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All Good Will Conversations

Postby Rogue » Sat Jan 18, 2014 6:58 am

Before you read on, I'd like to make a note of a few things, so please read this before proceeding.

Keepers of the Flame would have a field day with this one. While I wouldn't say this script was horrendously translated, they sure took a lot of creative liberties with it. While we were gathering, we compared them to the Japanese script (which is in the back of the Rhapsodia Final Archives book) and saw some things were indeed changed. How much of it, I can't say since I'm no pro when it comes to translating things. And while I understand sometimes it's necessary to take some privileges when translating Japanese to English, there were some I felt were unnecessary.

For example, in the last conversation between Kika and Lazlo (where they discuss Lino's possible intentions of making him his heir), Kika's last line was supposed to be silence. However, in the English script, she responds with "It was just a thought..." And there were some other instances of that as well.

Now, while those aren't too bad, I also feel Jewel's second conversation with Lazlo was mistranslated. She says it was Kyril's group that defeated Brandeau, but those who've played SuikoIV know that's blatantly false. Looking at the Jp line, I'm thinking she was supposed to say something along the lines of just pointing out Brandeau and Glen died, and now Lazlo has the Rune that killed them both. Then go on to say they're all connected through something. (Or it really could've been a script error, since my Japanese really is rubbish at this point.)
I think Tal calling Snowe "kid" is wrong as well. In the Jp script, he calls him "bocchan" which is "young master." It fits better in context of things, and was also what he called he used to call him in SuikoIV, but eh, I dunno.

Also, it seems Keneth comes to us in this game with a mild case of Typo Syndrome, since nearly every time he interacted with someone, there was some very odd wording, or some sort of typo.

That all out of the way, here they are. These are all verbatim from the game, double-triple checked and formatted the same way as in the Final Archives book. (We even put in the pre-unite conversations. Although, disappointed to find out some characters like Karl, Gretchen, Ameria, and Lalacle didn't have any...) I'm also including a link to the Jp script if anyone who knows Japanese far better wants to compare. (Be warned, some of them are out of order, according to the guide book I have.)

Finally, special thanks to my good friend Tobias, who put a lot of work and good time into collecting these. You're awesome, buddy!

Jp script


Andarc: Is there something wrong, Kyril?

Kyril: Umm... Not really...

Andarc: If there is, please let me know. I will help as best as I can.

Kyril: Gotcha. Thanks. You shouldn't overdo it either, Andarc.

Andarc: No, no! It's my duty to assist you, Kyril...

Kyril: Hey, Andarc...

Andarc: Yes?

Kyril: How long has Yohn been with us? Do you know?

Andarc: Hmm... I apologize. I'm not sure. But I do remember that when I first began to work for Walter, Yohn was already with him.

Kyril: Really? Must have been a long time ago...

Andarc: Yes... After all, it has been quite a while even since Seneca and I joined Walter.

Kyril: Hey, Andarc...

Andarc: What is it, Kyril?

Kyril: Am I doing the right thing? I mean, do you think I'm fulfilling the promise I made to my father? What if we're just wandering around?

Andarc: It may seem like we're lost from day to day, but the important thing is that we're looking, Kyril.

Kyril: Yeah... Okay. Thanks.

Kyril: You know, Andarc, you should really take a break every once in a while.

Andarc: Maybe so, but when I think about what I did to Walter... I can't have made amends, not yet.

Kyril: Andarc, you've done enough already! You're the best companion I could hope to have, I mean it.

Andarc: Well... if you say so... I try.

Andarc: Kyril, if I ever grow lax in my duties, please don't hesitate to scold me.

Kyril: What are you talking about? Nobody works as hard as you!

Andarc: I just wish that I could take back that one mistake...

Kyril: Are you forgetting that you saved my life? That you did what you had to do??

Andarc: Kyril...

Kyril: You're doing a great job, Andarc. I couldn't do this without you.

Andarc: And I intend to continue doing the best that I possibly can!

Kyril: Thanks. But, please, take it easy every once in a while, too. Okay?

Andarc: Got it. I'll try as hard as possible to relax from now on.

Kyril: Umm... I don't think... Oh, never mind.


Seneca: Kyril, how are you feeling?

Kyril: Not as well as before...but I'll be okay. Sorry for worrying you all.

Seneca: Don't sweat it!

Kyril: Hey, Seneca... How many years has it been since you first joined us?

Seneca: Umm... Lessee...

Kyril: ?

Seneca: Hey, does it really matter how many years it's been?

Kyril: No, I guess not... I was just curious.

Seneca: Good. (How many years has it been, anyway? I've been getting older all this time?)

Seneca: Hey, Kyril, did you know that Andarc keeps a diary?

Kyril: No kidding!

Seneca: Well, that's what it looks like. I haven't actually read it.

Kyril: Does it bug you, Seneca?

Seneca: Huh? What do you mean?

Kyril: I mean, are you dying to know what's written in there or something?

Seneca: No! Don't be silly! I could hardly care less about it.

Kyril: Want me to ask Andarc for you?

Seneca: No! Don't you dare!

Kyril: Heh heh... If you say so...

Seneca: Hey, Kyril, you sure have come a long way with your fighting skills.

Kyril: Do you really think so?

Seneca: Definitely. But you know, it's important to take a break every now and then, too.

Kyril: I know... Seneca, you're just like a mo- -err, uh, a big sister sometimes!

Seneca: What were you going to say?!

Kyril: Uh, I mean, you're like my big sister sometimes! You know what I meant...

Seneca: Oh. I see. I guess I am, huh?

Kyril: Hey, Seneca... What do you plan on doing after we destroy the last of the Rune Cannons?

Seneca: Huh? Afterwards? I haven't thought much about it, really...

Kyril: Yeah...

Seneca: But Andarc did say he'd follow you for the rest of his life, so... If you don't mind, I'd like to do the same thing.

Kyril: Wow... Thank you.

Seneca: If you ever need help, you know I'm here.


Corselia: Kyril?

Kyril: Yes?

Corselia: Thank you for saving me.

Kyril: Oh, that... Don't mention it! You aren't hurt, are you?

Corselia: No, I'm fine... Thanks.

Corselia: Hey, Kyril.

Kyril: Hey, Corselia.

