<< Roundier Haia Rowd Roy (SV) >>

Star: N/A

Origin: Unknown

Events: Massacre of the Unicorn Brigade, Dunan Unification War

Position: Captain

Born: IS 432

Death: N/A

Rowd was the captain of the Unicorn Brigade stationed at Kyaro. He has a sister who is blind and has been trying to take her to a doctor in Toran, but didn't have enough money. To make the necessary money, he tried hard to get promoted and thus agreed with Luca Blight's plan to destroy the Unicorn Brigade to validate his war. Due to his participation, he was promoted and during Highland's initial attack on Greenhill, he was chosen as the acting commander for Highland's 2nd Army. However, his siege on Greenhill was defeated by Greenhill's army composed of volunteers and a fake strategist (Nash). After Kiba joined the Unification Army, Rowd becomes the commander of what is left of the 3rd army, but didn't help much in battle. After the war, it is said that he ran south. - Blue Moon