Developing a Game Save Viewer/Editor

If you are stuck in the Dunan Unification Wars; or wish for more details on the gameplay systems, this is the place.
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Re: Developing a Game Save Viewer/Editor

Postby Pyriel » Wed Mar 30, 2016 12:17 am

Somewhere in the Bug Fixes thread I have the memory location for the Rare Finds timers, if that interests you.

Yeah, there are large-ish blocks of flags in there, and a lot of them are just the state of chest y on map x. Working out the purpose of every byte would take months, and probably wouldn't be worth the hassle in most cases. Unless you really want 15 necklaces, and have some sort of condition where you don't feel right about adding them with a cheat, but resetting all the chests in Unicorn Woods half a dozen times doesn't trip your alarms.

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Re: Developing a Game Save Viewer/Editor

Postby Metsu » Wed Mar 30, 2016 8:18 am

I considered playing through the game again in a "new game plus" type deal by hacking the beginning save. Probably won't do it since it doesn't matter in this game, but previous games I have played through and kept track of all the treasure chest flags so the editor/viewer can tell you if you missed chests. But those games were the type to tell you that you got 99.2% of the treasure, but this one doesn't matter :)

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Re: Developing a Game Save Viewer/Editor

Postby Metsu » Fri Apr 01, 2016 2:37 pm

Added a cool feature to the app that I plan on using immediately.

New Game Plus mode! Take one of your saves, and choose to apply some of the following to a save at the start of the game:

Character stats, levels, kindness, kill count.
Character equipment and weapon level.

Items in inventory and castle storehouse.

Richmond secret investigations.

That's all I could think of with importance. I realize there won't be much fun with powered up characters, but at least you can focus on the story then. I'm thinking keep the items so you can have the one-of-a-kind items like Hunter Rune (but at a time you can actually use it), Dragon Incense, etc.

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Re: Developing a Game Save Viewer/Editor

Postby Metsu » Fri Nov 11, 2016 11:18 pm

App is ready for first use!

So...I totally forgot about this project and never remembered to come back here and update. It wasn't until someone PM'd me from this forum and inspired me to finish it. Here's the dl link: ...

I didn't spend any time making it look nice so it needs improvement but it should allow you to edit a bunch now.

Here are screenshots for anyone skeptical. ... 1.png?dl=0 ... 2.png?dl=0 ... 3.png?dl=0 ... 4.png?dl=0 ... 5.png?dl=0 ... 6.png?dl=0 ... 7.png?dl=0

For those not wanting to see screenshots, you can edit:
    Game time
      Hero name,
      fake name,
      Nanami fake name,
      Flik fake name,
      McDohl's name,
      Suikoden 1's Castle,
      Suikoden 2's Castle,
      Army name
    How many recruits you had in Suikoden 1 (carry over data)
    Intro battles fought (this is when escaping from highland and triggers the colored intro)

    Party members (I left convoy out for now)
    Character lvl,hp,mp,recruit status,stats,weapon lvl,runes,equipment, # of kills and kindness (powers some runes)
    Items in storehouse, party, special items
    Castle farm garden & animals, cooking contest flags, richmond secrets.
    View suggestion box flags (can't edit yet, lots of work for something silly)
    Rare Finds timers and item quantities
    Warp Locations (can't edit yet, can easily cause game crashes if you warp to places you shouldn't)
    Clive Quest flags

You can also make a NG+ save from an existing one.

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Re: Developing a Game Save Viewer/Editor

Postby RoughGuy » Wed Jun 14, 2017 5:35 pm

Well sorry to raise this topic from dead, hoping metsu would able to fix the editor tho. I've tried using the editor but can't save after the edit. even saving to a new save make the editor show an error. (just registered just to reply to this forum :P)

I just start to play suikoden again after a long time and using emulator on pc and stumble upon this. it is a good editor and make it easy for noobies like me who didnt really good at hex editing and hacking. Thank you metsu. :D :D

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