Perfect Leveling Spots! *spoilers*

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Perfect Leveling Spots! *spoilers*

Postby WindFalcon » Tue Apr 04, 2006 10:38 am

Do you have trouble leveling? Having a hard time getting those weak characters up to snuff fast? Not anymore! With windfalcon's patented Leveling Spot, you'll be good to go and mid-40's for all!

Early on, once your base is established and you have Takamu, you can go back to Lunas North Forest and go all the way to Lunas. But that's not what we want. Yet. Instead, just run around in that area ^^ You'll run into dragonflies and big birdies, and even the occasional fire-element dragon thing. Salamander I think it is called. In this area, you can raise characters (with a bit of TLC) to 33/34. Not bad if I do say so myself. But this is not the BEST leveling spot.. only the best at this point in time. Make sure you hold on to Great Firefly pieces!

This NEXT spot is the best.

This event is only possible after the Beaver Lodge is burned to the ground... or is that burned to the water-level? Anyway. Take Maroon and Muroon and some strong party members along with Marina and alot of Antitoxins to Yashuna (you'll see why in a bit). Go to the Tricolor Inn and talk to Miroon, the only Beaver in Yashuna, and she will say that the springs have dried up. Agree to help her and go to the source...

And there we go! After figuring out the problem and recruiting Miroon, this spot is PERFECT for leveling those weak characters! At this point, you may have a bit of trouble but most likely not too much. Wanna level even faster? You'll need some tools!

Here's how things went down for me. I equipped the Hero (since he's a constant in the party no matter what) with a Firefly Rune and a Steel Rune. Don't have one? Firefly Runes are available for purchase at this point, and if not you most likely found one by now. I did. Steel Runes can be put together from pieces gotten by the floating shield enemies in the Ceras Lake Ruins. Don't worry about magic, no one uses it in this area. Then, equip a Great Firefly Rune (made from pieces droppped by dragonfly-like enemies at the OTHER spot) to one character in the party. Doesn't matter who.

Ready for this? Put together your weakest bunch of pansies and keep Lorelai, Zweig, Marina and Egbert in your support. Equip a Yellow Scarf to the Hero and teleport back to Yashuna, and run around that area now, using True Men tactic. Now, the Hero will be targeted and only take 2-3 damage each hit. After a few True Men attacks, any enemy will die and you'll be on your way ^^.

The enemies in this cave area are Tarantullas (which hold the most exp), Target Girl type enemies, large golden frogs, and the occasional golden crab. The battle you are hoping for here is one against two Tarantullas and a Target Girl. These battles will increase your lower level characters by alot. Case in point, I started off with a level 1 DoReMi Elf, and it became 44 in no time. Also, this is one of the best places to earn money! The enemies here drop venom runes and Drain Pieces galore, which yoiu can turn into drain runes and sell off for decent prices. Just remember to keep up your stock of Antitoxins and you'll be fine.

After this, there are very few other places that have easy access and are good for leveling. But then, at level 44 you really won't need much more ^^ It was at this spot I gained enough cash to retrofit my entire army with best gear and max weapons, as well as master important skills.

Happy Hunting!

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Postby KFCrispy » Tue Apr 04, 2006 11:15 am

very early in the game, once you're based in Rainwall, the best place to level up is Big Hole, until storyline areas catch up.

then yeah, once you get HQ, Lunas becomes a lot stronger (almost every area becomes stronger.. but Lunas is probably fit for much later in the plot)

you do not need Takamu to fight the enemies in Lunas--you can run around the exit area and still fight everything.

i suggest you bring lots of healing abilities (items, runes) for Lunas because the enemies can get nasty. my first time there, i didn't have much healing items or runes equipped because i was just leveling weak characters and the Salamander whupped on me (group/area Fire attacks..); had to continue twice. the other enemies are pretty fast and can do nasty group spells (Wind, Earth)

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