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Star: N/A

Origin: Dwarf Village

Events: Gate Rune Wars

Position: Chief

Born: IS 353

Death: N/A

Unlike his elven counterpart the Chief of the Dwarves is not intolerant to other races but he does think that dwarves are superior. He could not believe that any human could have stolen anything from the Dwarven Vault, let alone the plans for the Burning Mirror, so he set a test to see if Tir and his party could repeat the feat. When they returned with the object he had set, the Running Water Root, he pledged his aid to destroy the Burning Mirror. This he did so with the aid of the Firewind Cannon, but not before the mirror had been used to raze the Village of the Elves. He stayed in the sidelines throughout much of the rest of the war but was there when needed. Following the end of the conflict he works with the new Toran authorities; Kirkis, the new chief of the elves; and Kuromimi, the new chief of the kobolds, to bring about greater understanding and co-operation between the different races of Great Forest. - Blue Moon