Corselia: Seneca's such a good person, don't you think? She's taught me so many things...

Kyril: Such as?

Corselia: Well, growing up as royalty, all your meals are prepared for you. So she's taught me how to cook... How to conserve water while washing clothes...

Kyril: Heh, yeah... There's more to Seneca than just being a crack shot with a crossbow.

Corselia: Plus, she taught me how to tease Andarc...

Kyril: I think that might be her speciality...

Kyril: Hey, Corselia, has anyone ever taught you how to use magic?

Corselia: Yes, but just the theory... No one thought I'd ever really have to use it.

Kyril: So your magical abilities must come from natural talent, huh?

Corselia: But everyone here's so good at what they do! I have to keep working hard so that I don't slow you all down.

Kyril: Corselia... Are you all right? You sure you aren't tired?

Corselia: Kyril... Thanks for worrying about me, but I'm fine.

Kyril: Don't wear yourself out.

Corselia: I won't!

Corselia: You know, Kyril...

Kyril: Yeah?

Corselia: Your friends all get along so well together, don't they?

Kyril: Yeah... I guess they do.

Corselia: You mean you haven't even noticed before? You just took it for granted? Wow, and it makes me envy you so much, too!

Kyril: Hey, you're one of us, too, Corselia!

Corselia: I... I guess I am.


Kyril: You worked for the King of Obel for a long time, didn't you, Lazlo?

Lazlo: That's right. It was after the fighting between Kooluk and the Island Nations. I never had any particularly serious job, though. All I did was fish, patrol the coast, things like that.

Kyril: Really...

Lazlo: King Lino en Kuldes of Obel has been really good to me. I'm in his debt.

Kyril: You know Lady Kika and her crew as well, don't you, Lazlo?

Lazlo: Yeah, I've fought beside them before.

Kyril: Against the Kooluk?

Lazlo: Right.

Kyril: Really... So there must be other people here you've fought alongside, too, huh?

Lazlo: Yes, many. It actually makes me feel a bit nostalgic, being in a group like this.

Kyril: Wow...

Kyril: Hey, Lazlo, do you know much about Rune Cannons?

Lazlo: Rune Cannons? We used them all the time, but I don't really know that much about them, no.

Kyril: I heard you fought on a ship for a long time. Did anyone get sick or anything?

Lazlo: Not really, no.

Kyril: Huh.

Lazlo: The first thing they teach you about operating a Rune Cannon is to try not to stand near the muzzle for long, so...

Kyril: I see.

Kyril: Thanks for everything, Lazlo...

Lazlo: Huh? For what?

Kyril: Fighting alongside us all the time.

Lazlo: Don't mention it. After all, I feel the same way about things as you, Kyril. The Rune Cannons need to be destroyed.

Kyril: But weren't they a lot of use to you in naval battles and all that?

Lazlo: Maybe. But they almost got me killed a bunch of times, too. And after what happened to your father...

Kyril: Thank you. I really mean it.

Lazlo: Oh, yeah... Kyril?

Kyril: What?

Lazlo: After this fighting ends, you'll have to come hang out in Obel.

Kyril: In Obel?

Lazlo: You haven't had a chance to really see the place, have you? It's a beautiful, fantastic island. I'll show you around!

Kyril: You got it! I'm looking forward to it.


Seneca: Andarc...

Andarc: …

Seneca: Hey, you! Andarc!

Andarc: Wha- -?! What do you want?

Seneca: Aren't you a little tense lately?

Andarc: N-None of your business!

Seneca: Hey, I'm just worried about you...

Andarc: Yeah, I know... Sorry.

Seneca: Not that you're ever not tense, I guess...

Seneca: Hmph.

Andarc: What's wrong?

Seneca: Don't you think we're too busy lately?

Andarc: Well, I prefer getting about this much exercise, myself...

Seneca: You're a strange guy, Andarc.

Andarc: What do you mean by that?

Seneca: Oh, shush, it's a compliment.

Andarc: Are you sure?

Seneca: I was thinking, Andarc...

Andarc: Er, what?

Seneca: You've seen a lot of things and taken a lot of notes, haven't you?

Andarc: Yes, I get nervous if I can't keep a record of everything...

Seneca: You can't scribble every little detail of life into your little journal, you know.

Andarc: Well, of course. But it helps me remember it all. There's nothing wrong with having a hobby, is there?

Seneca: True, true. But sometimes talking with people can refresh your memory, too...

Seneca: Hey, Andarc.

Andarc: Yes?

Seneca: Kyril really has grown into a strong young man lately, don't you think?

Andarc: Hmm... Indeed, he has.

Seneca: He probably won't need our help for much longer.

Andarc: What?! Even if he says he doesn't need my help anymore, I swore that I would be loyal for the rest of my life!

Seneca: Sheesh, I know, already! I was kidding. Sort of. But... Well... I think I'll stick with him, too.

Seneca: I like the change I'm seeing in you recently, Andarc.

Andarc: What do you mean?

Seneca: You're not as, I dunno... "dark" as you used to be. You're not so obsessed anymore.

Andarc: What?! Please don't think I'm just cavorting around, having the time of my life! I still reflect on my past mistakes...

Seneca: No, that's not what I meant at all! It's just... I was just trying to pay you a compliment, you big dummy.


Corselia: Andarc, can I have a word with you?

Andarc: Yes, what is it?

Corselia: I just wanted to thank you for rescuing me.

Andarc: No, no... Kyril is the one you should thank.

Corselia: I wanted to thank you too, Andarc.

Andarc: Really? Well... you're welcome.

Corselia: I feel like I can really count on you.

Andarc: Likewise.

Andarc: Corselia.

Corselia: Yes?

Andarc: You're holding your shoulders too tensely.

Corselia: Huh?

Andarc: I know that we are going through a lot, but you must learn to calm yourself.

Corselia: I'll...I'll try.

Corselia: Andarc.

Andarc: What?

Corselia: Your shoulders are a little tense.

Andarc: Really??

Corselia: Don't overdo it.

Andarc: Oh. Well. Umm...

Corselia: That's what you said to me earlier, anyway.

Andarc: What? I...I did?

Corselia: Tee hee! Yes, you did. I thought you never forgot anything! All right, let's get going.

Andarc: Corselia.

Corselia: Yes?

