[Discussion] Member Recommended Parties with Reasoning

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Re: [Discussion] Member Recommended Parties with Reasoning

Postby avenger » Sat Feb 06, 2010 1:20 pm

Well for the first time , I used


Same reasoning, only I used cathari to support attack from rear. This group was ok, But the battle took long.
Once i had new game + that, battle was simple because George just pounded away.

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Re: [Discussion] Member Recommended Parties with Reasoning

Postby gildedtalon » Tue Mar 30, 2010 12:32 am

Georg, Galleon, Logg, Miakis, Lyon

All of them can hold their own against any opponent and deal decent damage with their normal attacks. There's no need to heal them, what else is there to say
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Re: [Discussion] Member Recommended Parties with Reasoning

Postby highwind44029 » Sun Apr 04, 2010 6:42 am

The only notable party member that I used was Miakis. In all of my games, I never take her out once I get her (except for Gordius adur). She's gets three free rune slots the earliest (Level 45 I think?), and Boost/Crazed/Double-Edged on her is just nuts. I gave her 2 Eyeball Rings and the rest is +atk equipment. Attack + Fate Control for skills to maximize power. Her agility and skill are high enough that I can count on her doing at least two hits and criticals respectively.

I pretty much use the same above setup for most of my party (Crazed/Double-Edged mostly, I usually don't farm for enough Boost Runes, plus most characters don't get a 3rd slot until Level 55) unless they have specific roles like being a tank (Goesch, Dinn, Gavaya) in which case I'd give them Firefly, a healer in which case I'd give them Shield/Magic Absorb, or a magician (mostly Bern or Levi because they have the best potential) in which case I would give them Rage/Magic Absorb/Magical and +Fire affinity equips.

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Re: [Discussion] Member Recommended Parties with Reasoning

Postby Gantetsu86 » Sun Apr 04, 2010 7:52 am

My first time playing this i went with


I gave Isabel Fury/Crazed/Boost setup and she would destroy everything in her path, I used a similar setup with Goesch and with a maxed mow down skill he takes out a group of enemies every battle.

For the prince i gave him a Mother Earth Rune and a power rune along with the dawn run to make him the ultimate defensive mage, I gave lyon a multi-strike rune and fury along with twilight because she is better physical than magical. I gave nelis a magical and magic absorb and kept the rage rune she came with, bernadette was my healer but i also gave her a thunder and magical rune to giver her some magical offense when she didnt need to heal.
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Re: [Discussion] Member Recommended Parties with Reasoning

Postby meong » Sun Sep 12, 2010 6:46 am

before beating the game i have done some research to find best - of the best - of the best fighter, and final result goes the "Blade Master" Richard, just because the look, don't think he's weak. you should try to max his ability. what the best from him? evade,counter and combo. almost every physical attack never touch him (about 95% i think), and guaranty to counter if in close range. also often do combo, critical and continues attack (attack more than 1 enemy in single turn) better than lyon. attack power isn't good compare to georg but still count as quite good. the only minus are his poor magic defense, well he's not magician, pure fighter, so only available 2 slot rune (1 fixed).

my Richard Setup:
Armor - anything that raise evade
Rune - Killer Rune
Skill - (S) Agility (SS) Triple Harmony

the rest party are Quen Knight, they are made Quenn knight because they are very good.
Galeon - Best Defense
kyle - very Good Balance of defense, attack and magic
george - Deadly Critical attack
lyon&miakis - good fighter and magic
prince - just because it's must

galeon or Richard side with georg and kyle for attack and defense,rear line lyon and miakis for attack and magic support. Invicible group.

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Re: [Discussion] Member Recommended Parties with Reasoning

Postby HarHar_0016 » Wed Feb 16, 2011 4:58 am

nikea . because of her rune + best attack
gavaya . good coop attack w/ nikea + best defense
zerase . strong magic + star rune
josephine / lun . becuase their cute + backup magicians / or anyone who has shield rune for healing and defense

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Re: [Discussion] Member Recommended Parties with Reasoning

Postby jonathan_priest » Fri Aug 12, 2011 9:09 am

Sadly, as much as I like Georg, I never take him into the final battle because of his abmisal magic defense stat. First time in New Game + I used him and I had to heal him every time. Same with Zegai and Belcoot. I gave Zegai power + double strike and let him us his Wrath rune to fury himself, he'd do 3000+ damage every hit. He just got taken out of the fight in the second round and I'd have to heal him up.

