Is any non-spoiler info about characters?

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Is any non-spoiler info about characters?

Postby Rody » Fri Mar 10, 2006 5:10 pm

I was wondering what types of characters they have on 5. I saw the pictures before, and some of the people looked really cool (though I cannot understand the need for the chef-people off 2).

My biggest interest is if there are any cool-looking young dude mages? Luc, Rody and Sasarai are among my favorite characters EVER on Suikoden, and they didn't really have anyone like them in 4, so I was wondering... Do they have any in 5? I don't care if they're minor. My favorite charcters tend to be. ^^

Oh, and is there anywhere to go to see all 108 stars of destiny pics? That'd be cool. ^^
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