Andarc: You talk with Seneca a lot these days, don't you?

Corselia: Yes. She's teaching me all sorts of things.

Andarc: Remember, you don't have to listen to her if she says anything strange.

Corselia: Huh? She hasn't said anything all that strange!

Andarc: Really? Good...

Corselia: (Seneca was right. He's so serious...)

Corselia: Andarc...

Andarc: Yes?

Corselia: What are you guys planning on doing after all this is over?

Andarc: I'm not sure. Kyril will decide, and I will follow his lead.

Corselia: I see... I'd love to go with you guys...

Andarc: Really?

Corselia: Of course! We could travel the world...

Andarc: Hmmm... Well, I'm not sure that's on the schedule. We might need a break.


Andarc: Long time no see, Coop.

Coop: Yep.

Andarc: How are things with Scarlet Moon?

Coop: Same as always. I still can't believe Walter died, though.

Andarc: …

Coop: Aw, shoot... Sorry, I didn't mean it to sound like that.

Andarc: Yeah, I know.

Coop: Fighting together like this really brings back those National Academy days.

Andarc: It does.

Coop: Everything was so much simpler back then. All I cared about was training.

Andarc: Yeah, I know what you mean...

Coop: Sorry, no sense focusing on the past.

Andarc: It's okay. It's just between you and me.

Coop: Thanks. Let my guard too far down, there. I'd be in serious trouble if Heinz heard me say that kinda thing.

Andarc: Yeah. Heinz doesn't strike me as much of a forgiving fellow...

Andarc: How are you faring, Coop?

Coop: Same as always. Heinz is always on my case. Says I'm “sloppy”!

Andarc: That's Heinz for you. I hate to say it, but I don't really get along with him.

Coop: I'm not exactly offended.

Andarc: I can't believe that he and Walter were doing the same job.

Coop: Walter was a good man.

Andarc: He was truly worthy of respect.

Coop: You're lucky to have worked with him.

Andarc: Coop...

Coop: What's up?

Andarc: I'm sorry I never told Scarlet Moon about what happened to Walter.

Coop: I heard Walter was kicked out of Scarlet Moon. I don't think anybody back home was really worrying about him.

Andarc: Really? He rarely talked about the past...

Andarc: Coop.

Coop: What, Andarc?

Andarc: What are you planning on doing after this fighting calms down?

Coop: Hmmm... I haven't thought about it yet.

Andarc: Want to go with us?

Coop: ...I'll think about it when the time comes.

Andarc: Very well.


Andarc: Roget.

Roget: What?

Andarc: I'm not as easy as Kyril. I don't completely trust you yet.

Roget: Ha! You're a frank one, aren't ya? Fine, then. Keep an eye on me!

Andarc: That's exactly what I'll be doing.

Roget: Hey, Andarc, ol' buddy!

Andarc: Any way you could address me a little less informally?

Roget: Does it really matter how I talk?

Andarc: Yes. It does.

Roget: All right, all right...

Roget: So tell me, Andarc! Do you trust me now? Just a little?

Andarc: I'd say I have a sliver's worth of trust for you right now.

Roget: Hey, that's great!

Andarc: I'm not about to let my guard down just yet. I'm still watching you.

Roget: I can't believe you said that right to my face! You've got a lotta nerve... Whatever. Keep watching me, then.

Andarc: I plan to.

Roget: Hey, Andarc.

Andarc: What is it?

Roget: I was wondering... How old is Seneca?

Andarc: ! Umm...

Roget: You know, don't you? Come on, tell me.

Andarc: Sorry, but... Why do you want to know, anyway?!

Roget: Aw, man... What, is she in charge of you now?

Andarc: N-No! That's not it. But if she finds out I told you, there will be hell to pay. So, I cannot.

Roget: Ha! She's got you wrapped around her finger.

Andarc: L-Leave me alone!

Andarc: Roget...

Roget: Hey.

Andarc: You know...I have grown to trust you quite a lot.

Roget: Huh? Well, it's about time!

Andarc: Yes. Please don't let me down.

Roget: Sure! You can count on me!

Andarc: Oh, yes. There is one thing, though.

Roget: What now?

Andarc: I still disapprove of your informal manner of speaking.

Roget: All right, all right...


Corselia: Seneca, may I have a word with you?

Seneca: Yes?

Corselia: Umm... I haven't said this properly yet...

Seneca: ?

Corselia: Thank you for saving me when my life was in danger!

Seneca: Oh, that? That's just Kyril for you. It's second nature to him.

Corselia: But I wanted to thank everyone properly...

Seneca: Then allow me to thank you, too.

Corselia: Huh?

Seneca: Thanks for sticking with us, Corselia.

Corselia: Y-You're welcome!

Seneca: All right, time to go.

Corselia: Okay!

Seneca: Corselia.

Corselia: Hmmm?

Seneca: Take a deep breath...

Corselia: ...Like this?

Seneca: Perfect. Slowly...let it out. How do you feel? A little less tense?

Corselia: Ahh... Yeah, that's better.

Seneca: We can't let our guard down, but staying tense all the time is bad for your body.

Corselia: Gotcha. Thank you!

Seneca: Corselia.

Corselia: Yes?

Seneca: Your posture's still so tense...

Corselia: *sigh*

Seneca: That reminds me of how Kyril used to be, a long time ago.

Corselia: Really? Was he very nervous or something?

Seneca: Well, his circumstances were special... But if you can't relax a little as a kid, when can you?

Seneca: Hey... Your mother really is beautiful, Corselia.


Seneca: Yes. Very graceful and refined.

Corselia: But she went with that slimy Iskas...

Seneca: Don't worry. Next time you see her, I'm sure you'll sort it all out.

Corselia: Yeah... We'll definitely have a lot to talk about next time we meet.

Corselia: Seneca...

Seneca: What is it, Corselia?

Corselia: What do you plan on doing after we destroy all of the Rune Cannons?

Seneca: It's hard to think that far ahead... I should probably drop by my home...

Corselia: ...Good point. I guess everyone will be going back home.

Seneca: ...A-ha! Corselia, you have a crush on Kyril, don't you?

Corselia: ! You're kidding!

Seneca: Oh, my, you're blushing!

Corselia: I'm just... wondering what everyone's gonna do.

