[Discussion] Member Recommended Parties with Reasoning

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[Discussion] Member Recommended Parties with Reasoning

Postby Shirofan » Wed Jul 21, 2004 3:15 pm

Because I seem to be powerless to stop people from trying to create topics asking what people's favourite parties, or best parties are then we'll do it in a regimented way that means you have to explain your choices in detail.

For each character in the lineup give details as to which rune you attach to them, what equipment you choose to use and explain why you have chosen that character to fulfill that role in your party.

Saying a character is 'cool' is a reason; but it needs to be clarified so you will have to explain why you think that character is cool and why that is more important to you than any other reason.

Then when you have elaborated in detail [This means several lines of text] about each character in the list explain why they function well as a group; note any useful unites that arise and why you find it beneficial to use them..

If any reply does not go into enough detail then a message will be edited onto the bottom asking for more clarification; if that is not forthcoming that reply will be deleted a day after being edited.
If a reply is just a list of characters it will just be deleted.

Any other such topic created asking for 'best', 'favourite' or 'suggested' parties will be deleted.

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Postby KFCrispy » Thu Jul 22, 2004 7:36 am

i prefer seeing character-specific discussions, although in Suikoden 1 the characters barely vary from one to another other than permanent/unique runes and range.

team discussions do not need to have exactly 6 people. you can talk about how 2 or 3 people work well together, such as 3 elves, 2 semi-magicians who usually attack/heal but can combine level 4s for a unite spell, etc.

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Postby Shirofan » Thu Jul 22, 2004 11:52 am

Originally posted by KFCrispy

a good combination is Varkas and Sydonia. Sydonia is a L-range not-so-strong character, and his magic isn't even impressive. but he can merely be a heal/support character in critical situations. Varkas is M-range so he can sit in the back row, yet he carries a shield, allowing him to achieve a significantly higher defense than other M's like McDohl. he is also a pretty strong attacker, and that's where the two make magic. (but it's not magic..)
the Bandit Attack or whatever (Varkas + Sydonia unite) is a 2.5x damage attack that has no drawbacks (Tai Ho + Yam Koo achieve 3x but both go unbalanced) so it can be done every round. this rate and their combined strength is equivalent or stronger than having Valeria and Ronnie Bell using their runes every round. the difference is you only target 1 character while Valeria and Ronnie can choose their own targets and if one kills one the other's atk would automatically transfer to another target, BUT Varkas and Sydonia both have free rune slots. if you plan on keeping them in your group, Varkas can be your Holy Rune dude and Sydonia can carry a Flowing or whatever else may spark your interest. Sydonia will have 1 or 2 or so level 4 spells at level 55, so while you don't get many lev 4 spells, you generally won't be using it anyway.

if you have a setup like Varkas with Holy and Sydonia with magic, make sure Varkas gets all the strength/power up equipment because it will probably give you a better output (2.5x) than someone with double-beat (the critical rate probably won't let a character average more than 2.5x per round but i'm only guessing)

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Here we go

Postby Asquian » Thu Jul 22, 2004 2:07 pm

hmmm. Well, in S1 there's two types of parties, plot parties where you're stuck with someone, and the non plot parties you can build in between missions. so:

Non plot party:
Front row: Pahn- Boar rune, best fighter gear available at given time, Guard rings, max out claws at Teien(until i can get Moose or Mace). I then give him about 3 mega medicines and an antitoxin, which is what i refer to as standard UNB gear, so as to make him an effective physical hammer, then off round healer when needed. Once i get em, i also typically give pahn the Power gloves, as i like the attack bonus along with that extra defense point.
Eikei & Morgan - Same gear as Pahn, items, boar runes. These three in my front row do well at dishing out large amounts of pure physical damage. Their unite hits all enemies every round, or if against a strong single or pair of enemies, they can Boar rune to my heart's delight. Same tact with the Unb gear.
Back Row:
Tyr: no choice, Soul eater, best armor at any given time. Often he works as a level builder, using Hell to allow me to level up weaker party members for the first few battles at any given area, then i have him settle back into either attacking or uniting. I usually have water rune pieces on his weapon, and at least 1 sacrifical Jizo, making him a hard character to kill.
Kai: Hazy rune, best gear available at any given time. I often stock him up with healing and status healing items, mega medicine, needles. He's basically just in the party as unite fodder for tyr against enemy groups, or to attack and heal as needed.
Kirkis, Sylvina, or Rubi: Interchangeable, but all three server the same purpose. Water or Flowing rune, lightning rune piece, best gear/ max weapon etc. the sixth position elf acts as my healing battery, and with a long range weapon, keeps them useful in case of no healing needed. This makes them a bit more useful than say Luc or Lotte, even though those two are better mages.

