[Guide] "Liking" points and effects (SPOILERS)

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[Guide] "Liking" points and effects (SPOILERS)

Postby Linn » Wed Nov 01, 2006 1:17 pm

Many dialogue decisions affect your hero's relationships with various characters. Sometimes these relationship points (affinity points) affect a scene that will play out, slightly boost the damage of a few unite attacks as well as the chance an ally will defend the Prince when he's in critical condition, determine how soon you can recruit a character (or your actions/inactions may prevent you from being able to recruit the character altogether), and in some cases it has no effect whatsoever!
Punkaiser has kindly compiled all of the information here: Liking points guide

The 108 Stars Character Guide for V has a big section on the mysterious point system for how much other characters like the Prince, so I'm trying to translate and sum up some of the info.

Before I start, though, a few notes. Firstly, even though it sounds really awkward, I'm translating the Japanese term 好感度 as "Liking Points" because I can't think of anything less confusing right now. (Something like "Affection Level" sounds better, but I don't know if it would be as clear...) If anyone else has a better suggestion, I'll use it.

Secondly, though I tried to look up and use the official translated names for unites and things like that, I had to translate the dialogue myself because I don't have an American copy of Suikoden V. The lines won't match exactly, but hopefully they'll be close enough that you can figure out which option is which.

That out of the way...

All the information in this post is from the 108 Stars Guide, so I assume it's official.

To start with, Liking Points can affect the following things:

1. Endings
2. Damage done with certain unites
3. Character recruitment requirements
4. Cutscenes
5. Probability of being protected by other characters
6. Dialogue

Unites and how they change depending on points:

1. Sworn Protector: Can do from 1.2x damage up to 1.5x. Damage increases +.1 for each point.
2. Royal Power: Can do from .5x damage up to .7x damage. Damage increases +.1 for each point.
3. Perfect Likeness: Can do from 1.2x damage up to 1.5x. Damage increases +.1 for each point.
4. Falena's Finest: Can do from .2x up to .4x damage. Damage increases based on the total points of all characters involved (Lyon, Georg, Kyle, Miakis, and Galleon) divided by 5. If the resulting number is 15 or greater but less than 18, the unite does .3x damage. If the number is 18 or greater, the unite does .4x damage.

Point requirements for endings:

Ending 1: (Prince travels alone) You must have fewer than 70 Stars or Lyon's points must be less than 9.
Ending 2: (Prince travels with Georg) You must have more than 70 Stars and Lyon's points must be greater than or equal to 9.
Ending 3: (108 Stars Ending) You can choose the Queen's Knight Ending if Lym's points are greater than or equal to 12.

Number of points required for cutscenes:

1. To get the scene where she runs up to the Prince and hugs him after he returns from Lordlake: 3 points
2. To get the scene where she spends the night with the Prince in Lunas: 13 points
3. To get the Prince's extended flashback scene in Lunas after escaping Sol-Falena: 15 points

To get the more affectionate version of the scene in Sol-Falena the evening before they go to Stormfist: 10 points

To get the extra scene the night before attacking Sol-Falena: 6 points

Dialogue options and how they affect points:


1. (When Ferid appears)
a. That hurts, Dad.... (Lyon +1, Sialeeds +1)
b. Please stop, Father... (No change)

2. (Greeting Arshtat)
a. I'm back, Mother. (Lyon +1, Sialeeds +1)
b. I have returned, Your Majesty! (Georg +1)

Lordlake Flashback

1. (At the Rovere house)
a. Let's go inside. (Sialeeds +1, Georg +1)
b. That's enough. Let's go home... (Lyon +1)

2. (Lyon asks for permission to look for Toma)
a. Okay. (No change)
b. No. (Lyon +1, Sialeeds +1, Georg +1, Talgeyl +1, Goesch +1)

3. (When the wolves attack Toma)
a. Let's help him! (Lyon +1, Sialeeds +1, Georg +1)
b. What should I do?! (No change)


1. (The queen rants)
a. Mother! Why?! (Lyon +1, Sialeeds +1, Galleon +1)
b. ......... (No change)

2. (Lyon responds to the queen)
a. ......... (No change)
b. That's right, Mother! (Lyon +1, Sialeeds +1, Galleon +1)

3. (Sialeeds says the Prince should go see Lym)
a. Yeah, that's right. (Lyon +1, Lym +1)
b. I'm tired today, so I'll do it tomorrow. (No change)