Seneca: Sure, sure. Whatever you say. Well, no one knows what'll happen tomorrow.

Corselia: Okay... You're right. Who knows what the future will bring?


Seneca: Princess Flare... That's what I should call you, right?

Flare: Please, just call me “Flare.”

Seneca: “Flare”... No, I can't! I may be forward, but even I can't be that familiar with a real princess!

Flare: Okay, how about “Miss Flare”?

Seneca: No...

Flare: Fine, you can call me “Princess Flare” if it makes you comfortable. But please, just call me “Flare” when it feels right.

Seneca: Okay, I'll do that. But I don't think calling you just “Flare” will ever feel right.

Seneca: Princess Flare.

Flare: *sigh* What is it?

Seneca: Don't you think the King of Obel will be mad that you, the princess herself, had to fight?

Flare: I wouldn't worry about it.

Seneca: Princess Flare.

Flare: *sigh* Enough with the “Princess” Flare! Please...

Seneca: Oh, I'm sorry... But it still worries me to have you fighting like this. Are you really sure that the king won't be mad about it later?

Flare: Yes, I'm sure. My whole family fights like this.

Seneca: Really??

Flare: Ha ha, believe it... Come on, let's go!

Flare: Hey, Seneca, is it easy to shoot arrows with that bow gun of yours?

Seneca: This thing? Yes, for the most part... But it's kind of a pain, 'cause you have to adjust it all the time. And it's always breaking.

Flare: Hmm... Really. Can I check it out sometime?

Seneca: Sure.

Flare: Hey, Seneca...

Seneca: Hi Flare!

Flare: Well, look at you, all informal... I'm really glad that I've had this chance to work with all of you.

Seneca: Likewise!

Flare: I thought I knew all there was to know about Kooluk... But I didn't know anything. Being with all of you helped realize that.

Seneca: …

Flare: Once again, I'd like to thank you, Seneca. And everyone. Thank you...

Seneca: You don't need to thank us... In fact, we should be thanking you, Flare, for all your help.


Seneca: Frederica, what did you do during your time in Scarlet Moon?

Frederica: Nothing special... I love books, so I tried to read during every spare moment.

Seneca: Really?

Frederica: Yeah. That's all I wanted to do.

Seneca: …

Frederica: Seneca...

Seneca: Yes?

Frederica: I hope we can destroy all of the Rune Cannons soon.

Seneca: Yes, me too. As long as we all keep working together, it'll happen.

Frederica: Well, I'm not going anywhere until we're finished.

Frederica: I was wondering...

Seneca: About what?

Frederica: That “Yohn” that follows Kyril around... What is she?

Seneca: Hmmm... I'm not really sure, myself. I think she used to work for Kyril's father.

Frederica: Really... She's fascinating. So mysterious.

Seneca: But, wherever she came from, she's one of us now, right?

Frederica: Yes, of course.

Seneca: Huh? Hey, Frederica, where'd you get that injury?

Frederica: Oh, that... I smashed into a rock. It's fine, though. It's already healing.

Seneca: Ouch... You should have told me about it. I would have fixed you up on the spot.

Frederica: This little thing? Not worth the bother!

Seneca: Oh, whatever! Next time, tell me right away!

Frederica: Okay, okay. I'll tell you.

Frederica: Seneca.

Seneca: What's up?

Frederica: Having friends is... not so bad, is it?

Seneca: Huh? Why are you saying that all of a sudden?

Frederica: It just hit me, that's all.

Seneca: …

Frederica: I've spent so much time alone up until now. Books have always kept me company. Sometimes, being in a group like this makes me feel all... sentimental. Sorry.

Seneca: There's no need to apologize. If you ever need anything at all, don't hesitate to mention it, Frederica. It doesn't matter how small.

Frederica: Okay...

Seneca: All right, let's get going!

Frederica: Right!


Ornela: Princess Corselia.

Corselia: Yes, Aunt Ornela?

Ornela: Are you all right? You aren't injured anywhere, are you?

Corselia: No. I'm just fine, thank you.

Ornela: Princess Corselia.

Corselia: Yes?

Ornela: They're not forcing you into doing anything drastic, are they?

Corselia: No, they aren't. Don't worry, I'll be fine.

Ornela: But... This is such a rough crowd...

Corselia: It's okay. I'm learning all the time!

Ornela: Very well... but please be safe.

Ornela: Princess Corselia! Your hands!

Corselia: What, this? I did a lot of laundry yesterday. My hands chafed a little bit...

Ornela: Princess Corselia! You did... laundry??

Corselia: It's a great stress reliever! You should give it a try, Aunt Ornela.

Ornela: Who made you do such a thing?! I'm going to have a word with them...

Corselia: Wait, Aunt Ornela! It was my idea! I liked it!

Ornela: …

Corselia: Don't you dare speak to anyone!

Ornela: U-Understood...

Corselia: Doing the laundry isn't that bad... You should try it with me sometime!

Ornela: If... that is your command...

Ornela: Princess Corselia...

Corselia: Yes?

Ornela: Times have been so difficult lately... You're not overdoing things, are you?

Corselia: I'm fine... I have Kyril and everyone to help me.

Ornela: …

Corselia: And besides... When I'm not doing anything, my mind wanders to all sorts of things. I feel better if I can keep moving. It takes my mind off my problems.

Ornela: I see.

Ornela: Princess Corselia...

Corselia: Yes?

Ornela: Doing laundry... I suppose it's not the mindless drudgery I imagined it to be.

Corselia: Didn't I tell you? You get rid of the dirt, dry it out, and it's clean again... It's fun, I think.

Ornela: Still, I wouldn't consider it for a life career or anything. After all, you're a princess...

Corselia: I know, I know... Don't worry, I'm thinking about my future and the country and all the important things I should.

Ornela: I wouldn't expect anything less from you, dear.


Corselia: Uncle Busk.

Busk: What do you need, Princess Corselia?

Corselia: Is Aunt Ornela putting you through the wringer, as usual?

Busk: Is she...? Well... Kind of...

Corselia: I can tell... Hee hee...

Busk: Princess Corselia.

Corselia: Yes?

Busk: How long do we have to stay with this lot, anyhow? Let's just run away!

Corselia: Uncle Busk...

Busk: Yes?

Corselia: If you want to run away, you can go by yourself. I'm staying.

