdom

Events: Sun Rune War

Position: Commander

Born: N/A

Death: N/A

The Commander of the militant Armes Southern Mountain Corps, Commander Sparna has ties to the more militant factions of Armes, which has designations to take over Falena. Her corps had ties with Lord Barows, and was deployed when Barows planned to ally with the Prince and create his own nation. She did not ride into battle herself, but she sent General Guisu. However, Barows's plan backfired thanks to Lucretia Merces, and they returned to Armes in defeat.

Commander Sparna rides into battle herself when Godwin makes a deal with Armes. If Armes will help subjugate the rebels, then Armes will gain all former Barows territory after the war ends. After her troops take over Sable, she is quick to recognize that the Prince does know how to fight on several fronts, and when the odds are stacked against him. However, she wants Zahhak to sweeten the deal for her because of this, but Zahhak responds he does not have the power to renegoitate.

The Armes troops move from Sable to Lordlake. The armies of Estrise, Sable, and Lordlake, backed up by the Prince's forces, manage to stave off the invaders until they can evacuate the city, but Lordlake eventually falls.

Sparna's troops converge with Childerich's and attack [Sindar] Castle, but they find the castle empty. The Prince counter-attacks with the aid of the Dragon Cavalry and by activating the sluice gate on Ceras Lake to flood the castle. Most of the Armes troops are useless, abandoning their weapons to escape the castle quickly enough. They flee back to Sable, but are pursued by the Prince's forces.

Maha tells Jidan she is going to set a trap inside Sable, and for Jidan to buy some time. However, what Maha really does is flee back to Armes, creating a roadblock so that no one can follow, not the Prince's forces or Jidan. She is disgraced for her actions when she returns to Armes, and King Jalat opts a more peaceful relationship with the Prince's forces. - Matt620