Ninjaluc's Suikoden Game/Novel Idea with a Female Tenkai Star

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Ninjaluc's Suikoden Game/Novel Idea with a Female Tenkai Star

Postby ninjaluc79 » Wed Nov 16, 2016 5:53 am

It has been discussed for some time what could be a great Suikoden story featuring a female protagonist or Tenkai Star.

My ideas so far:

- Inspired by the historical account of Princess Pingyang of T'ang China, whose 70,000 strong Army of the Lady helped topple down the decadent Sui dynasty under the mad Emperor Yang, and install her father as emperor of a new dynasty.

- The Tenkai would be 16-19 years old, wields a pair of tessen / war fans in combat (a la Kitana from Mortal Kombat), and has good stats in everything but with more emphasis on magic a la Tir McDohl or Jowy Atreides. Her in-game stats would be something like 04 HP, 05 STR, 04 DEF, 06 MAG, 05 MDEF, 06 SKL, 06 SPD, and 06 LUCK, and her overall magic affinity would probably depend on whatever the featured TR is, though I am inclined to make Wind her natural element (Tir and Lazlo = Water/Dark, Riou = Holy, Thomas and Hugo = Wind, Chris = Water (though her affinity to it isn't really that high), Geddoe = Lightning, Prince = Water/Holy).

- May be set in Nagarea some time before the Great Earthquake of IS 376, which isolated it from Falena. We all know that the Nagarist Order HATES the Dragon Horses, so there might be some kind of war between Nagarea and Falena over the Dragon-Horse people and their steeds.

- In a rendition I have read of the original story of Princess Pingyang, her father General Li Yuan was assigned to guard the borders while her husband Chai Shao is part of the palace guard. But when General Li rebelled against Emperor Yang, the latter had everyone related to or involved with him arrested, so the former wrote a letter to her daughter and son-in-law, who were in the capital at the time, to come to him at the local garrison-turned-rebel base ASAP. But Chai Shao was worried they won't be able to get out of the capital in time, so Zhao Pingyang told him to go ahead of her to her father, saying that as a woman, it would be easier for her to hide. So Chai went over to Li while Zhao got to work in building the resistance against the crumbling Sui Empire. In time, she was able to amass a huge army to support her father's rebel army. So when they met each other (with matching dramatic family meet-up), they joined forces in storming the capital, captured it, and then and there installed General Li as Emperor Gaozu, the founder of a new dynasty in China.

- Hmm, TBH, I don't know how I would match Pingyang's story to that of the Tenkai from Nagarea. Maybe her dad leads one of those armed missionaries from the Nagarist Order, but at some point he's now refusing to kill Dragon Horses, so the Order had everyone connected to him arrested, so our Tenkai and her "protector", maybe bodyguard, boyfriend, or husband, decided to get out of Nagarea before they get caught. Dunno, but a loved one's death, imminent or permanent, is a Suikoden staple, and it ain't just Suikoden without it.

- If the story involves the Elemental True Runes, maybe it can provide some insights about their whereabouts before Harmonia got their hands on them. In this case, I am very much inclined to give the Tenkai the True Wind Rune, and some of the other characters the other Elemental TRs. Maybe we can even have Simeon bear the True Water Rune before Harmonia got its hands on it and then Wyatt Lightfellow stole it from them? I mean, he IS ageless, after all, so he must have a True Rune disguised as a higher-tier common magic rune, right?

- If the Tenkai or one of the major characters have to fight a close friend as a result of her defection from Nagarea, maybe she or that character can have one of the two aspects of the True Rune of Beginning (maybe the Black Sword Rune?), while her/his friend can have the other one (Bright Shield Rune on the villain side? Why not?).

Post your thoughts here in this topic. Take note that these are only just ideas, but who knows? Maybe we can pitch this to Konami... nope, wait, they're actually too messed up right now to bother reviving Suikoden, ayt?

SoD Ideas:

Tenkai - female MC (prolly a mix between Tir and Korra from The Legend of Korra)
Tengou (General Star) - Tenkai's father
Tenjyu (Nanami Star) - MC's protector (bodyguard, boyfriend, or husband, as in they married pretty early)
Tenei (Gremio/Lyon Star) - Sierra
Tenki (Main Strategist) - Soledt (the blind strategist mentioned in II) OR Agnes (IV) OR a Silverburg family member
Tenkan (Tablet Guardian) - Ted (?) OR a female apprentice of Leknaat
Chikai (Secondary Strategist) - Agnes herself OR her own apprentice OR Silverburg apprentice
Chizen (Wizard Star) - Simeon

Possible returning characters and/or their ancestors and/or descendants:

- Jeane and Viki (natch)
- Ted (I, IV)
- Lazlo (IV) and his harem (Noah, Rene, Rita, Millay, etc.), because why not?
- ancestors of Lorelai and Killey (one of them can even be the Sindar Leader)
- descendants of Gary and Ema as the original founders of the Maximilian Knights
- anything else?


- Should we include any of the non-star characters in IV and Tactics, who would it be and what would be their star?