Busk: What? But... you... Well, then... Please forget I ever mentioned this.

Corselia: I'll do just that.

Busk: *gulp*

Busk: I was just thinking...

Corselia: What is it, Uncle Busk?

Busk: You really remind me of your mother lately, Princess Corselia.

Corselia: I do? How?

Busk: How can I describe it...? Sort of an overall...

Corselia: Uncle Busk...

Busk: Yes, my Princess?

Corselia: Even though you're brother and sister, you and Aunt Ornela aren't very much alike, are you?

Busk: Hmm... You know... I think you're on to something.

Busk: Princess Corselia.

Corselia: Yes?

Busk: I've finally made up my mind. I have no desire to run away any longer. Let's fight to the end!

Corselia: …

Busk: Don't you agree?

Corselia:It's a little late to be saying something like that!

Busk: Uh... Yes... Sorry...


Corselia: Flare...

Flare: Yes?

Corselia: Flare, you're a princess of the Kingdom of Obel, right?

Flare: Yes.

Corselia: Won't they be mad at you for joining us in battle?

Flare: Oh, please... Everyone's worried about that, but it'll be fine.

Corselia: Are you sure?

Flare: Hey, Corselia.

Corselia: What is it?

Flare: Do you think things are tough all around Kooluk?

Corselia: What do you mean?

Flare: That's how it looked to me...

Corselia: ...

Corselia: Flare...

Flare: What is it?

Corselia: You said things are tough in Kooluk these days, didn't you?

Flare: Of course. But that's just how things look. I don't want to make assumptions. It just seems that people in the streets are so... down. Don't you think?

Corselia: Crops have been poor lately... The food situation is pretty bad.

Flare: I see... So things really have taken a turn for the worse.

Flare: Corselia...

Corselia: Yes?

Flare: I hate all this fighting. I mean, I'm not bad at it, but all the killing...

Corselia: I know what you mean.

Flare: I wish, for one single day, we could all put down our weapons and just spend some time at the beach.

Corselia: Yeah...

Flare: Corselia, I was wondering...

Corselia: Yes?

Flare: What do you think the relationship between Kooluk and the Island Nations will be like now?

Corselia: I'm not sure... I just hope that everyone chooses the best road ahead for Kooluk, and for all the nations around it.

Flare: I agree. I really and truly agree.


Millay: You're not hurt, are you?

Corselia: No, but thank you.

Millay: My name is Millay. I have been ordered by the King of Obel to help Kyril and his associates.

Corselia: Oh, I'm Corselia. Nice to meet you.

Millay: The pleasure is all mine.

Corselia: Millay, have you been training with the sword since you were a child?

Millay: No... Until the recent Island Liberation War, I only knew self-defense techniques. I learned real swordplay in battle, fighting with the Kooluk...

Corselia: That must have been rough...

Millay: Yes, it was, but it did help me get a job in the Kingdom of Obel.

Corselia: You're so strong, Millay. I hope I can learn a lot from you.

Millay: Corselia, you haven't been sleeping well lately, have you?

Corselia: How did you--

Milay: I can tell just by looking at you.

Corselia: … I've got so many things on my mind lately...

Millay: If you don't sleep properly, you'll have trouble concentrating during the day...

Corselia: You know, you're absolutely right... I'd better be careful.

Millay: Corselia.

Corselia: Yes?

Millay: I've talked it over with Kyril... I will be guarding you, Corselia. Well, just while you sleep at night. This way you'll be able to relax and get some rest.

Corselia: Oh my gosh. You don't have to. But if you want to... thank you.

Corselia: Millay?

Millay: What is it?

Corselia: What do you think of the Kooluk Empire?

Millay: That's a hard question... I'm not sure I should be the one to answer it, but... In the past, it was nothing but a hated enemy... But now... I can't truly hate them all.

Corselia: …

Millay: Sorry... I guess it really is a thorny issue for me.

Corselia: That's okay. Thanks for being honest.


Rita: Hey, hey. Hey!

Corselia: Um, what is it?

Rita: You look totally stressed out! Your cheeks are so... drawn!

Corselia: Well... What did you expect? We're fighting.

Rita: Yeah, but...

Corselia: Come on, time to go!

Rita: Okay!

Rita: Hey, guess what??

Corselia: What?

Rita: I thought of a great game! You should play it with me!

Corselia: Umm... okay, but only after the fighting is over.

Rita: Yeah. Okay, you promised!

Corselia: Rita...

Rita: Hi!

Corselia: That hammer of yours... Isn't it kind of heavy?

Rita: What, this? Of course it's heavy! But it wouldn't hurt the bad guys if it wasn't.

Corselia: That's true.

Rita: Wanna try holding it?

Corselia: Umm, no... No, thank you.

Corselia: Hey, Rita.

Rita: Hey, Corselia!

Corselia: That game we played last time...

Rita: Oh, that? Did you like it??

Corselia: Yeah, I did. I want to play again sometime soon. I want a rematch!

Rita: Hehehehe... You bet. You'll get the hang of it!

Rita: Hey, hey. Hey!

Corselia: Yes, what is it?

Rita: That game we played... What do you think I should call it?

Corselia: How about... “Turf War,” or something like that?

Rita: What?! That's too... criminal or something! Ewwww!

Corselia: Well, what were you thinking of...?

Rita: Hmm... … I've got it! I'll call it “Ritaland”!

Corselia: “Ritaland”...?

Rita: That's it! You call it that too from now on, okay, Corselia?

Corselia: Umm... Okay...


Kika: Hey, long time no see, Lazlo.

Lazlo: Yeah, it has been a while.

Kika: I never thought we'd fight together again.

Lazlo: Yeah... It's good to have you back.

Kika: Lazlo.

Lazlo: Yeah?

Kika: What happened to you afterwards, after all the trouble we went through? What's with the Rune on your hand?

Lazlo: It seems okay. I can use it... without collapsing, like I used to.

Kika: Well, I hope so. That's a relief to hear.

Lazlo: Hey, Kika.

Kika: Yeah?

Lazlo: How are things at the Nest of Pirates?

Kika: Well... there's no point in worrying about that now. The Rune Cannons were stolen by those Kooluk jerks... I plan on heading back right after we take care of this situation.

Lazlo: Yeah... We'd better take care of those Rune Cannons first.

