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With this rune Millie is able to command her groundhog pet Bonaparte to attack enemies. The eight-eyed, rather exotic pet grows to an enormous size by the power of this rune and then devours an enemy, chews him to pieces and spits him out again. After the attack Bonaparte returns to its normal size and exhaustedly watches the remaining battle, resting on Millie's left shoulder.

After Riou had encountered Millie during his search for new allies and had helped her recover her lost groundhog pet, so also became Millie's Groundhog Rune active again. With Millie in the party the rune serves as a „free“ extra attack to inflict double damage. Its use, however, is restricted to once per battle. - Celes

Suikoden 2 Data
DMG x2 / 1 enemy.

One time only.
Equipped Sold Dropped Found
Millie - LH (fixed, post story event)