EDIT: Added SoD ideas.
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Re: Ninjaluc's Suikoden Game/Novel Idea with a Female Tenkai Star

Postby Wolkendrache » Thu Nov 17, 2016 3:41 pm

A thought on her father:
The protagonist is the chief star of heaven, the commander-in-chief of the rebel forces, the leader of all the other stars. If you make her father a SoD, you will have to deal with a balancing act because then the father is inevitably both an authority figure and a loyal follower. I can’t imagine Teo serving under Tir, or Ferid under the Prince; the former two would more likely take over the leadership upon joining. The easiest solution is to replace her father with an uncle or the sworn brother of her father.

I can imagine your protagonist having a bunch of followers from her father’s cadre (old friends, comrades-in-arms etc). This reminds me of the 2004 movie Alexander. Alexander took over after his father’s death, and when he was out of childhood, half of his generals consisted of former “schoolmates”, the others were already serving under his father back then. This creates some interesting interaction. Worth watching for inspiration if you haven’t yet.
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Re: Ninjaluc's Suikoden Game/Novel Idea with a Female Tenkai Star

Postby ninjaluc79 » Thu Nov 17, 2016 10:27 pm

I am under the impression that in Pingyang's original story, General Li already had a rebel army with him, so by the time they met somewhere outside the Sui capital, she already had her Army of the Lady, so it's now two rebel armies combining their forces against the Empire. So after deposing the last Sui Emperor, General Li was installed as the first Emperor of the T'ang Dynasty, while Pingyang enjoys considerable fame during her lifetime for helping her dad form the resistance against the tyrannical empire.

We can have these options:

- Make the dad the Tenkai instead so we can have a non-Tenkai protagonist a la Suikoden III. After all, the story is already set on 2 PoVs anyway (one for the protagonist, one for her dad).
- Have the protagonist's father die just shortly before the final battle, so that she now leads the army in his place. Bonus points for bringing back the "death of a loved one" Suikoden staple. Maybe one of her father's loyal followers will end up as the ruler of the new order as the protagonist decides to hide herself out a la Tir because she knows an ageless life would not allow her to rule her people on a permanent basis. This also ties up to a possibility that she might have held one of the Elemental TR's before Harmonia got its hands on them.

Elemental TR ideas:

- True Wind OR True Fire = Protagonist
- True Water = Simeon
- True Lightning = someone from Geddoe's homeland (might even BE related to Geddoe himself) OR someone who traveled there after this war to seal the TLR there
- True Fire OR True Wind = Protector
- True Earth = Magical Girl Star (Lotte, Millie, and Mel) OR Eccentric Mage Star (Hellion, Zamza, Eugene) [maybe the mother of Hellion from I?]

About the TLR, it doesn't make sense to give it to a younger Geddoe in IS ~375 because remember, he only got the TLR when he was a lot older, and IIRC he joined the Fire Bringer shortly after Harmonia destroyed his homeland.

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Re: Ninjaluc's Suikoden Game/Novel Idea with a Female Tenkai Star

Postby sticky-runes » Mon Nov 21, 2016 6:33 am

Have you picked a year/time frame that this will take place? Look on the Suikosource timeline page and check which characters have birthdays close to the date, and that will give a better idea of what characters might return.

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Re: Ninjaluc's Suikoden Game/Novel Idea with a Female Tenkai Star

Postby ninjaluc79 » Mon Nov 21, 2016 11:06 am

My first pick is the time between IS 309 (Fall of Kooluk) and IS 407 (start of the First Fire Bringer War). Looking at the timeline, it's safe to say there won't be a lot of returning characters in this story if that's the case.

As stated above, the period between IS 445 and IS 475 is a Suikoden fanfic/fangame goldmine, as all the main games except S4 (IS 306-307) are set in that particular time period. But looking at the time period, however, I could only see one possible conflict (or series of conflicts) of a big enough scale to warrant making a story with a female Tenkai: one that involves any one of Nagarea, Zelant, Falena, or all of them at once. It is possible to bring out as many returning characters as possible from Toran and Dunan, as well as "future" characters from Harmonia, Zexen, and the Grasslands.

Here are some random thoughts about that one potential conflict I had in mind:

- The Nagarist Order (via Eresh?) has found a way to get past the area afflicted by the Great Earthquake and into Falena and the Feitas Dragon Cavalry to continue their mission of wiping out the Dragon Horses and their tamers off the face of the earth.
- It could be possible that the Kingdom of Zelant is declining (a la SME) OR there is some kind of succession problem going on in there (a la Falena). If it's the latter and the female Tenkai is a member of the royal family of Zelant, it could be possible that Zelant only allows a male to sit on its throne, just like how Falena only allows a female to sit on its throne. Well, I admit, this is going to be as cliche as it sounds, so let's try to create as many deviations to the cliche as possible. Unfortunately, my brain is pretty cluttered these days, maybe I should really take some time off (lol).
- For some reason, I think this rather plays out similarly to the Scarlet Moon Succession War with Barbarossa, but I'm not really sure.
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