Kika: Yeah, let's get back to it.

Kika: So, Lazlo, what have you been up to?

Lazlo: I've been serving under Lino... He lets me do whatever I want, pretty much. Mostly patrolling.

Kika: Ah... Well, you know how he is. He's probably planning something.

Kika: Hmm...

Lazlo: What is it?

Kika: Do you think the King of Obel might want to make you his heir?

Lazlo: What?!

Kika: That's probably why he's leaving the ocean around the Island Nations up to you. I bet you that's it.

Lazlo: You can't be serious. There's no way.

Kika: You don't think there's any chance?

Lazlo: Why would he do that? I have a cursed Rune.

Kika: Just a thought...


Keneth: Long time no see, Lazlo.

Lazlo: Yeah.

Keneth: I never thought I'd fight beside you again...

Lazlo: Yeah... Maybe one day we won't need to fight much any longer.

Keneth: Hey, Lazlo.

Lazlo: Yeah?

Keneth: That Rune on your left hand... Is it okay now?

Lazlo: This? It seems to be stable at the moment.

Keneth: Good... Don't push yourself, okay?

Lazlo: Yeah. I'll be fine.

Lazlo: Keneth... You're the Vice-Commander of the Knights of Razril, right?

Keneth: Yeah... that's my title, anyway. I haven't really earned it, yet.

Lazlo: I'm sure you're up to the task, Keneth.

Keneth: Well... all I can do is try.

Keneth: Do you work in the Kingdom of Obel, Lazlo?

Lazlo: Well, sort of. It's more like I'm an assistant to King Lino. I mostly patrol the coast.

Keneth: I see. There must be fewer pirates now that the Rune Cannons are disappearing, huh?

Lazlo: Yeah. But since I don't have a Rune Cannon now either, it means trouble when I come up against an enemy who does.

Keneth: Sounds extremely dangerous... Good luck with that.

Lazlo: You too, Keneth.

Keneth: Thanks.

Keneth: Hey Lazlo, you'll have to come visit Razril sometime.

Lazlo: Has it changed much?

Keneth: The streets are cleaner than before... But the Knights haven't changed. All that's changed is their name.

Lazlo: Hmm... I would like to see everyone in Razril again... Yeah, I'll pay a visit later.

Keneth: We'll be waiting!


Jewel: Hey, Lazlo!

Lazlo: Hi there, Jewel.

Jewel: It's been a while, hasn't it?

Lazlo: Sure has.

Jewel: Good luck to you!

Lazlo: Thanks. You too.

Jewel: Hey, Lazlo, did you hear?

Lazlo: Hear what?

Jewel: Kyril's group knew Pirate Brandeau!

Lazlo: No kidding. Well, they also know Kika. I guess that's how they knew him...

Jewel: Weird how we're all tied together, huh? They defeated Pirate Brandeau, and then Commander Glen died... And now someone here has the Rune of Punishment.

Lazlo: Yeah...

Jewel: So, now Lazlo is fighting alongside someone who knew Pirate Brandeau... Man, that's just crazy! I guess this was our destiny.

Jewel: Hey, Lazlo.

Lazlo: Yeah?

Jewel: Keneth sure has moved up in the world, huh?

Lazlo: Yeah... He's the Vice-Commander of the Knights of Razril, right?

Jewel: Well, I guess he was the most diligent one among us.

Lazlo: Strong, too.

Jewel: Yeah. I hope he keeps it up! Maybe he'll lead the Knights someday...

Jewel: Hey, Lazlo.

Lazlo: Yeah?

Jewel: Do you think we'll be able to destroy all of the Rune Cannons?

Lazlo: All we can do is keep trying.

Jewel: Yeah. Well... I, for one, am not gonna give up until every last one of 'em are taken out! All right, time to go!

Jewel: Lazlo.

Lazlo; Yes?

Jewel: Do you live in Obel now?

Lazlo: Yeah.

Jewel: I bet you're like a big shot there now, huh?

Lazlo: No, I'm not really interested in that sort of thing.

Jewel: You don't have to be coy with me! I know how everyone looks up to you!

Lazlo: No, really, it's not like that.

Jewel: Suuure.


Snowe: Lazlo.

Lazlo: Yes?

Snowe: I'm fighting well, aren't I?

Lazlo: Of course.

Snowe: Thanks. That's a relief to hear.

Snowe: Lazlo...

Lazlo; Yeah?

Snowe: I've done you wrong, haven't I? Kicking you out of Razril... Even giving you grief afterwards...

Lazlo: It's in the past now.

Snowe: I'm truly sorry.

Lazlo: It's all right. Really.

Snowe: Lazlo.

Lazlo: Snowe.

Snowe: Can you believe how horrible the Rune Cannons were?

Lazlo: I know... We'd better make sure to get them all.

Snowe: Yeah.

Lazlo: Snowe.

Snowe: Hello, Lazlo. How are things?

Lazlo: I'm hanging in there.

Snowe: Same here. You know... Helping Kyril's band reminds me of our days as trainees. Remember those days?

Lazlo: Yeah... I sure do.

Snowe: And look at us now! Come on, let's go!

Lazlo: Right with you.

Snowe: Hey, Lazlo.

Lazlo: After this fighting ends, I think I'll go take a vacation in Razril.

Snowe: Yeah? You really should, you know. There's a great new seafood restaurant. I'll take you there.

Lazlo: Thanks.


Tal: Hey, Lazlo!

Lazlo: Hi, Tal.

Tal: So how ya been, buddy?! Long time no see!

Lazlo: I've been okay. You look like you're doing well, too.

Tal: Heck yeah, you know it! Let's go smash up some cannons!

Lazlo: Right with you, Tal.

Tal: Lazlo.

Lazlo: Hey, Tal.

Tal: Word has it you've been out on an Obel ship all this time, fishing your heart out.

Lazlo: Yeah... That about sums it up.

Tal: Well, believe it or not, I've been doing the same thing over in Razril! We gotta go fishing together sometime! You, me, and the rest of the crew!

Lazlo: A big old fishing trip... Not a bad idea.

Tal: It's a plan, then!

Tal: Hey, hey, Lazlo.

Lazlo: Yeah?

Tal: Those Rune Cannons turned out to be a lot nastier than we thought, huh?

