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kya dark lineage

Postby hotspot » Mon Oct 02, 2006 2:48 pm

It's a great game that not everyone cares about or knows about , Kya: Dark Lineage (released as Kya: Fury of Brazul in Europe) is a third-person action-adventure game for the PlayStation 2, developed by Eden Games and published by Atari. The game is notable for being a markedly different style of game than Eden Games (producers of the V-Rally series of games) usually produces, as well as featuring a combat system which is much deeper than traditional platformers.

Though initially set in the present, Kya: Dark Lineage begins by transporting the titular character Kya and her half-brother Frank into a strange new world. Kya finds herself separated from her brother, with the burden of protecting a friendly tribe of creatures called the Nativs from the predations of the evil overlord Brazul and his minions, the Wolfen.

It has great graphics,unique fighting styles ,hilarious enemies.
its only for the ps2
it is an underappretiated game, also you have to have some patience to play kya dark lineage,kya dark lineage is much like beyond good and evil and malice (two other underappretiated game)

for more information on kya dark lineage go to wikipedia
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Re: kya dark lineage

Postby Chaco » Sun Jul 27, 2008 12:24 pm

This game is very good, I played it and I enjoyed it quite a bit, it has a great and wonderful storyline, and lots of extra stuff you can do in the game. Personally if you have not played this game I suggest doing so, has anyone else other then Hotspot and myself played this awesome game :?:
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