[Discussion] Reviews and Opinions of Suikoden Tactics

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Re: [Discussion] Reviews and Opinions of Suikoden Tactics

Postby Sasarai10 » Fri Oct 12, 2012 4:03 pm

Yeah,that's what i'm doing right now...i want to rush the game,without recruiting anyone,or do any quests,in order to have a picture of this game....of course i gave it another try,and i started to realise how to move...it's quite difficult though since i need 3-4 times to play each battle in order to win,and already lost 2 characters in battle.

Btw,is it my idea or ST is very short?

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Re: [Discussion] Reviews and Opinions of Suikoden Tactics

Postby ragnarok » Fri Sep 02, 2016 12:57 pm

warning: a lot of spoilers
the good: the gameplay. for me srpg is by default more challenging and fun. so no complaints here.

the bad: the story is atrocious. everything is forced and doesn't make sense. why the heroes didn't capture iskas when he first showed up in kooluk, considering the heroes have known that he was buying and selling rune cannons. why the remaining kooluk royal family let a little girl be a decision maker. Is this really a suikoden game? because suikoden is known for compelling stories about bloody political intrigues.

the worst: personality of some returning characters are ruined. In Suikoden 4 Dario was stereotype of a sailor with a drinking problem and a comic relief. he is a competent guy who runs into a lot of problems and make stupid decision because he was always under the influence of alcohol. in tactics he is total butt of jokes. he became a thief who steals food from the ration and he got easily defeated by his 11 year old son in a duel.

In suikoden 4, Kika is a bad ass pirate captain. in tactics the writer insisted to reveal that Kika didn't build everything by her own effort, everything was handed down to her. the fearsome looking ship grished that she proudly announced to ber hers in suikoden 4, well turned out that it was not intended to show her personality. Grished used to belong to her boyfriend. which means yup, she only assumed the position of captain because her dead bf was the past captain. In my opinion the game could still have a tragic coffin scene without ruining kika's character by simply showing that Edgar's ship wasn't Grished.

my question is why the hell one of the strongest character in suikoden 4 wasn't included in attacking steele? turned out that this version of Kika is not that strong. she wasn't able to defend her HQ from an attack by a small unit of kooluk army who successfully stole her cannons. I kept hoping that the game would reveal that Kika let Roget stole her cannons so that she can track him down to his hideout. unfortunately the twist didn't happen

suikoden tactics unwittingly questioned the whole premise of Kika as an awesome character. got a feeling that she gets by based on the reputation of her dead bf and because Brandeau was still out there protecting her.

In suikoden 4,the dialogues played in shadow world on the way to fight shadow Brandeau only about Edgar promising to Kika that he will survive the fight against steele it didn't mean that she had to be his subordinate.
This version of kika is also an emotional mess that needs to be a barnacle and tell her personal problems to Sigurd. very far fetched from the chill and cool suikoden 4 Kika

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Re: [Discussion] Reviews and Opinions of Suikoden Tactics

Postby Dario_the_Great » Thu Apr 27, 2017 2:51 am

It's amazing that they were able to make Brandeau such a sympathetic character in hindsight. He's a pretty generic macguffin delivery person in IV but the death of Edgar, the cursing of Brandeau and the disfigurement of Peck just hammer home the effect that it had on the psyche of Brandeau. He blames himself for Edgar dying and he knows that he could never return to his friends and allies because he a) wasn't worthy and b) was a threat to them. So he & Peck have to go at it on their own and it'll eventually drive Brandeau insane.

edit: I'm just happy that Konami made a Suikoden that you can't sleepwalk through 90% of the game because of how easy it is. It's not as difficult as something like Fire Emblem 4-6 but it hits a nice balance where you can generally blame yourself for failures instead of the game just feeling malicious.

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Re: [Discussion] Reviews and Opinions of Suikoden Tactics

Postby KFCrispy » Mon Aug 20, 2018 11:13 am

While the independent story for this game is subpar, it fills in a lot of details to Suikoden IV (like why you fight so many fishmen in that game lol) and made the returning characters from IV actually memorable.

However, I really enjoyed learning the battle system in this game and the challenge and simply wish the game was a little longer and had even more optional challenges. Most of the time, tactics games are not too interesting to me because of how overly complicated they get--this is a nice balance for me, as you don't have to worry about building a character a right or wrong way and just level each up to see their strengths and weaknesses. This encouraged using the varied cast as opposed to building specific characters to get ridiculously broken, although the objectively inferior characters did get left behind. I really liked the sprites, enemies, actions (strictly Suikoden-themed; expansion of weapon runes and translation of the elemental runes for Tactics) and maps as opposed to the weird "running in place" sprites and actions (throw rock, what?) from Final Fantasy Tactics. The elemental tile system worked really well in relation to the Suikoverse Runes, and Sword of Magic was actually cool.

I would love to see another Tactics-style spin-off (and of course, Suikoden VI... RIP Suikoden) that further expands the lore without necessarily being a full-fledged 108 SoD game.

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