Lazlo: I know. I just can't believe that the muzzles are the most dangerous part!

Tal: Yeah...

Lazlo: Remember that huge Rune Cannon they had at Fort El-Eal? The one they used on Iluya Island? I'm really glad we destroyed that, now.

Tal: Oh, yeah! No kidding... If the Kooluk had really gone wild with it, we'd all be toast...

Lazlo: Right. It would have been seriously bad news for the islands.

Tal: That settles it, then. It's up to us to demolish every last Rune Cannon!

Tal: Oh! Hey, Lazlo.

Lazlo: Yeah?

Tal: Is your Rune of Punishment okay, now?

Lazlo: Yeah. It doesn't hurt when I use it anymore.

Tal: Man, you sure have been through a lot, huh?

Lazlo: Well, yeah... But I'm okay now.

Tal: Heya, Lazlo!

Lazlo: Hey there.

Tal: After all this is over, let's all get together for a big fishing derby!

Lazlo: Sure, sounds good.

Tal: All right, then! Let's do this thing!


Flare: Lazlo.

Lazlo: Hey!

Flare: How's it going?

Lazlo: Good, good. And you?

Flare: Just fine!

Flare: Lazlo...

Lazlo: Yes?

Flare: Kooluk is... It's completely different from what I expected.

Lazlo: …

Flare: I used to think that everyone in Kooluk was greedy, just a bunch of profiteers. I'm ashamed to say it, but that's all I thought they were.

Lazlo: Well, Kooluk did mount that invasion of the Island Nations unprovoked... So, I don't think it's so surprising that you felt that way about the whole kingdom...

Flare: Hey, Lazlo.

Lazlo: Yes?

Flare: Were you patrolling the sea all that time before you joined up with us?

Lazlo: Yeah.

Flare: But there haven't been that many pirates running around with Rune Cannons lately, have there?

Lazlo: Yeah, things have calmed down. That's probably why I spent most of the time fishing.

Flare: Heh... So you're a master fisherman these days?

Lazlo: I'm not too shabby.

Flare: Heh heh... Then you'll have to fish us up some dinner sometime!

Flare: Lazlo...

Lazlo: Yes?

Flare: It bothered me, so I asked a few people about it. You know, what they thought of Kooluk.

Lazlo: And?

Flare: Seems like everyone who hadn't seen the streets of Kooluk before joining Kyril was shocked when they finally did. They all say that Kooluk wasn't anything like they imagined.

Lazlo: Still, on the other hand... I don't think the Kooluk understand the countries around them, either. What it really is is a mutual lack of understanding.

Flare: Yeah. You're absolutely right.

Flare: Lazlo.

Lazlo: Yes?

Flare: Do you plan to keep working for my father even after this?

Lazlo: I'm not sure yet.

Flare: Well, you've always got a place on Obel.

Lazlo: There's the Rune on my left hand... I'm not sure what will happen to it.

Flare: My father would never drive you away because of that kind of thing!

Lazlo: No, he wouldn't... It's not like him.


Paula: Lazlo.

Lazlo: Hi, Paula. It's been a while.

Paula: It sure has. How've you been?

Lazlo: Not bad.

Paula: I have to admit -- I have mixed feelings about meeting up with people I've fought together with in the past.

Lazlo: Yeah... It's good to see them again, but... still...

Paula: Exactly...

Paula: How're you doing, Lazlo?

Lazlo: I'm fine! How about you, Paula?

Paula: I'm fine, thanks. Wow, Lazlo, we have so much catching up to do...

Lazlo: Yeah, so let's hurry up and finish this!

Paula: You got it!

Paula: Lazlo.

Lazlo: Hey.

Paula: So, have you been in the Kingdom of Obel ever since we defeated El-Eal?

Lazlo: Yeah. But I wasn't doing much. Just patrolling the coast, really.

Paula: I went home to Na-Nal Island myself, and I didn't do much either. The battle was over, you know?

Lazlo: Yeah. That's why we have to help Kyril now, so that it never happens again.

Paula: You're right. Let's get this done.

Paula: Whew...

Lazlo: What's wrong?

Paula: I... umm... I was up really late last night talking to Jewel. I'll have to try and stay focused.

Lazlo: That's right. Be careful, or you could get hurt.

Paula: Yes.

Lazlo: Paula.

Paula: Yes?

Lazlo: Would it be okay if I came over and had a chat with you guys sometime?

Paula: Of course! Everyone has a lot to talk about.


Lino: Hey there!

Lazlo: I joined up with Kyril's group, just as you commanded.

Lino: I see. Help him out in any way you can.

Lazlo: Understood.

Lino: So, how's it going?

Lazlo: No problems.

Lino: That's good to hear. Just don't overdo it, okay?

Lazlo: Understood.

Lino: How's that Rune of Punishment treating you? It doesn't hurt, does it?

Lazlo: No. It doesn't really bother me now, even when I use it.

Lino: I hope not...

Lino: Hey.

Lazlo: Yes?

Lino: The Rune of Punishment lets you see things about people who've had it in the past, right?

Lazlo: Yes. But... just a little. I've seen a few visions of Pirate Brandeau, and of someone who seemed to be the Queen of Obel...

Lino: Ah, my wife... Did she say anything?

Lazlo: No... She just watched me, silently. That's all I could see. I'm sorry...

Lino: Hmm... interesting. Well, no point worrying about what you can't see. Let's go!

Lazlo: Let's.

Lino: So, Lazlo, what do you say? How'd you like to work for me on a permanent basis?

Lazlo: I...

Lino: I won't try to force you.

Lazlo: If this Rune of Punishment becomes a danger, I will depart without a word. But until that time comes, I will serve you faithfully, King Lino.

Lino: Thank you.


Snowe: Keneth.

Keneth: Snowe... How are things?

Snowe: Not bad. Not bad at all.

Keneth: I can't believe even you showed up.

Snowe: Well, I wanted to help, too.

Keneth: Good luck!

Snowe: Yeah, same to you!

Keneth: How's it going, Snowe?

Snowe: Well... Guess I'm a little tired.

Keneth: Are you okay?

Snowe: Yeah, I'm fine. I've got some more fight in me.

Keneth: Okay. Let's go, then.

Snowe: Yeah.

