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Suikoden Hombrew Tabletop

Postby Lieza » Mon Aug 17, 2015 7:36 pm

Hey guys,

First let me say, I am sure others have made Tabletop versions of Suikoden. I just wanted to share my ideas and how I'm going to run a tabletop suikoden game with all of you. I welcome all feedback, good and bad. :) I have used some of the ideas portrayed in Matthew Bloise's system located: [ ] . As well as some ideas from the Call of Cthulu games and more classic tabletop RPG systems like Pathfinder and Dungeons and Dragons.

Here is a link to my dropbox with all of my files, you are free to download them and use them as you please: [ ... Osw6a?dl=0 ] (I hope that works..If not..let me know!)

I'll start with my game rules:

Roll D12 per statistic, or take the average of 24 to distribute.
Every stat starts at E+.
Skills will be gained through play, and level on successful roll of a 20 when preforming task.
Companions only get 12 points to distribute.
Major NPCs will get 16 points to distribute.

Physical Defense
Magic Defense

("I use only these 6 stats for my game as I do want it to feel like a tabletop rpg, and not just a game of math as it is originally made. You are welcome to add or change these. I thought about using a separate statistic for Ranged attacks..but I felt that it would be considered a dump stat if you have melee people..." )

For the actual charts that I use, you can look in my files, or right here on Suikosource's website, under Suikoden 2 --> Gameplay Guides -->Stat Growth.

Next we will move on to Attacks and Damage.

Damage Equations: Physical
The two major forms of damage: Physical damage, and magical damage, are affected by their respective damage formulas, which I'll document right here. First, we'll look at physical damage.
The formula is
( a [ c ] - b ) ( d ) = total damage.

Here is a breakdown of an example attack formula.
Attacker has an attack power of 300. (a = 300)
Attacker has a Fury Rune. (c = 1.5)
Attacker has a Double-Strike Rune. (d = 1.5)
Attacker has a Rage Rune on weapon. (d = d * 1.5)
Defender has a defense power of 150. (b = 150)
The formula for this attack, then, is:
( 300 [ 1.50 ] - 150 ) ( 1.50 * 1.50 ) = 675 total damage.

On the easy side of things, It is just A – B [Atk power – Defense power]

Damage Equations: Magic
Now to magic damage. The formula is:

( [ a * c ] + b ) - d = total damage.

Here is a breakdown of an example magic attack formula.
Spell is Flaming Arrows, which is listed at 60 DMG. (a = 60)
Caster has a +30% affinity with Fire. (c = 1.3)
Caster has a MAG stat of 150. (b = 150)
Defender has a MDEF stat of 100. (d = 100)
The formula for this magic attack, then, is:
( [ 60 * 1.30 ] + 150 ) - 100 = 128 total damage.

Critical Hits
Roll a D20, score a 20, then confirm.

To Hit
Roll an 13 or above on a D20 to hit enemy.

Multiple Hits
(Char SPEED - Enemy SPEED) / 2 = Multi hit %

For magic I am using the chart from Suikoden 2 again to determine how many spells per day a rune caster gets. I was going to use another method, but this one seemed to be the easiest to get what I wanted out of the game. I lowered all Rune damage down by half, so for instance Flaming Arrows now does 30 + Characters Magic Stat - Enemies M. Def stat = Damage. So a level 2 Character with a 19 in Magic will do 49 Damage to all enemies in front of them. instead of 79 as it was written before. ("This can change of course. Nothing I have written here is set in stone, each Game Master is different.")

Next up is the War System:

Grid based system. 3 Man teams. There will be a initiative roll off of a d20 to see if there will be a Critical / Critical Fail. Obviously 1 = Crit Fail, 20 = Crit.
All units have 3 Strikes of HP unless a Strategist is present in the unit.
Then the players will roll 3d6 amongst themselves while the GM will roll a d20. Whoever scores higher will give the loser 1 strike.

+1 per line over opponent.
+1 per grade over opponent.
+1 to Rating over opponent. (Green, Regular, Elite)
Non-Navel units on Ocean fight -1.
Navel units fighting on Land -1.
Navels units on Land count as Footmen.

