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Postby Shikton » Mon Jun 05, 2006 8:21 am

Viktor: Water Rune

lol, that's gotta be the first time I've seen that :P Has it proven useful for you? ;)

Aaaaaanyways, I'm playing through the game again for the umpteenth time, trying to use characters I've never really used before. Currently having a heckuva lot of fun with:

Sheena: Lightning
Tir: Soul Eater
Lepant: Counter (gonna change that to...something else, maybe Prosperity)

Kirkis: Wind (kept him in my party to level him up so I can get Rubi)
Eileen: Wind (changing to Flowing I think, just been a fan of The Shredding this time around)
Kai: Hazy (probably kicking him out. The Master/Pupil unite is great, but I've used Kai too much in previous playthroughs)

I don't really know who I'll replace Kirkis and Kai with. Maybe I'll try out Kuromimi and Gon. Anyone have any experience with them?

Lepant's family is quite great actually. Good attack, good magic and two unites (Lepant+Eileen and Lepant+Eileen+Sheena) that you can use over and over and over again due to it not unbalancing the chars.

Next time I suppose I'm going to try and use characters who are...well, sucky. Krin, Juppo, Liukan etc. ^_^ Could be fun.
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Postby thecontrivance » Thu Aug 03, 2006 5:23 pm

Due to the fact that this forum is not adequit enough, and constantly goes on about nonsencse, I have decided to lock it.

O yah! And you get another avatar, Edge's eyes for whatever reason creeps me the hell out :shock: :shock: . You have been banned. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:


Anyway my party is always - Tir Flik Viktor

Gremio Cleo Hellion

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Postby Iris » Thu Dec 21, 2006 6:29 pm

Since I'm a total sucker for family- or friendship-related party setups, I personally chose

Pahn Viktor Flik
Tir Gremio* Cleo

Viktor and Flik are absolute monsters in the game, and with Pahn's Boar Rune I like to have Viktor and Pahn take turns using their Runes (Example: Turn One, Pahn uses Boar, Viktor attacks normally. Turn Two, Pahn unbalanced, Viktor uses Clone. Turn Three, Pahn uses Boar, Viktor unbalanced, and so on and so on). Flik is a great attacker and skilled with Magic, and Tir is, well, Tir. Gremio has a good attack stat and okay magic, and due to his status as a guardian to Tir, I usually give him a Wind Rune or a Water Rune so he can heal when the medicine runs out, plus there's his Unite with Pahn. Cleo has fantastic attack and magic scores, plus with her Fire (or Rage) Rune she's a MONSTER.

*When Gremio is dead and if he is not be brought back, I put in Kirkis because he's a great long range fighter and is good with a Water Rune.

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Postby Greywolf » Wed Jan 10, 2007 3:50 pm

Usually my final party consists of Hero, Viktor, Flik, Rubi, Crowley, and another character, usually Cleo or Kasumi. With this party I take off the Clone rune from Viktor and replace it with a Holy rune so the party can run. I really like Rubi and Cleo because they have a good L attack and good magic skills. Crowley has a poor attack but is the best magician. Often I'll take Kasumi instead of Cleo because she's one of my favorite characters, and she's good -- although I know there are better.

The latest time I beat Suiko, I had Hero, Viktor, Flik and the three ninjas. This actually turned out to be a very good combination. I kept the Clone rune on Viktor, put a Flowing rune on Flik for healing, a Holy rune on Fuma whose magic sucks, and a Mother Earth rune on Kage for a bit of support magic. The Ninja Attack unite got me through pretty much all situations. I sharpened everyone's weapons to 16, and the ninjas were doing 1000-1500 damage per round. When I needed to, I used Hero's Judgment, and used Flik to heal. Even the last boss was pretty easy.

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Postby Sniper_Zegai » Sat Jan 20, 2007 7:56 pm


FLIK, VIKTOR, TIR. You know why I have them.

Crowley: By far the best magician on the entire game.
Sonya: Decent Magic, OK attack a good support character.
Rubi: Great Magic and decent defence from most attacks, besides the first time I played Suikoden I could'nt figure out how to recruit her for the life of me.
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Postby KFCrispy » Mon Jan 22, 2007 9:58 am

Rubi is male.