Plot battle party:
In the essence of saving time, i'll just use my final battle party
All characters have best gear Gregminster has to offer, Lv16 weapons
front row: Alen - Rage Rune- mega medicine x3
Grenseal - Thunder Rune - Mega medicine x3
Flik - Thunder Rune - Mega medicine x3 - these three in my front row gives me solid attack power in both single attacks and a wicked Unite. Also, i can occasionally match Alen with Flik or Grenseal to get a united 4th level rune spell out.
Back row: Viktor - Clone Rune - Mega Medicine x4 - Putting Vik in the back makes him a forced Clone/heal. This way i get the benefit of a x2 attack and heal every 2 rounds, 3 turns for the price of 2!
Tyr + Kai: Soul Eater, Hazy respectively. This pairing is basically to help me get to Barbarossa as easily as possible, first using hell and deadly fingertips to wipe out forced battles, then their unite (as by then their around lv 56 anyway) to make short work of Gregminster soldiers. Tyr carries a sacrificial Jizo.
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Postby Jowy Atreides » Thu Jul 29, 2004 3:20 pm

Front Row: Flik, Alen, Grenseal
Back Row: Viktor, Tir, Crowley

Regular Enemies: During normal battles Viktor used his Clone Rune, Tir attacked or used the Soul Eater, Crowley laid back, and the pretty boys used their attack.
Bosses: Flik (Lightning), Alen (Rage), Grenseal (Thunder), Tir (Soul Eater), Viktor (Clone), and Crowley (Cyclone) used their runes. Once that stage was over, the pretty boys have their attacks, Viktor has the Clone Rune, and Tir can still attack. Crowley never ran out of magic.
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Postby KFCrispy » Wed Aug 04, 2004 10:01 pm

Jowy Atreides wrote:Flik (Lightning Rune), Alen (Rage Rune), Grenseal (Thunder Rune), Tir (Soul Eater True Rune), Viktor (Clone Rune), and Crowley (Shining Rune)
yeah you meant Cyclone on Crowley, and.. only Lightning on Flik?
well other than that, it's a decent team.. there aren't too many differences with characters in this game -_-

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Postby Red Killey » Wed Aug 04, 2004 10:28 pm

Jowy Atreides wrote:Regular Enemies: During normal battles Viktor used his Clone Rune, Tir just attacked (sometimes using Deadly Fingertips or Hell, it really just happens), Crowley just sat there, and Flik, Alen, and Grenseal used the Pretty Boy Attack. I'm not sure what the actual damage is (like 2x, 1.5x, etc), but this attack almost always kills any single unit. (With the exception of the final boss and those Colossus dudes.) This attack always did around 1500 damage in the final dungeon, sometimes killing even Colossuses. :D

But if you do that, that'd only kill 3 enemies at the most (providing that Viktor's Clone Rune attack also killed one enemy and Tir managed to kill one as well). If you find a group of 6 enemies, that would be wasting a turn IMO.

Flik (Lightning Rune), Alen (Rage Rune), Grenseal (Thunder Rune), Tir (Soul Eater True Rune), Viktor (Clone Rune), and Crowley (Shining Rune)

I think it'd be better if you put Viktor in front row and attach Double Beat Rune on him instead. Since the Pretty Boys could unite if one in the back row anyway, there's no point in putting them all in front while putting Viktor w/ Clone Rune in the back.
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Postby Jowy Atreides » Thu Aug 05, 2004 6:43 am

No groups of six enemies.

I never found a Thunder rune.
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Blinking Mirror

Postby Blinking Mirror » Wed Sep 01, 2004 4:06 pm

On my latest playthrough my final party was:

Viktor - Silver Hat, Dragon Armor, Goldlet, Power Glove, Killer Rune
Flik - Silver Hat, Dragon Armor, Earth Shield, Goldlet, Crimson Cape,
Thunder Rune
Humphrey - Horned Helmet, Windspun Armor, Power Ring, Guard Ring,
Killer Rune
Clive - Silver Hat, Ninja Suit, Guard Ring, Guard Ring, Double-Beat Rune
Luc - Silver Hat, Emblem, Cyclone Crystal
Tir - Silver Hat, Master Garb, Earth Boots, Guard Ring

Because I hate random battles, I never tried to get extra Master Garbs, Crimson Capes, etc. But this party can easily take out the last castle. Hell and Storm can take out the groups of soldiers in one spell. The last battle Flik uses his high end spells, Vik, Humphrey and Clive attack, Luc uses Storm or Shining Wind and Tir uses Judgement or Black Shadow.

