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Star: Tenki

Origin: Greenhill

Events: Dunan Unification War

Position: Acting Mayor of Greenhill/Allied Forces General

Born: IS 434

Death: N/A

Teresa Wisemail is the daughter of Alec Wisemail, who became sick and let Teresa take over his post. Teresa is well educated and is a well-respected leader, liked by everyone in Greenhill. However, due to Greenhill's unique position as an academic city-state, it eats away at the Jowston Alliance's budget and has been unable to submit fees for the Alliance for three consecutive years. Due to this, Teresa has very little say in the Alliance.

During the Dunan Unification War, Greenhill was attacked by Rowd, who led the 2nd Highland Army for a while after Solon Jhee's execution. With the help of Nash Latkje, Teresa was able to defeat this first onslaught of Highland soldiers. After the battle, Highland released soldiers captured from Muse and Teresa accepted them in despite warnings by Nash Latkje that letting them in would deplete Greenhill's resources. Teresa knew this, but her kindness was unable to make her turn down the Muse soldiers. Sooner or later food became scarce. The soldiers from Muse started to demand food and Greenhill citizens clashed with them. In the end, the Muse soldiers took some children hostage and took over the food storage. They demanded that Teresa surrender herself to them so that they could sell her to the Highland Army. Teresa surrendered herself and was captured. Fortunately she was rescued by Shin, Nash, Connel, Jeane, Nina and Yuri's cunning plan and was then hidden in a small cottege in the Greenhill Forest. Since then, she survived in the forest with the help of Shin and Nina, but in her solitude, she blamed herself for the downfall of Greenhill.

When a squad of the Allied Forces led by Riou and Flik infiltrated Greenhill to look for Teresa, she was so distraught that she refused to leave and even threatened to kill herself. However, after she realized that hiding doesn't solve anything, she agreed to join the Allied Forces and leave Greenhill.

After joining the Allied Forces, Teresa was appointed as a general and led troops in various battles. Teresa accompanied Riou to the Peace Conference at Jowston Hill where they were ambushed but saved by Shu's contingency plan. Later on she participated in the liberation of Greenhill and after the war became the Mayor of Greenhill. Through the war and even before that, she had feelings for Shin and Shin did as well, but these feelings were never communicated. After Shu resigned as Chancellor, Teresa took over as leader of the country of Dunan. - Blue Moon

Gameplay Information for Suikoden II

How to Recruit: Joins automatically during your escape from Greenhill.