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Star: N/A

Origin: Falena

Events: Sun Rune War

Position: Assassin

Born: IS 423

Death: IS 450

A highly trained Nether Gate assassin, Childerich was instrumental to the Godwin takeover of the country. He masqueraded as a gladiator, Gizel's champion during the Sacred Games. Childerich would take care of anyone who faced him, while Gizel's clever plans would take out anyone who could potentially beat Childerich. During the attack on the palace, Childerich's job was to take out the Prince and/or Lady Sialeeds. However, Queen's Knight Kyle and Zegai, a gladiator who fell victim to one of Gizel's schemes, were able to protect them. However, Childerich still managed to pick up on how Dolph knew Lyon from their earlier Nether Gate days, and couldn't help but laugh how a highly trained Nether Gate assassin was the Prince's bodyguard.

Childerich possesses incredible bloodlust and enjoys watching people die. He'll kill for the smallest trangression, as he did when Doraat was retaken from the Prince's army. Made a Queen's Knight by Gizel despite the objections of both Alenia and Bahram Luger, Childerich was in charge of defending Doraat along with Luger and Novum. Luger sacrificed his life to let Childerich and Novum escape.

Childerich and Novum relocate to Stormfist, where Childerich lays an ambush in the arena for the Prince. The Prince falls into the trap, but Sialeeds, hidden away in Godwin Castle, turns the Twilight Rune on the ambush, killing all of the soldiers. Childerich realizes her actions and drinks Raging Nostrum, a chemical designed to give superhuman strength. He wants to kill as many people as possible. However, he is soundly defeated in a duel and dies in agony. - Matt620 (article), Basel (image)