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Gale Rune





If you are looking for some way to outspeed your opponent, the Gale Rune is the one of your need. Unlike the Holy Rune and True Holy Rune, which are meant to increase you traveling speed in dungeons and on world maps, the Gale Rune takes action in combat as it increases the characters speed stat by a great deal.

In the Gate Rune War the Gale Rune was introduced with a huge speed boost of 100%, letting you pratically draw before any foe had the chance to. However, due to the limitation of one rune per character here, you couldn't combine the push with magic or special attacks. Therefore, Suikoden II degraded the Gale Rune by 50%, yet still suitable for quick fighters. Essentially for a strategic game, Suikoden Tactics lowers the boost again to merely 20% speed bonus. Eventually, Suikoden V takes away the stat boost and puts the runes bearer simply at the start of the battle queue. It is remarkable how often this rune was changed throughout the series.

Nevertheless, the Gale Rune lends itself to various experimentations with other runes as well as a fast friend for those in love with preemptive strikes. - Celes

Suikoden 1 Data
SPD x2.
Equipped Sold Dropped Found
   Panna Yakuta Castle: Treasure

Suikoden 2 Data
SPD x1.5.
Equipped Sold Dropped Found
Koyu - RH

 Sickle - 3.9% (Muse Area #1; Greenhill Area #1)

"Guardian Deity" - DRTU

Suikoden 3 Data
SPD x1.5.
Equipped Sold Dropped Found
 Caleria: Item Shop (sixth POV)Blade Bunny

Holly Elf
North Cavern: Treasure (Ghost Knight)

Suikoden 5 Data
Turn comes first.
Equipped Sold Dropped Found
 Hershville Naval Base: Rune Shop

Sauronix Castle: Rune Shop (after "The Recapture" / "Final Defense Campaign" War Battle)
Sialeeds - 100% (after "Stormfist Siege" War Battle) 

Suikoden Tactics Data
SPD x1.2.
Equipped Sold Dropped Found
 Illuya: Rune Shop

Haruna: Rune Shop
 Port Merseto: Dig Spot