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The Front Gate Rune is one of the halves of the Gate Rune, separated by Windy and Leknaat. After Windy teleported away from the destruction of her clan, she sought greater power to seek revenge against the Holy Kingdom of Harmonia. Knowing that one person could only wield one True Rune, she researched ways to attack two True Runes on herself. Thus, she started searching for True Runes with other True Rune Bearers, Yuber and Neclord. She scoured the lands in search of True Runes, ironically doing the same thing Harmonia did to her clan to gain True Runes. In the end, she found the bearer of the Soul Eater, Ted, and tried to take it from him, but ultimately fails. Her unyielding wish to gain the Rune of Life and Death indirectly caused the Gate Rune Wars. In the final battle, Windy used her Front Gate Rune to summon 80,000 monster troops from the "World of Emptiness." However, her monster troops were sent back by Leknaat and Joshua Levenheit. In the end, she died when Barbarossa fell from the balcony of his "Floating Garden," taking her along. Since then, the rune has been missing, suggesting that Windy may still be alive.