Archers → Mages → Footmen → Spears → Calvary →Archers

Calvary can move 3 Spaces
other ground units move 2 spaces.
Mages and Archers attack from 2 Spaces away.
Gunners attack from 3 spaces away.

( " Now my group and I are personally using a 1" tiled mat with small unit chips that we made out of Perler beads. You could use a Chess Board and chess pieces if you wish, or anyway you want to do it. I included an Army units file in my dropbox that you can just print out, cut up, and make work. Just rename the character pieces which are in Blue. Green units are in Green, Elite units are in Red, and Regulars are in Black" )

As for the Stars of Destiny. I wouldn't allow any of your players to be the Tenkai star. Its not fair for the others and will drive a wedge between them, unless of course they all agree on one person holding the 'Macguffin' that you created or used.

["Last bits of the Rules section of my game so far."]

Character Classes: ("Inspired by Matthew's Suikoden tabletop game") And a brief bonus they receive

Weapon Master - Bonus Attribute point to Strength.
Adept - Bonus Attribute point to Player's Choice
Magician - Bonus Attribute point to Magic.
Strategist - Bonus attribute point to Either of the Defenses.
Dragon Knight - Starts with a Dragon Companion
Narcissist - Bonus Attribute point to either Magic or Health
Ninja - Bonus Attribute point to M. Defense
Bandit - Bonus Attribute point to Speed
Knight - Bonus attribute point to Health
Gunner - Bonus attribute point to strength or speed
Trickster - Begins the game with a Gadget
Ranger - Begins the game with an animal companion.


Humans - 1 Bonus Skill point of your choice.
Kobolds - 1 bonus skill point in Survival
Nekobolds - 1 bonus skill point in Skulduggery
Ducklings - 1 bonus skill point in Diplomacy
Lizardfolk - 1 Bonus skill point in Athletics
Beavers - 1 Bonus skill point in Piloting
Wingers - Given the ability to Fly. ("This is EXTREMELY POWERFUL. However, Wingers as we know are socially awkward and people distrust them openly. Play it up." )
Elf - 1 Bonus skill point in Perception
Dwarf - 1 Bonus skill point in Crafting.

You get 5 starting skill points to add to any skills. Or trade 3 of those 5 to start with a basic rune as agreed upon with the GM. ( "I allow for any of the basic runes such as Fire, Lightning, Earth, Wind, Water, Shield, Condemnation. As well as the Sword of Runes. Such as the Raging Sword Rune, Flowing Sword Rune, etc etc." )

Appraise - Identifying Magical objects (Discussed in another document), as well as various ? Pots or Paintings.
Athletics - Running, Jumping, Climbing, Swimming, etc.
Crafting - Speaks for itself I think. Make your own armor..temper your own weapon..
Cooking - Making food, Cook Off side game...etc ("Not totally fleshed out yet..")
Diplomacy - Speaking in a formal setting, negotiating. Etiquette.
First Aid - Bonus to healing items, revive someone after a fight if they went unconscious.
Perception - Just like in DnD. Hearing something, seeing something..etc. I also use this for Sense Motive.
Performance - Singing, Dancing, etc
Piloting - Sailing Boats, Riding Animals..
Skulduggery - Stealing, Sneaking, Opening locks, Intimidation [Physical], etc
Survival - Growing Plants, Fishing, tracking, etc.
Treachery - Lying, Intimidation [Vocal], etc.

Knowledge Local - Local Knowledge of the area / town / etc.
Knowledge Nation - Knowledge about the hierarchy of power, prominent figures, etc.
Knowledge Runes - Ability to identify runes, their history, knowledge of the 27 true runes...etc.
Knowledge War - Bonuses during War ("Needs to be fleshed out.")
Knowledge History - Knowledge of the Sindar People. ("Think like Lorelei or Killey...Zweig...etc ")

Class / Race Specific Skills:

Handle Animal - Ability to control animal companion / Dragon.
Mechanics - Ability to repair Gadget / Work on Guns, etc.
Flying - Only available to Wingers and Dragons, Unless you have like a Griffin or something that makes sense... ya know?

