January 05, 2004

The Relationship Between Borus and Percival

Borus and Percival became the members of the Knights around the same time, but they were appointed to different units and didn't have too much interaction between them. As Percival rose in rank, they began to compete with each other as rivals. At this present time their relationship became that of comrades who respect each other.
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August 29, 2003

How fast is Stallion?

From Shinsho Vol.8

How fast is Stallion?

Stallion shows numerous instances of using his specialty, running at lightning speed. Regarding his exact running speed... an amazing time of 100 meters in 7 seconds. He doesn't proclaim himself to be the fastest male elf runner for nothing.

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Sheena Info

This is from Shinsho Vol. 8 (The last issue before Suikoden 3 came out in Japan)

"Sheena called his playing around "study away from home", and kept chasing after girls. Although he has tried to pick up many girls, he seems to be showing interest in Apple now. They seemed quite close during the Dunan Unification War, and after the war, he has been following Apple around on her journey. But it doesn't seem that he is desperately trying to ask her out, and we cannot be sure if he is serious. Will the day come when Sheena finds one special woman who he will care for like how his father has?

(Picture of Apple and Sheena together in Suikogaiden) Even after the war, Sheena has been following Apple around. It seems like they are more than just acquaintances (?)

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Millie and Bonaparte

From Shinsho Vol 8

Bonaparte was a monster who was captured by Millie as it was in its nest. It seems like she then just kept it as her pet. She usually pokes Bonaparte's eyes, so that they retract, in one by one order. Sometimes she sleeps inside its mouth.

Bonaparte shows mannerly obedience towards Millie, but it is unknown if it's a blessing of love or the power of the Groundhog Rune.

(Side Text to picture of Millie holding Bonaparte in Suikogaiden Vol.2) Seeing how it ran away from Millie atleast once, Bonaparte may actually see her as a nuisance.

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Nash Info from Shinsho

Bunch of Nash Info.

Before you make a comment: Yes, Lena is Nash's aunt. Yes, it's disturbing. No, I didn't make it up.

This is from Shinsho Vol. 11

"Big Prediction of Nash's Wife

If Nash was married who would be his wife? The first one that comes to mind when thinking about the women whom he is close with is Lena. The strong-minded Lena fits his description of the wife, but her being a relative is quite awkward. Also the possibility of it being Sierra cannot be denied. Sierra seemed to like Nash, so a long shot prediction will be her. But another person that we can't forget about is Aisha. Since she and Nash had a rather intimate moment in the Gaiden, she may unexpectedly be the leading candidate (?)" This is from Shinsho Vol. 3

Some selections from Interview with Chief Director (Murayama) and Director (Ota):

Q. What are Sierra's feelings for Nash?

(Ota) There are many users who believe that Nash isn't Sierra's type, but he is, in actuality. But we did try to depict it in a complex way by her acting like he was not her type. It was supposed to be that her words were not reflecting her actual feelings....but....since the players took it the literal way, we feel that we have failed.

Q. Please explain Nash's background and the Latkje Family.

(Murayama) It is established that Nash's family is distinguished even among the elite. Additionally, the reason for the family to join the Guild was for Nash to learn various skilled training more than to make him a gunner. The decision to join wasn't Nash's, but rather a family's order.

(Ota) He was trained like a Spartan from a very young age.

Q. During the story there was a scene revealing that he was taught battle strategies from his father. Does his family have a military background?

(Murayama) The family didn't have a military background, but similar teachings to what an emperor receives were taught. They received training for the mind as well as battle skills.

Q. Their image surpasses that of a regular elite family...

(Murayama) Zaji mentions it in the story, but it seems that there were many conflicts of power within Harmonia, and the family was one of the leading groups.

Q. I see. What is Nash's feelings about that.

(Murayama) At this point, we can't go into details. But up until a certain event in his past, he went along with the flow. It is mentioned a little also in the Suikogaiden Vol.1, but after that event he left home. He ran away to the countryside because of it.

Q. What kind of a place and surroundings did the Guild train at? Did they have a dorm?

(Murayama) The area was completely secluded with a yard. The Guild raised the children whom were scouted to be gunners into assassins.

Q. Is it big? As big as one town?

(Murayama) No, not that big. It's more like one fortress. There's a big wall surrounding a castle, and then little areas for living.

Q. Is the Guild's relationship to Harmonia similar to that of the Dragon Knights to the Imperial Empire?

(Murayama) The Dragon Knights were very independent, but think of the Guild itself as an organization within Harmonia. It's established that at the top, there's Hikusaak and mostly it's a dictatorship. But since he doesn't come out too much, at the present time the elite below him hold a substantial amount of power. But the Guild ‘s place is not below these elite, but rather closer to the top. So they are independent from the elite who hold power, but is under the control of Harmonia.

Q. What is the origin of Nash's sword?

(Ota) It means "large river" in German. The Harmonian names have German influences. Since the names of the gunner's gun were German, we decided on making everything German.

(Murayama) We discussed about it a lot, and came to the conclusion to follow through that idea.

Q. Where did he get a hold of the sword?

(Ota) That sword is a family treasure. It is passed on to the head of the family of each generation.

Q. Does the sword have a will of its own like the Star Dragon Sword?

(Murayama) The Star Dragon Sword is a true rune that takes a different form than its normal form, so it's able to talk as it pleases. That doesn't happen for Nash's sword. It has power, but is different from the Star Dragon Sword.

(Ota) It is limited to only being an item. It doesn't have a will of its own.

Q. Does Nash coat the poison on his sword himself?

(Ota) It's not coated, but rather the sword is capable of depositing and taking in stuff. Not only can it deposit poison, but it is also made to deposit stuff like oil. When Nash wants to deposit poison, he controls it with a source near his hands.

Q. The image of using poison doesn't seem to fit Nash, the knight.

(Murayama) Nash isn't a full-fledged knight that prioritizes honor. He favors a more realistic way of battle.

Q. Did you have an image or a model when Nash, the character, was created?

(Murayama) There was no one particular model. In my mind, I imagined him to be like a protagonist of an American TV Drama Series.

(Ota) He's like a hero in American Movies. He's capable of making joking remarks, but at the same time he is capable of making big decisions and actions when necessary.

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Viki Info

This is from Shinsho Vol.8

"Check! The mysterious murmur, Waffu"

Viki is spotted murmuring "waffu" two times. The first instance is when an investigation to Richmond is requested for the third time. In the Gaiden Vol.2’s 3rd Scenario (Hidden Scene) you are able to see her say this again while Nash is carrying her on his back as she sleeps. It seems that this word has a profound link to where she is from, but the details are unknown. What time period is she from? We are also anxious to know where she is headed. (Picture of Viki teleporting right on top of Nash) A girl who skips through both time and place. Maybe she is a person from the future? Or maybe she is not even a person of this world?

(Picture of Viki with Millie, and telling Nash that this is her home) In Gaiden Vol.2, she even teleported to her house. It was a mysterious place with never ending corridors.

“The Mysterious Relationship Between Viki and Parties”

Viki inadvertently teleported to a world 3 years in the future during the party to celebrate the foundation of the country. She was also suddenly teleported when the New Alliance won the battle and held a party for the new country establishment. She wound up at a little later time in the Gaiden Vol.2, in the forest near Harmonia. Is there a close connection between time teleporting and parties?

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August 23, 2003

Place of origins review

Here is a list of characters of other Suikoden games whose place of origin are the Grasslands, Zexen, and Harmonia. (From Vol. 7) ^_^

The Grasslands



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