4. (At Sialeed's room)
a. Yeah. Would you wake her up for me? (No change)
b. No, let her rest. (Sialeeds +1)
(if you chose "a" above)
c. Yes. (No change)
d. No, never mind after all. (Sialeeds +1)

5. (In Lym's Room)
a. Lym's not here? (Lyon +1, Lym +1)
b. No, not yet. (No change)

6. (After Kyle appears)
a. Thanks, Kyle. (Lyon +1, Kyle +1)
b. I didn't need your help... (No change)

7. (When Kyle asks you to come to the Knights' office)
a. Okay, I'll do that. (Kyle +1)
b. No, I have to see Lym first... (Lyon +1, Lym +1)

8. (In the Prince's room, when asked if you want to rest)
a. Yes, please. (No change)
b. No, I still haven't seen Lym yet. (Lyon +1, Lym +1)

9. (After the Knights' argument)
a. No, I don't mind... (Lyon +1, Georg +1, Kyle +1, Galleon +1)
b. Uh, yeah. (No change)

10. (When Lym appears, if her points are 3 or greater)
a. I'm back, Lym. (Lym +1)
b. Hey, let go. (No change)
(If her points are less than 3)
a. I'm back, Lym. (Lym +1)
b. ... You're annoying. (No change)

11. (Miakis appears)
a. Uh, hi, Miakis. (Miakis +1)
b. Help me... (No change)

12. (Lym asks if it bothers the Prince that they're choosing a husband for her)
a. Of course I don't like it. (Lym +1)
b. Not especially... (No change)

13. (When asked if the Prince wants to see the list of candidates)
a. What? Me too? (No change)
b. Yeah, let's go! (Lym +1)

14. (Lym insults Sialeeds, and she gets mad)
a. Aunt, just leave it at that... (Lym +1)
b. It's your fault, Lym. (Sialeeds +1)

15. (When the guard in front of the Senate building asks if it's an emergency)
a. We're just here to gawk. (No change)
b. Yes, it is. (Lym +1, Miakis +1)

16. (On meeting Salum)
a. Uh, thanks... (Salum +1)
b. ... what the heck? (No change)

17. (When asked about Salum afterwards)
a. I think what he says is great. (No change)
b. Very fishy. (Lym +1, Sialeeds +1)

18. (When the official apologizes for taking so long)
a. No, it's our fault for coming here suddenly... (Lyon +1, Sialeeds +1, Kyle +1, Miakis +1, Lym +1)
b. Never mind that, just hurry up and show us the list. (No change)

19. (On seeing how many candidates there are)
a. There's surprisingly few. (Lym +1)
b. Whaaaat?! That many?! (No change)

20. (When Lym is about leave for her studies)
a. Isn't it okay, just for today? (Lym +1, Miakis +1)
b. Oh. Do your best. (No change)

21. (Cutscene with Lyon at sunset, if her points are 10 or greater)
a. Thank you, Lyon. (Lyon +1)
b. What's this all of a sudden? (No change)
(If her points are below 10)
a. Then I'll be fine. (Lyon +1)
b. It's okay. Nothing's going to happen. (No change)

22. (Kyle tells the Prince to be careful before leaving for Stormfist)
a. All right, I will. Thanks. (Kyle +1)
b. You're a worrywart. (No change)

En Route to Stormfist

1. (Lyon says that the Queen really is kind)
a. Yeah. (Lyon +1, Sialeeds +1)
b. .......

2. (Whether the Prince thinks that the monster attack was planned or not)
a. It's suspicious. (Sialeeds +1, Georg +1)
b. Don't you think it's a coincidence? (Lyon +1)


1. (The Prince's reaction to the slaves' prison)
a. This is awful... (Lyon +1, Sialeeds +1, Shoon +1)
b. ....... (No change)

2. (On seeing the wounded slave)
a. He's got to see a doctor! (Lyon +1, Sialeeds +1, Shoon +1)
b. ....... (No change)

3. (Euram calls the Prince "big brother")
a. ... Big brother? (Euram +1)
b. I don't remember having an older "younger brother." (No change)

4. (Gizel asks if the Prince agrees that the Sun Rune should be used against Armes)
a. I don't think so. (Lyon +1, Sialeeds +1)
b. ... I don't know. (No change)

5. (Whether there's a trick to Norma and Ernst's performance)
a. Yeah, there has to be. (No change)
b. It doesn't look like it... (Lyon +1)

