"Resurrect" the 108 Stars?!

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Re: "Resurrect" the 108 Stars?!

Postby Mio » Wed Sep 24, 2008 10:12 pm

so you're saying that the big difference this time is that you need to complete the 108 SoD to achieve victory

that there should be no way in hell that you'd go to the 'big bad' without the complete collection of SoD?



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Re: "Resurrect" the 108 Stars?!

Postby luceys » Thu Sep 25, 2008 2:59 am

patapi wrote:It's resurrect the "stars", not necessarily the same characters that held it when the opening roster lost. I suppose some might involve bringing back the deceased, but others might be about finding a suitable replacement for the specific stars where straightforward character reviving isn't possible.

Anything is possible, really.

I too thought this would be the case. I think it could set up a good unique storyline while still maintaining the Suikoden spirit. Coming off a devastating defeat to some evil empire and thinking all hope is lost, yet on the brink of total annihilation a leader emerges from a small village with the ability to inspire others and gather a new set of stars and rallies back against injustice. It's a come from behind story that will hopefully have many twists, turns and good character development to back it up.

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Re: "Resurrect" the 108 Stars?!

Postby Archer » Sat Sep 27, 2008 5:21 am

Considering its a DS game, its not like they owe us a ground breaking, revolutionary new idea. I think the charm of Suikoden is that it remains true to itself and keeps that nostalgia of ''do task, gain ally''. If you genuinely do have to go about bringing your dead army back to life, considering the past 5 games, I definatley think this is an outside the box idea. Just how many ways can you gather 108 characters? Its a very interesting idea if its taking a route in which your characters already know your hero, perhaps even resent him for what happened. And even though the SoD are old hat in the game, they'll be new to us. I love the idea that this time around you wont be gaining trust, but regaining it, which will undoubtedly be a lot more difficult to do and present much more conflict between the characters, instead of everyone falling in love with the hero because he has pretty eyes and following him relentlessly. I think people should save all the hate talk for when the game is actually out. Or better yet, for the next console suikoden because i think thats where people will be expecting something huge. To me, this game seems like a fun little taster on whats going down/has gone down in the suikouniverse to tide us over til the next big installment comes along.

I dont wanna go all 'back in the day when i was alive and games were huge plastic cartridges the size of bibles blah blah' but ive been playing the series since Suikoden 1's early release. Ive watched the series grow over the years along with the technology. I know these days we have loads of next-gen younger players who expect world shaking graphics, neck breaking battle speed, screechy american voice actors and gameplay systems that are 100% unique every time. I think konami is starting to dabble in these to try and stay fresh without completely submitting. Maybe its just me but i dont want anything to change much. I love running about gathering those SoDs, i dont care how i have to go about it. I think this is a series that thrives on what it is rather than what it will be next, but thats just my opinion. xD


Re: "Resurrect" the 108 Stars?!

Postby ScionOfYesterday » Tue Apr 21, 2009 12:48 pm

Resurrection is nothing new in the series.

Even if you throw out battle resurrections (Via items or resurrection rune) the power of the 108 stars has previously brought people back. I'd just like a clear answer on what conditions a candidate is eligible for being resurrected.

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