[Guide] Castle Levels, Requirements & Arrangement

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Re: [Guide] Castle Levels, Requirements & Arrangement

Postby borjitasstoi » Fri Apr 15, 2016 5:59 pm

one question ¿where is the colosseum in castle? ¿only saturn? :(

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Re: [Guide] Castle Levels, Requirements & Arrangement

Postby Antimatzist » Sat Apr 16, 2016 5:15 am

Yes, only in the Japanese Saturn version.

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Re: [Guide] Castle Levels, Requirements & Arrangement

Postby Flash Strife » Fri Jul 08, 2016 5:24 am

So I tried seeing if I could find the hidden lvl2 castle quotes online and nobody put them up (one of the results was this page even) so I decided to go for them and took screenshots so anyone that wants to see them without making it hard on yourself (game got harder on me because of lack of troops for army skirmishes and not saving often and picking some bad recruits instead of useful people like Gaspar) can.


In case those pics go down.
Jeane: Liberation Army? I'll think about it when you have a few more recruits. But not now.
Lotte: Have you seen my cat anywhere?
Qlon: Ha ha! Now I can say it without reservation. This is ANTEI!
Sarah: Who are you people? I'm just doing the laundry.
Zen: I'm the gardener here. My name is Zen.
Morgan: It's not that time yet. Come back in a little while. I'm still in training.

Hugo and Window won't mention the War Scroll or Window Rune if the castle is still lvl2.

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