So that is most of my Rules page. If you have questions please ask them! I will be updating the Drop box often as I continue my work. Inside you will find a tentative Armor list, the Weapon upgrade list, The ability to do a magical item chart for like random loot not offered by any of the games. I also have an Enemy Commander character sheet, These are for Wars and allow for Duels.. I am still working on Duels, but I think I have a good idea how I want to work them. So...let me know what you think!

- Lieza

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Re: Suikoden Hombrew Tabletop

Postby wataru14 » Mon Aug 17, 2015 10:35 pm

Why do Ninja get bonuses to MDEF and Bandits get Speed?

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Re: Suikoden Hombrew Tabletop

Postby Wolkendrache » Tue Aug 18, 2015 4:35 am

Lieza wrote:To Hit
Roll an 13 or above on a D20 to hit enemy.

Why don’t you use a Skl stat? If you really want to use a fixed base hit chance, then I think 13/20 is a little high, only about 1/3 attacks will actually hit. My suggestion (if you don’t want to use Skl): just drop the base value (so all attacks except critical failure hit at the beginning), and instead develop an Evade skill (and let have ninja +1 evade instead of +1 MagDef). Idk, like +5% evade chance per skill point distributed or whatever goes with your rules.
Lieza wrote:Then the players will roll 3d6 amongst themselves while the GM will roll a d20. Whoever scores higher will give the loser 1 strike.

This means whoever takes the initiative to attack is irrelevant, the chance is about 50-50 by default for most of the confrontations (there’s only 1 unit type out of 5 the attacking unit is strong against).
My suggestion:
1. Make it so that every unit type has 2 unit types it is strong against, 2 it is weak against and 1 it is neutral against, for more tactical options/formations and less 50-50 fights. Maybe split cavalry into light and heavy for the 6th type.
2. Extend the terrain system. You’re already using water, so why not forest and other obstacles for more tactical consideration? Just like naval units turn to infantry on land, cavalry might turn to infantry in forests. And so on…
3. For the above to work better I guess you need to raise the Mov values a little. Like mages and spears 4, footmen and spears 5, cavalry 7.

Some time ago I was working on a Suikoden war battle system to re-design/apply to the battles of 1 and 2. It is probably too complex to apply as a mere side feature, but perhaps you can get some inspiration from it.
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Re: Suikoden Hombrew Tabletop

Postby Lieza » Tue Aug 18, 2015 7:54 am

I was having a hard time figuring out bonus to give for bandits and ninjas. i didnt want them both to be exactly the same, but i definitely did want to seperate them for skills. I know the ninjas are fast and stuff, but speed is usually a thief like trait.

in regards to the 13 out of 20 to hit.. i originally was going to use 11 or better, but in a play test, the pcs were getting absolutely trashed by my rolling. I am not against changing it however. The reason for no skill stat was because while it works in the video game.. in a table top setting, normally you need to beat a characters armor class. I do have an Evade bonus added to my armor list which increases the " AC " of the character to 14 or 15 depending on the bonus.

The war system is directly out of Matthew's version of the tabletop game. Early wars the PCs will only have 1 line of the game moves forward I was going to allow them up to 3 lines per unit. So if they wished for Calvary, Spears, and Archers, they have a choice on who attacks. I know it sounds convoluted but im open to suggestion.

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Re: Suikoden Hombrew Tabletop

Postby Lieza » Tue Oct 06, 2015 8:36 pm

So I've done a bit of play testing with my friends, and it seems like it works out well enough. I suggest not doing any leveling until AFTER the day's events, and to limit leveling to a max of 4 levels or so per session early on. My players seemed to enjoy the combat system I was using, and we had an added effect in combat of a d6 for the first 20 levels, d12 for levels 20-49, and a d20 for 50+ of extra damage. Works in both Magic and Physical. It seemed to add a bit of diversity to the very static style. I took a page out of the Fantasy Flight Edge of the Empire rpg for Star Wars and at points I thought were pivotal to the story, I had taken a more story driven approach.

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Re: Suikoden Hombrew Tabletop

Postby Roshambeaux » Thu Oct 29, 2015 1:09 pm

Here's an excel file that I've had since last year; maybe someone could have a use for it in the tabletop game:
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