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Postby weird_name_lah » Mon Sep 06, 2004 4:11 am

My final team:
Front: Alen Viktor Flik
Back: Crowley Tir Grenseal

This may be a bit weird since I'm usig 4 S characters. BUT, the Pretty Boy Attack in Suikoden 1 is Extremely Powerful. At the end with best equipments possible (though not all had power gloves) and weapons sharpened at level 16, the unite attack causes about 2600 damage to any single enemy. Imagine what happen if Flik, Grenseal and Alen are all equipped with 3 power gloves...

I forgot which rune I gave Viktor. Either Killer or Double-beat. I'm not sure how effective Killer is, whether it really gave Viktor much higher chance to get critical hits.

I gave Flik Thunder rune since although I was going to use him as attacker in the unite attack. I found no other rune that could help his untie attack. Furthermore, it's
for fun to watch Thor and Blazing Camp in one turn in last battle.

I put Grenseal at the back since he has the weakest strength and hp stats while greatest magic stat among the other S characters. Just in case I want to have fun and use his Thunder magics. I gave Crowley Flowing rune for invincibility (though I don' actually need it since most bosses die within maximum 5 rounds). I used Ruby instead of Crowley once since she has enough magic stats to be useful for healing while great power and weapon stats as well.

I guess I don't need to mention weapon rune fragments since they do not give much unless u use water, wind or earth rune pieces.

*Sorry I don't know why the BBS posted this twice.

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Postby Matt620 » Mon Sep 13, 2004 11:37 pm

Here is who I used for the final battle.

Flik - Thunder Rune

Viktor - Holy Rune - Yeah, it doesn't help damage any, but I hate how slow this game is without it.

Pahn - Boar Rune - Pahn has squidloads of HP and is unbelievably powerful, even if one doesn't use the Boar Rune, although it's a great power booster. It's really a toss-up between him and Ronnie (whom I both love to use.) But I select Pahn since statistically, he's a real meatshield, much better then Ronnie with both physical and magical defense.

Tir - Soul Eater - Not really much to say here...

Cleo - Rage Rune - As a huge Pahn and Cleo fan, I found it necessary to take her, however, Cleo is still very good. She pounded on the Hydra with all of her spells and could attack from the back row as well.

Luc - Cyclone Rune - Not the most user friendly with the abyssmal HP, but Luc has so many spells that it really doesn't matter.

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Postby jishin » Tue Sep 28, 2004 11:09 pm

My final team

First row: Alen, Flik, Viktor
Back row: Tir, Cleo, Crowley


Alen: equipped with Rage or Fire(sorry i forgot)

Flik: equipped with Lightning or Thunder(forgot too)

Viktor: equipped with Holy Rune, why??? I want to run fast to prevent enemies!!! i just hate random battles!!!! :evil:

Tir: Soul Eater Of course!!!!

Cleo: equipped with water or flowing

Crowley: equipped with Cyclone


I don't know but i just love someone in my party with Fire or Rage Rune!!!!! that's why i put Alen.... flik with thunder???? im just used that flik has lightning rune in Suikoden 2( i've played skn2 before skn1 :D )(pretty weird eh?) on Crowley and Cleo's rune.... i just love watching their rune when united!!!

pretty weird explanation eh??? :D

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Postby Faust » Sun Oct 03, 2004 8:40 am

Heh yeah, the problem with choosing characters in Suikoden 1 is that it's mostly statistic based - too many characters are very VERY similar. Flik, Alen and Grenseal for example. I used to use all three in my final party for the "Pretty boy attack", but then they just bore me after a while.


McDohl: Obvious as he HAS to be taken (as he's effectively you). Not too much to say about this guy. He's a powerhouse, but you can't customise him in any way shape or form.

Now, if we're speaking of the FINAL battle party (in which Viktor and Flik MUST be taken) then the other three slots of mine are usually occupied by Luc, Clive and Kai.

Clive is a decent Long range attacker. Not much to say about the guy really, but with a double beat rune he has two attacks. Bam bam! I don't think I've actually tried him with this rune before though - I usually just give him a flowing rune for very minor healing.

Kai may not seem to be as good as McDohl - he actually isn't at all - but he's a GREAT auxillary character. Double damage to all enemies with no chance of missing...it's like an orgasm waiting to happen.

Luc major magic user of the group. Armed with a cyclone rune, or a Rage/Thunder rune (basically whatever high level rune I've acquired that isn't mother earth or flowing).