6. (When Gavaya suddenly asks Lyon to marry him)
a. What are you saying, out of nowhere? (Lyon +1)
b. ....... (No change)

7. (Shoon claims to not be suspicious)
a. You're suspicious enough. (No change)
b. What's your name? (Shoon +1)

8. (After Shoon tells everyone what he overheard)
a. All right, we'll investigate this ourselves. (Shoon +1)
b. But... (No change)

9. (When Sialeeds tells you that she already said they wouldn't attend the banquet)
a. Why again... (No change)
b. That's a good thing. (Sialeeds +1)

10. (When Shoon talks about why he never tried to escape)
a. ....... (Lyon +1, Shoon +1)
b. ... Let's hurry on. (No change)

11. (Euram says that he didn't know Zegai was from Armes)
a. ...... (No change)
b. I know. (Euram +1)

12. (Lyon expresses doubts about the way the situation with Zegai was resolved)
a. It's okay... or at least, it was supposed to be. (Georg +1)
b. ... I don't know. (Lyon +1)

13. (Before the match with Shoon)
a. Go easy on me. (No change)
b. Don't hold back. (Shoon +1)

14. (If you lose the match - when Lyon asks if the Prince is wounded)
a. I'm fine, I'm fine. (Lyon +1)
b. I lost, Lyon... (No change)

15. (If you lose the match - when Lym says that Shoon should have held back if he's the Prince's friend)
a. He didn't hold back because he's my friend. (Lyon +1, Miakis +1, Lym +1)
b. That's right. (No change)

16. (When Dongo is turned away at the gates)
a. Let's tell them to let him through! (Lyon +1, Dongo +1)
b. It can't be helped... (No change)

17. (When Belcoot is attacked)
a. Let's help him now! (Lyon +1)
b. Let's wait and see what happens. (No change)

18. (When Marina carries Belcoot off to bed)
a. Shall I help? (No change)
b. I'll leave him to you, then. (Marina +1)

19. (When Lym asks if the Prince thinks Gizel or Belcoot would be a better husband)
a. Gizel. (No change)
b. Belcoot. (Lym +1)

20. (If you speak to Lym again after #19)
a. Yeah, you do. (No change)
b. You don't have to get used to it. (Lym +1)

21. (On hearing that Marina's been kidnapped)
a. We'll mobilize the guard, and... (No change)
b. Can't we do something ourselves? (Lyon +1, Georg +1, Sialeeds +1, Belcoot +1)

22. (The innkeeper asks you to take care of Marina)
a. Leave it to us! (Lyon +1, Belcoot +1)
b. I will do everything in my power. (No change)

23. (When you see Marina in the inn at night)
a. Did you wake up? (No change)
b. You suspicious person, up at this time of night. (Marina +1)

24. (Marina thanks the Prince)
a. That's okay. (No change)
b. If you're going to thank anyone, thank Belcoot. (Marina +1)

25. (When Georg asks if you haven't slept)
a. No. (No change)
b. What are you doing, Georg? (Georg +1)

26. (When Lyon shows up in the morning with a beaten up face)
a. Wh-what happened to your face?! (No change)
b. Oh no, it couldn't be... (Lyon +1)

27. (When Sialeeds says the Prince is too late for breakfast)
a. Argh.... it can't be helped. (Lyon +1)
b. Why didn't you wake me up? (No change)

28. (When you see Belcoot before the final match)
a. May the best man win. (No change)
b. We'll be brothers next time we meet! (Belcoot +1)

29. (When Childerich is about to finish off (?) Belcoot)
a. ........ (No change)
b. Stop!! (Lyon +1, Sialeeds +1, Georg +1, Miakis +1, Galleon +1, Belcoot +1)

30. (When Zegai tells you what really happened)
a. ... I can't trust you. (No change)
b. If you'd told us that then... (Zegai +1)

31. (Zegai says that he's resigned to death)
a. I won't let you be put to death, no matter what! (Zegai +1)
b. ........ (No change)

32. (Arshtat threatens to destroy Stormfist)
a. ....... (No change)
b. Mother!! (Lyon +1, Sialeeds +1)

33. (When Shoon asks if Zegai was innocent)
a. ... Yeah. (Shoon +1)
b. Sorry, I can't talk about it. (No change)

34. (When Norma asks if you know of any really good sorcerers)
a. I can't think of any. (No change)
b. Lyon, do you know of any? (Norma +1, Ernst +1)

35. (When you talk to Belcoot and Marina at the inn right before leaving Stormfist, they will each gain one point regardless of what you choose.)

