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Star: Chijyu

Origin: Muse

Events: Dunan Unification War, Higheast Rebellion, Second Fire Bringer War

Position: Medic

Born: IS 450

Death: N/A

Tuta is a travelling doctor, who apprenticed under Huan. Tuta is the son of Huan's former patient and the patient wished that Huan take Tuta in as an apprentice and Huan agreed. Since then, Tuta has been assisting Huan in his clinic in Muse. His task were mainly delivering medicine to Huan's clients and sometimes Tuta made very long journeys from Muse. At Muse, Tuta was told by Huan to join Viktor's Mercenaries in order to gain some experience. Since then he became a part of the Allied Forces as a field medic.

After the war, he continued his apprenticeship under Huan. Upon finishing the apprenticeship, he journeyed throughout the world to small villages in search of people needing medical care. When the Harmonian Army invaded the Highland Region after losing Highland as a friendly nation, he went there to take care of injured soldiers on the battlefield. It was there that his operation wasn't enough to save the life of a nurse's husband. The nurse, Mio, became his student. His travels took him to the Grasslands, where he joined the Fire Bringer with Mio. After the war, he and Mio accompanied Hallec to his village to give the residents medical care. - Blue Moon, KoRnholio

Gameplay Information for Suikoden II

How to Recruit: Speak with him in Muse City after receiving your first assignment from Jess.
Alternate Method: Joins automatically after defeating Solon Jhee's army (only if you missed him in Muse).

Weapon LVL 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
Weapon Strength 6 9 12 20 25 31 37 43 48 70 83 95 108 119 130 140
Weapon NamePebbleStoneRock

Gameplay Information for Suikoden III

How to Recruit: Bring Mio to Chisha Village. Go to the underground portion of the village and talk to Tuta in the middle room.