Complete Suikoden history (the real one)

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Complete Suikoden history (the real one)

Postby Antimatzist » Fri Jul 03, 2015 10:00 am

I have this idea already on my mind for a long time.

There are always a lot of rumours surrounding the development of the Suikoden series. Some of them have been resolved (like Murayama leavin Konami being a personal choice), for others I simply cannot findany information (like Suikoden V initially developed as a Gaiden, not a numbered release). That goes as well for sales numbers which are mostly vague (especially outside of Japan).

So my idea is to find as many sources available and put them together into a comprehensive overview. I'd like to feature only information that can be sourced. The problem here is: I only have limited sources. I can't read Japanese and even if I could, I don't have the old Japanese publications (which I think include a lot of information about the earlier games in the series). Also, there is the possibility of Suikoden developers giving interviews that are only available in other languages than English or Japanese, which I probably won't find.So any help would be appreciated.

On top of my head, I have these sources available:
LEVEL, #41, 2009. English transcript.
Interview with Yoshitaka Murayama, via Suikoden Revival Movement (2014)
Interview with Junko Kawano, (German, now defunct. Mirror via
Interview with Takahiro Sakiyama, (German, now defunct. Mirror via (2006)
Suikoden Tierkreis Director On The Future Of Suikoden, (2009)
Blog post by Osamu Komuta. English transcript.
Suikoden Team Disbanded, Tri-Ace Hired Because They Have RPG Know How,
Dengeki Playstation #??, English transcript via
Interview with Konami's Ryan Graff, Facebook page of Suikoden Revival Movement
Miki Higashino Interview: Retired Fan Favourite Speaks,
Offiziell: Suikoden III Deutschland-Release!,
English summary of an interview with Junko Kawano about Suikoden Tactics, via
The Untold History of Japanese Game Developers,but I still don't own the book.

Ok, this is getting too extensive now and I seem to find now a lot of things I've never seen. :) But you get the idea. Anything helps. I hope that in the final form, this can serve as

(And I need to import all these sources into Endnote.. what a pain.)

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