My party:

Prince - because you kind of have to, but he's still a solid fighter.
Lyon - Again, you kind of have to, but again, no real complains in the fighting department.
Miakis - She always goes into the final battle. Use her as backup healer behind Prince+Lyon's rune combo. She's amazingly fast, durable, agile and has a good chance of instant kill if you give her the Killer Rune. That, and she's one of my all-time favorite Suikoden characters period.
Zerase - With the Star Rune + Magical Rune she does massive damage to all enemies with the Comet spell. Give her a Magical absorb, max her magic stats and magical rings and she's a powerhouse on the battlefield.

These four are the primaries, the others tend to change depending on my mood. Others I use are...
Rahal - Strong fighter and mage. Drop his Flowing Sword Rune and give him a Flowing Rune and he's a strong magic user. Fairly quick, strong attack and good defense and magic make him well-rounded.
Kyle - Similar to Rahal, I think he's got a little better stats. I generally give him a Cyclone Rune for max damage.
Gesche - For being a farmer, this dude can dish out a ton of damage. Give him the Windspun gear and his speed is comparable to the Prince. Unlike a lot of other tanks, he seems to have good magic defense as well, so I didn't have to revive him every round.
Cathari - What she lacks in multi-hit opportunities, she makes up for in sheer power. Give her a Double-Strike + Power rune and its bye bye enemies.
Viki - Give her a Pale Gate Rune or Cyclone Rune, with her chance of double casting it can be brutal.
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Re: [Discussion] Member Recommended Parties with Reasoning

Postby Punkaiser » Thu Jan 26, 2012 6:35 am

I've checked out several chars and end up with these guys :

Prince: sun set - double edge + boost rune - Untold clarity A + Royal Paradise SS
Miakis: double edge+ boost+ power rune - Attack S + Triple Harmony A
These two deal 4.4k-5k non critical damage (but they actually critical hit a lot) to sun rune incarnation with their unite

Isabel: samurai set - double edge + boost rune - Triple Harmony S + Vitality A
Mathias: samurai set - double edge+ boost+ power rune - Attack A
Their unite deal 5.9k-6.4k non cri to final boss

They are 4 chars which are always present in my party(Lyon swapped to reverse). Their reliable damage dealt is 11k non critical to Sun Rune Incarnation.

From time to time, i often pick the rest 2 out of this group:

Nick: double edge+ boost+ power/crazed rune - Agi S + Triple Harmony SS =>agile+ hit hard+3 multi hits
Nakula: Samurai set - double edge+ boost+ power/crazed rune - Vit A => hit hard+pierce+high critical+possible 2 multi hits
Killey: double edge+ boost+ power - Attack A =>hit hard+long range+high cri by default
Gavaya: Samurai set - double edge+ boost+ power/crazed rune - Vit A => hit hard+freeze+high critical+possible 3 multi hits
Yahr: Samurai set - boost+fury rune - Attack A + Vit B => unlimited Angry Dragon + high cri + possibly 2-3 multi hits
Combo Georg(boost rune-Untold Clarity SS)/Kyle(double edge+ boost+ power rune - Attack S + Agi S)
Damage output from this co-op varies alot since it depends heavily on Georg's critical performance, so the range is around 3k-7k on final boss
Isato: double edge+ boost+ power - Attack B => lesser version of Killey
Urda: double edge+ boost+ power - Attack A => lesser version of Killey

With any of 2 chars or combo there, final boss is done for within 1 turn in 100% possibility. Normally, I prefer reliable damage over chance, that's why i don't include Richard and Belcoot..etc...who rely alot on cri/multihits to deal a decent amount of damage.
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Re: [Discussion] Member Recommended Parties with Reasoning

Postby KFCrispy » Thu Jan 26, 2012 4:36 pm

jonathan_priest wrote:Sadly, as much as I like Georg, I never take him into the final battle because of his abmisal magic defense stat. First time in New Game + I used him and I had to heal him every time.

try giving the poor MDF characters resistance boosts in Sun - the Poncho and Pointy Hat from Lordlake will greatly reduce Sun magic damage. obviously that will make him weaker to physical attacks but at least the damage per round will be moderate instead of instant KO :)

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Re: [Discussion] Member Recommended Parties with Reasoning

Postby Tir_McDohl » Tue Jan 10, 2017 8:38 pm

I like the arrow formation

Front: Richard: consitently hits two to three times
or Zegai: Takes away huge HP with his hits when he doesnt miss. you can also use him to train while in the final stage

Prince: Dawn runes decent, I equip him with a Thunder rune as well
Lyon: has Twighlight rune and combo attack both physical and magical with Prince
or Miakis:

Zweig: a balance between magic and attack.
Zerase: the best Magician in the game
I also bring along Viki and Jeane for back up magicians

Kyle: I bring for another backup he has a balance between magic use and attack power

I will finish this up when I can get back on the game

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