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Gate Rune





One of the 27 True Runes!

A True Rune with the power to connect worlds, this rune holds great powers. The Blue Gate Rune was born from this rune. Belonging to the Gate Rune Clan, this rune has been protected for centuries. However, the clan was destroyed by invading Harmonians in Solis 78. The two sisters, Windy (Gate Rune - Front) and Leknaat (Gate Rune - Back) (In the Gate Rune Clan, all members were considered siblings), separated the Gate Rune into two halves and teleported away. The Gate Rune was unheard of for centuries but surfaced during the "Gate Rune Wars" when the Liberation Army fought against the Scarlet Moon Empire--controlled by Windy.

The "Front half" of the Gate Rune remains missing after Windy's disappearance following the collapse of the Hanging Gardens of Barbarossa.