Item drop trick for emulator user

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Item drop trick for emulator user

Postby Punkaiser » Sun Feb 26, 2012 3:26 am

After a few tests, with the save/load state function on emulator, i find this helps alot with hunting items from enemies. Let's say Mangosh is the most desired. Here's how we will do the trick:

1.Better to start hunting at late game so you're strong enough to not waste too much time.
2.Form a party of Tir and the least fighters with reasonable speed/strength in order to quickly finish devil armor in freewill mode (at late game usually just Tir with Cleo or Sonya or someone like them..)
3.Go to pannu yakuta, try to engage to battle with a devil armor alone.
4.Save state.
5.Freewill (the most simple and time saving action, you can do anything offensive if you want) and check battle result.


6. Get a Mangosh, congrats. Move on to the next one.

7. No drop? then load state

8. Everyone defends, because *EDIT* the drops could be changed depend on actions characters perform in that turn so if you can't get the desired items after trying all possible combinations of commands in the said turn, then better to defend to try again in next round.
9. When the new turn comes to your command, save state to go back to step 4.

Pros :
-Save a lot of time wandering around to search for Devil Armor among many encounters.Instead of running in to random battles againts the soldiers/chaos shields, this tricks allow you to squeeze the Devil armor over and over => no outside battle walking time, no other undesired foes, no battle transition time. By doing this, seemingly you are just going to fight a new Devil armor every turn to refresh item drop chance.

-You can quickly check item drop after the match since you only have to see exp board of 2 members instead of 6. Don't underestimate this liltle time saving act because you may have to repeat it over 100+ times if you have bad luck.

-Why "defend"? In fact, do anything else is ok as long as you don't kill it in order to keep it there for next round, so to defend is the most simple option to make so we can try again in the next turn.

-Unable to do this save/load state on PS console
-Doesnt improve % drop, the trick is just meant to save time. For mangosh it's always at 0.67% which means 1 drop for every 150 tries (on average).
-Poor stiff fingers will mess things up. Imagine you're doing this at high speed and press f3 after getting a mangosh or press f1 instead of f3 after killing for nothing.

I tried to hunt 2 mangoshes for viktor and recorded my time wasted was 30' ,the 1st took me 10 mins or 40+ save/load while the 2nd took me 90+ save/load.
*Updates: Was on a rage, after nearly 1.5 hours farming this way, i got 5 power rings, 2 master garbs, 2 horned helmets, 3 crimson capes.
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Re: Item drop trick for emulator user

Postby KFCrispy » Sat Jun 02, 2012 7:02 am

emulators have another trick: you can use pec to use gameshark codes.

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Re: Item drop trick for emulator user

Postby PerfectSystem » Thu Dec 27, 2012 9:58 am

This should be a sticky or something similar.

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Re: Item drop trick for emulator user

Postby Aeonova » Mon Apr 17, 2017 10:50 pm

I understand the mechanics behind this, but had been attempting to "power through" drops on a "clean" playthrough for transferring up to GS2. After spending two days at 240 FPS framerate (so basically 4x speed), I was having no luck with the dropped Goldlet. After whittling down Gigantos HP to where a single hit would drop him, I saved and began this save state method. I attempted to Bribe or Run Away between rounds ((this works on boss drops only)) and after only 3 rounds, I had my Goldlet drop. I know that's very lucky, but the results free me up to enjoy the rest of the game.


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