I don't use crowley even if he may be better at magic due to the fact that I get Luc early on. Therefore you can build Luc up and grow with him, making the final battle all that much sweeter.

A GREAT alternative instead of Clive (if you don't want a generic bam bam attacker) is Fukien. He has a, for all intents and purposes, unique room in the game, with healing spells, attack spells and even a resurrection spell. His Exorcism rune is pretty cool, and good if you fancy a spot of variety.
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Postby Rathgar » Sat Oct 16, 2004 8:52 pm

My final team consists of Tir, Viktor, Flik, Cleo, Rubi and Tengaar.

Tir: Equiped with Master Garb, Silver Hat, Crimson Cape and Earthboots. He has the most hitpoints of my crew and having farmed 9 Water Rune Fragments for each of the 6 members of my final party (Defense Rune Pieces drop a ton in the same spot, ofcourse I used them all on Tir), he is the best for me in the first spot.

Flik: Equiped with Master Garb, Silver Hat, Earth Shield, Crimson Cape, Power Gloves and Lightning Rune. Even if Flik wasn't a forced character in the end, he's such an obvious choice. Fast as heck, strong attack and lots of Magic ability.

Viktor: Equiped with Master Garb, Silver Hat, 2 Speed Rings and Killer Rune. I sometimes throw a Water Rune on Vik so I don't have to carry so many Medicines while treasure hunting, but used the Killer Rune to end the game. Not a horrible idea using a Mother Earth Rune on him either to cast a few defense spells as well, but the Killer Rune is kinda nice on him with his low Magic Ability. I take a hit to Vik's Defense to increase his attack Speed, but it's well worth it.

Cleo: Equiped with Master Garb, Silver Hat, Goldet, Speed Ring and Cyclone Rune. Cleo is a very well balance character throughout the entire game, she has alot of Speed and is above average with Magic. I also have her use Dragon Seal Essence ALOT.

Rubi: Equiped with Master Garb, Silver Hat, Speed Ring, Earthboots and Flowing Rune. Rubi is really nice, hold out on recruiting him until you are in your 50's and he'll be a few levels higher than you still. (Don't wait too long, you won't be able to have Kirkis, Sylvina and Stallion in the party. Easiest leveling you ever did. I love him as my main healer, he has alot of spells, he has alot of speed (can't heal if you can't beat enemies to the punch) and his bow isn't too bad either, hits kind of hard and seems to critical hit alot for some reason.

Tengaar: Equiped with Master Robe, Silver Hat, Power Gloves, Earthboots and Rage Rune. This is probably the most over-looked character in the game I'd wager. She has low hitpoints (not as low as Luc though) but has blazing Speed and about as much Magic ability as Luc with the ability to attack with her throwing dagger from the rear.

If you didn't notice, I absolutely go nuts over regenerating hitpoints in battle. With 9 Water Rune Pieces, Silver Hats and a Master Robe on Tengaar all my characters are regenerating 50 or more hitpoints a round in battle. Quite handy for that final confrontation with Barbosa. Won't say much about where to get all those Water Rune Pieces, but it's really early in the game and you need patience. I would say I spent about 12+ hours of my life just farming these Runes.

I also don't go nut's over Unites. I like to roll the dice and gamble on Critical Hits and have extra attacks instead.

The other chacters I'm fond of and were close misses to my final team are Alen, Grenseal, Sonya, Valeria and Pahn. Any of them are great for one facet or another. Sonya especially rocks in all facets.

Thanks for reading and hope my suggestions may have helped some.

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Postby Black Fang » Wed Oct 27, 2004 10:00 pm

Tir - Soul Eater, Master Garb, Skill Rings
Flik - Thunder Rune
Viktor - Double-Beat
Cleo - Flowing Rune (she's a good healer and she has sentimental value)
Luc - Cyclone Rune
Crowley - Rage Rune or Mother Earth Rune

Basic set up is three VERY strong attackers, and 4 VERY strong magic attackers and a pretty decent healer. If you really wanna make it cheap on bosses (except for the last one) give Luc and Crowley Thunder runes too. Make sure to stock up Tir, Flik and Viktor with Skill enhancing items above all eles. Who cares if Viktor gets in his blow last. Cleo will heal him for next round and he still gets to do his damage, but with high skill, he gets to hit TWICE (double-beat) and critical more often (without the Killer Rune) as well as dodge more. Same applies to Tir and Flik once they use up their lvl 4 and lvl3 spells (only lvl 4 for Tir).

Luc and Crowley will absolutelly devistate anyone, just be careful not to use matching lvl 4 spells in the same turn unless you want to do a runic unite.

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