[FAQ] Optional content (duels, recruits, scenes, etc)

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Re: Optional spoilers (duels, recruits, scenes, etc)

Postby highwind44029 » Fri Jul 18, 2008 2:31 am

Tanrim wrote:So it seems but it's still kinda missable since you wouldn't even go to Rainwall, I guess. I sure never thought to. Wonder when is the earliest it can be seen. I tried to go back a couple times a bit earlier but it was always Lyon turning me away. Didn't have her then, obviously.

Yeah, I think you get that scene once you're without your bodyguard. Not sure if Miakis still stops you when you have her.

Here's another one: Recruit Hazuki with BOTH Belcoot and Marina in party. My favorite part is when Hazuki says that Marina has issues. XD

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