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The Banshee Runes sprung from the homonymous creatures roaming the lands. Known for being unfriedly among themselves, they steal each others health without asking, if they happen to be wounded. This rune does practically the same. You can use it to regenerate your own HP instantly by absorbing it from one of your comrades.

In the style of the Chimera Rune you will cure yourself on benefit of another one's misfortune. Therefor this effect is most likely not very helpful at all. You can rather throw a medicine or cast healing magic instead of stealing health. Come to think of it, even a Water Rune will full cure an ally with its first spell, and almost every character is able to cast it.

The Banshee Rune can be obtained from the Sirens in Two River Sewers only. - Celes

Suikoden 2 Data
Absorbs ally's HP and recovers own / 1 ally.
HP absorb = max HP - current HP / self
limited to: target's current HP - 1
Equipped Sold Dropped Found
  Siren - 2% (Two River Sewers)