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Postby Sniper_Zegai » Mon Jan 22, 2007 12:02 pm

I keep getting this confused, I thought Rubi was a male then I read that rubi was a woman. Nevermind.
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Postby rnoron » Sat Feb 03, 2007 7:52 am

I use this party for kicks:

Viktor (Mother Earth Rune)
Flik (Mother Earth Rune)
Milich (Earth Rune)
Tengaar (Earth Rune)
Luc (Earth Rune)

KO's the final boss in 3 rounds, and I NEVER run out of spells while doing random battles.

For a more balanced party however, I use:

Viktor (Double Beat Rune)
Flik (Mother Earth Rune)
Tengaar (Rage Rune)
Rubi (Mother Earth Rune)
Kirkis (Flowing Rune)

Yeah, a final party with Kirkis looks odd, but Wild Arrow Attack is just too good in random battles. The rune combo also prevents any rune unites, which suck unfortunately. Alternatively, as healing isn't even needed in a party like this, I could simply give everyone Earth Runes and proceed to take out the final boss in 3 rounds just like the first party. =)

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Postby Hachifusa » Sun Mar 04, 2007 10:43 am

Final team:
Flik Viktor Grenseal
Tir Crowley Rubi

Flik /required): head gear, master garb, earth shield, earth boots, guard ring
Arm defense: 227 Weapon: lvl 16 Rune: Thunder lvl: 59
Viktor /required): Head gear, dragon armor, power gloves, guard ring
Arm defense 257 Weapon lvl: 16 Rune: Counter lvl : 59
Grenseal:hornet helmet, dragon armor, earth shield, crimson cape,guard ring,
Arm defense 292 Weapon Lvl 16 Rune: Thunder rune lvl : 59
Tir: head gear, dragon armor, guard ring, guard ring
Arm defense: 223 Weapon lvl 16 Rune: Soul eater lvl: 60
Crowley: head gear, master robe, emblem, guard ring
Arm defense: 140 Weapon lvl: 3 (hes a magician so) Rune: Cyclone lvl 59
Rubi: head gear, dragon armor, guard ring, guard ring
Arm defense: 199 Weapon lvl: 16 Rune: Thunder lvl: 60

My fav team:

Flik Pesmerga Grenseal
Tir Crowley Rubi
(:( poor Alen) :P

First of all, I love thunder rune, u can all se that, The ball of lightning is my favourite spell, awesome, I like single spell runes than AoE runes like Rage and Fire. Seriously Im not a fan of Viktor, better tanker than Viktor is Pesmerga with high armor and better attack.!!!!! I would chose him instead of Viktor if he wasnt required in last stage. Pesmerga has higher armor (over 300 with the best gears= around lvl 60) and health (around 800= lvl 60). I chose grenseal beacause I like allrounder fighter same as flik with the same rune, thunder rune. I dont want to have alen or pesmerga with me because i needed some good back char. If alen joined I could use the Pretty boy attack, but Im not a fan of special attack. Rubi surprised me with a nice magic stat and attack so I wanted to use him, no doubt, awesome char as well:). And I picked Crowley because he is said as the best magician in the game. Hes got a gr8 resistance to all magic! With my final party the last boss was piece of cake! I cant image I had problems with the golden hydra first time I played Suikoden 1 :roll:

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Postby darkphoenix » Sun Apr 08, 2007 6:55 pm

Besides Flik, Tir and Viktor with the clone rune, I stick to Valeria and Ronnie cause of their unlimited runes skills (working from the back row) + hellion or tengaar with the flowing rune for healing. Made it through the game in no time.