... Whew. That's the first 2 1/2 pages of choices or so. There's still about three to go, so I'll add them as I have time to.

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Postby Red Killey » Wed Nov 01, 2006 2:19 pm

Wow, that's a great job there, Linn. Thank you for sharing the translation. It definitely helps a lot.
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Postby RPG Seeker » Wed Nov 01, 2006 5:55 pm

Some of the affection choices are wrong, according to Gamefaqs. Dialogue 19, 20, 26 should be the b choice.

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Postby Lord_Amesius » Mon Nov 20, 2006 3:44 pm

Great work, Linn!!

I cant wait until its finished.

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Postby SuikoMJM » Tue Nov 21, 2006 6:23 am

Yeah, I can't wait either! *cracks whip*

Curious though, are a few dialogue options missing because they have absolutely no effect? Such as responding to Alenia while roaming the guard room before exiting to see Lym for the first time. Or during the competition when you have the opportunity to ask Lym if she wishes to go lay down after feeling nausiated, or telling her that it is her duty to stay?

Either way, good stuff. Quite a few surprises.


Postby Noah » Mon Dec 04, 2006 2:41 am

Thanks very much for taking the time to translate all that. Is there any website that actually has the rest of the Liking Points available (even if it's in Japanese) anywhere? I have a save file sitting right where you stopped Linn and was using your translation all along the way for every choice-set thus far! I suppose I can always just import the book if I need to, but I'm in no rush and have a ton of other games to play. Hope you continue it soon...thanks once more.

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Postby Raging Barows Brat » Tue Dec 05, 2006 1:36 am

Oh, nice, Linn! That took some effort, I'll bet!

Noah, there might be some more on gamefaqs.com. In fact, I know there is a list of Lym and Lyon liking points there, but as RPGSeeker pointed out, there seems to be some discrepancy between that list and this one. Still, it might be worth a look. Still, Linn's compilation here is MUCH more detailed and inclusive than any I've seen. It covers all characters affected, which is way cool!
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Postby Persmerga » Tue Dec 05, 2006 6:20 am

Yeah i agree this is a brilliant resource for anyone playing Sukoden V and a brilliant reference to refer to when stuck and needing to know this information, and it's really good for someone to spend there time compiling.

Glad it made sticky.

Nice one!
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Postby Lord_Amesius » Wed Dec 13, 2006 7:03 pm

Linn the completion of this is even more important.

Guides and FAQ's from all over GameFAQs have been dissapearing.
The Lym points FAQ, Lyon points FAQ, and many other Suikoden V FAQs and guides have dissapeared.

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Postby Onix » Tue Dec 26, 2006 9:39 am

I want to ask about the Prince Lyon cut scene (before you go to Stormfist)
How many times did you guys get the scene? both affectionate and bodyguard?
I played recently, I've tried all the positive dialogues that is written here to get the more affectionate scene, but I keep getting the bodyguard scene.
Before, I got the affectionate scene with a mixture of negative and positive dialogues. Its weird...the Unite Sworn Protector damages 1.5x...

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Postby 27x4=108 » Tue Dec 26, 2006 6:30 pm

its amazing, all of that afects the starts protect you and things like that, im thinking of zerase that in my save of suiko V protects my prince, and the save of my brother no way that she makes that xDDD
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Postby Onix » Wed Dec 27, 2006 5:14 am

27x4=108 wrote:its amazing, all of that afects the starts protect you and things like that, im thinking of zerase that in my save of suiko V protects my prince, and the save of my brother no way that she makes that xDDD

Hehe...yup, the dialogues affects maybe everything in the game...
May I ask what the xDDD is? :)

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Postby dbeattilldeath » Tue Feb 13, 2007 2:05 am

hmm anyone gonna finish it up? haha

can't seem to find anything online that says anything about all of this anymore..

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Postby SuikoMJM » Fri May 11, 2007 2:12 am

Yeah, we're 6 months and 10 days counting now since the original post. Does anybody have the same reference that Linn was using and can finish it up? Would be great.

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Postby Alex Delferia » Mon May 14, 2007 7:14 am

Onix wrote:Hehe...yup, the dialogues affects maybe everything in the game...
May I ask what the xDDD is? :)

It's an emphasised, or stronger, expression of "XD". Which is itself a smilie.

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