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Star: Tenbou

Origin: Unknown

Events: Sun Rune War

Position: Leader

Born: IS 414

Death: N/A

The leader of a unit within the Lindwurm Mercenary Brigade, Wilhelm is a notorious womanizer who, like Kyle, is quick to flirt with any girl he meets.

The Lindwurm Mercenary Brigade is a large force, compromising about 5,000 members. Because few countries are in the market for that many, they are often broken into smaller groups. Wilhelm commands one such group.

Wilhelm is long acquainted with his second-in-command, Mueller, and worked with him before being in the Lindwurm Brigade. The jobs they did would be considered “mercenary” by some and “bandit” by others.

Wilhelm’s unit is sent to Lord Barows when he hires them, but after Armes shows up, Mueller states it’s a breach in contract and they leave the battle. After the Prince breaks from Barows’s camp, he meets them again in Raftfleet.

When he is hired by the Prince, Wilhelm agrees when he sees the variety of lovely ladies in the Prince’s army. Although a massive womanizer, Wilhelm has a real soft spot for Lyon, and wants to see her loosen up. - Matt 620 (article), Basel (image)

Gameplay Information for Suikoden V

How to Recruit: After the restoration of Lordlake, bring Viki to meet him in Raftfleet Inn. Can also be recruited later on at Lelcar or Doraat. Must bring Viki, or Faylen, or Norma. Do note that the Godwins will hire Wilhelm and Mueller at some point after you capture Doraat.