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Postby Kreutz » Mon May 14, 2007 2:08 pm

I am about to face the Golden Hydra and my party layout is:

Flik Viktor Sonya
Cleo Rubi McDohl

Flik: Lv. 65, Thunder Rune, ATK: 326 DEF:293, equiped with: Silver hat, Master garb, Earth shield, Power gloves, Crimson Cape
Viktor: Lv. 65, Double-beat Rune, ATK: 409 DEF: 292, equiped with: Silver hat Master garb, Power ring, Power ring
Sonya: Lv. 63, Flowing Rune, ATK: 334 DEF: 294, equiped with: Horned helmet, Master garb, Earth shield, Crimson Cape, Power ring
Cleo: Lv. 64, Mother Earth Rune, ATK: 311 DEF: 213, equiped with: Silver hat, Guard robe, Power gloves, Wing boots
Rubi: Lv. 64, Cyclone Rune, ATK: 300 DEF: 186, equiped with: Silver hat, Guard robe, Emblem, Emblem
McDohl: Lv. 65, Soul Eater, ATK: 359 DEF: 264, equiped wtih: Silver hat, Master garb, Power ring, Power gloves

Honorable Mention(s): Kwanda, and Clive

This will probably be the first time I use Sonya against the Golden Hydra. I knew that from her statistics after recruit that she would be a good asset. After she reached the rest of the party's high levels, she was a pleasant suprise with a good magic stat and a very high speed stat (She's faster than McDohl by two points). A mage won't be in my line-up this time because I didn't want to see one just sit there in the back row as I fight random enemies before the final boss (I hit Free Will quite often against randoms). Kwanda and Clive are excluded because as I recall, the final boss uses magic attacks on the party and these two would get destroyed. This party will be good because four of them will be able to use their runic unites, while Viktor double beats the hydra and McDohl casts Judgement. Rubi purposely has low armor because the other equipment he has boosts up his magic. In the Gregminster Palace he does get trounced by Phantoms going after him the back row :lol:.

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Re: Member Recommended Parties with Reasoning

Postby Ted_85 » Sun Aug 19, 2007 5:30 am

Hehe, for the final battle I simply have to go with


I mean, just for the "storyline", you know.

Otherwise, since I've played through this game like a million times, I like using the non- obvious characters, preferably those who suck the most.
A good boss party (for some challenge, that is) would be:

Tir (duh)
Sansuke (this guy is useless even with a wpn lv 16 and th best armour you can get)
Lester (he begins to hit hard around lv 60....)
Khamadol (a rather crappy unite with Gen...)
Sarah (Ok, she actually rocks, but you need to have at least ONE decend magic user for a boss. Flowing rune for this one.)


Re: Member Recommended Parties with Reasoning

Postby Bailzar » Wed Dec 19, 2007 1:04 pm

i always use (can't help it :P)

Alen - Rage
Flik - Thunder
Greanseal - Thunder
Viktor - Clone
Hero - Soul
Cleo - Flowing

Alen, Granseal and Flik's Pretty boy attack owns single enemies and there magic's are all high and devasting with lots of combonations of combining.
Hero - Judgement / Attack
Viktor - Clone since he misses alot i always use his rune and then when unblanced ususally us Dragon seal Inseanse
Cleo Heal/Attack - Her attack is high and she's super fast for healing

as you can see i love more fully rounded characters
or hard hitters

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Re: Member Recommended Parties with Reasoning

Postby Pesmerga VS. Yuber » Thu Jan 17, 2008 3:37 pm

I always have Kai in my party, mainly because of the unite Tir has with him. Also I put Sylvina and Kirkis because of their unite. This way I beat all the random enemies in a single turn. In the other two empty slots I put some characters that I feel like putting. I like Greanseal and Alen because they have high mag and have greatest runes... I usually heal with the elves, at least one of them heals, while the other one uses the rune i attached or just attack, when they're not using their unite.
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Re: Member Recommended Parties with Reasoning

Postby RangerDeon » Thu Jan 17, 2008 10:22 pm

ok, so I just beat the first one (first time playing it :D:D:D:D)

And I had

Flik - thunder rune that I didn't even use
Pesmerga - killer rune

Luc - I love him. oh. . umm. . yeah, Cyclone Rune. Again didn't use. . only for like. . healing and stuff
Tir - you know, that Soul Eater
Lotte - Flowing

A lot of people that i know who have this game hated Luc because of his low HP, but that guy didn't die once during the final battle. I may be biased :wink:

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