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The fire-breather Bolgan puts his special technique into action which he learned during his hard time in the circus. With the help of this rune, he breathes fire against his opponent - not only for the sake of a good show. During his travels with his comrades Eilie and Rina, Bolgan has the Fire Breath Rune permanently attached and it is unique so far in the known world.

The breath deals double of the normal attack damage on base of the fire elemental, which are many enemies vulnerable to. The drawback is Bolgan becoming unbalanced after the performance and due to his lack on more rune slots, you cannot prevent this from happening with a Balance Rune. You will most probably try this rune at least once while passing the North Sparrow Pass near the beginning of your adventure. What out for this trick - it's hot! - Celes

Suikoden 2 Data
DMG x2 / 1 enemy.
Inflicts Unbalance (100%) / self.
Equipped Sold Dropped Found
Bolgan - RH (fixed)