September 18, 2003

Important Change Regarding Comments

There are many good discussions taking place at the weblogs, but the comment feature will not be available any more.

The reasons for this change:

  1. Comments cannot be editted by the person who posted.
  2. Comments cannot be deleted by the person who posted.
  3. The Suikosource forum is much more suitable and advantageous to have a discussion.

Please use the appropritate forums for each topic that you choose to discuss. Be sure to read the rules there as well before you post.

Posted by genso at 12:00 AM

August 21, 2003

What is this?

So what's this new section all about? Basically, it's a way for the staff to post things to the website that wouldn't normally warrant their own section. Varied little bits of information, of random information and news. It's a home for the things that don't fit in anywhere else.

Translated info from the Shinsho publications is what prompted this section to be created: where can we put it? It's random bits of information that are scattered around everywhere. It'd take us forever to place every new fact into where it actually belongs (the character list, for example).

Keep checking back here, there'll be fun new projects and information put up all the time.

Posted by Billy Bunny at 12:00 AM