Snowe: Hey, Keneth.

Keneth: Yeah?

Snowe: Is it tough being a Knight?

Keneth: It's the same as it was in your time.

Snowe: But you're actually the Vice-Commander now, right?

Keneth: Yeah... That's definitely different. But nothing else has changed. The trainees are all the same as we were. We give 'em a good workout.

Snowe: Heh, those were good times, huh?

Keneth: Yeah. I'll never forget.

Keneth: Snowe.

Snowe: Yeah?

Keneth: After we get back to Razril... I'd like to collect all the Rune Cannons and destroy them. Will you help me?

Snowe: Sure, why not? But don't the Knights themselves have most of them?

Keneth: Yeah, but there isn't any ammunition left. Still... We can't just leave those things lying around, waiting for someone to misuse them.

Snowe: True.

Keneth: I don't think it'll happen until all the Island Nations come to an agreement, but when it does, I'll be counting on you.

Snowe: Okay.

Keneth: Ever think about coming back to the Knights, Snowe?

Snowe: No, it's better that I don't.

Keneth: Well, if you think so...

Snowe: Honestly though, I'm not quite sure what I'll do with my life after this...

Keneth: …

Snowe: Well, whatever path I choose, it'll be something I believe in.

Keneth: It'll all come to you someday. But don't forget... If there's anything I can do...

Snowe: Thanks, Keneth.


Jewel: Hey, Snowe!

Snowe: Hey there, Jewel.

Jewel: ?

Snowe: Is there something wrong?

Jewel: You've... changed, somehow.

Snowe: You think so?

Jewel: Yeah, it's like... some poison has been removed from your system.

Snowe: …

Jewel: It's not like you've lost your soul...

Snowe: …

Jewel: You've calmed down, somehow. You're still as cool as always, though!

Snowe: Er, thanks.

Snowe: Jewel.

Jewel: Yeah?

Snowe: I can't believe we're all together again like this.

Jewel: Yeah...

Snowe: Takes you back, doesn't it?

Jewel: It'd be better if we weren't all here to fight, though.

Snowe: Yeah.

Jewel: Snowe.

Snowe: Yeah?

Jewel: How's it goin'? Are you workin'?

Snowe: Of course. That's what I'm here for.

Jewel: Good point. You're here to take out those Rune Cannons too, right?!

Snowe: Yep. I may not be as tough as Kyril, but at least I can help out.

Jewel: You know, Snowe... You've really grown up.

Snowe: Don't make fun of me.

Jewel: It's true! Don't get mad!

Jewel: Snowe!

Snowe: Yeah?

Jewel: Do you still get along well with Lazlo?

Snowe: Uh-huh. But, you know. I live in Razril, and Lazlo lives in Obel...

Jewel: So you guys hadn't seen each other in a long time.

Snowe: Right.

Jewel: Although I'm happy to see everyone, I still hope this fighting ends soon.

Snowe: Yeah. We can catch up later.

Jewel: True. Ready to go?

Jewel: Snowe.

Snowe: Wha?! Oh, Jewel... You scared me there for a second.

Jewel: Don't be spacing out like that! It's dangerous, you know.

Snowe: Yeah, I know...

Jewel: You'd better be careful. Sheesh...


Tal: Hey, kid! Snowe!

Snowe: Tal...

Tal: Huh? You seem kinda grumpy. Come on, it's been ages!

Snowe: Just don't call me “kid,” okay?

Tal: Oh, right. Sorry... it's a bad habit of mine.

Snowe: Well, I wish you'd cut it out.

Tal: I'll try... Good luck, Snowe!

Snowe: Thanks, you too.

Tal: Snoooowe!

Snowe: Yes, Tal?

Tal: You know what? I've heard rumors of you hanging out in the back streets of Razril.

Snowe: Oh, yeah... I do a lot of Furball Patrol.

Tal: Hah, Furballs? Sure sounds boring to me.

Snowe: I just wanted to do something that would make the people of Razril happy... I'm just trying to help out where I can.

Tal: Oh... okay. Hey, in that case, take me along next time, okay?

Snowe: We'll see.

Tal: Promise me!

Tal: Heya, Snowe.

Snowe: What is it?

Tal: Don't you think Keneth is amazing?

Snowe: Yeah... What is he, the Vice-Commander of the Knights of Razril?

Tal: Right, right. Katarina's the Commander, and Keneth is the Vice-Commander, just under her.

Snowe: He made it that far on his own? Wow, I'm really impressed.

Tal: Yep, I'm sure not gonna mess with him!

Snowe: Hey, Tal...

Tal: Yeah?

Snowe: Kyril's sure got his hands full...

Tal: Yeah, I know. He reminds me of Lazlo, a long time ago.

Snowe: Yeah... you're right. I can see the similarities.

Tal: All right...

Snowe: We'd better fight our hardest, too.

Tal: Yeah!! Oh, right, I forgot to tell you...

Snowe: Tell me what?

Tal: We were talking about getting everyone together for a fishing derby in Razril after all this fighting's over. You're invited too, Snowe, so you'd better come!

Snowe: Yeah... sure. Sounds like fun.

Tal: Great. Now all we need to do is finish this battle!

Snowe: All right, let's go!


Paula: Hey, Snowe, it's been a while.

Snowe: Oh, hi, Paula. Long time no see.

Paula: How are you doing?

Snowe: Not too bad. I still got a lot left in me.

Paula: Good to hear! Shall we get a move on then?

Snowe: Yeah.

Paula: Snowe.

Snowe: Yeah?

Paula: Have you been in Razril this whole time?

Snowe: Yeah. But now... I'm kind of searching for a place to be again.

Paula: …

Snowe: Lately, I've been thinking about what I could do to make all the people of Razril happy... that sort of thing.

Paula: Gee, Snowe... You sure have changed.

Snowe: I have?

Paula: Oh, without a doubt!

Snowe: Hey, Paula.

Paula: Yeah?

Snowe: How many more Rune Cannons do you think we have left to destroy?

Paula: I'm not sure... How many do you think Warlock created?

Snowe: Well, since the Rune Cannon was designed as a naval weapon, most of them are probably around the Island Nations. If we can destroy the Kooluk's cannons, the rest will be easy... I hope.

Paula: Yeah. I'm sure that King Lino's forces will be able to take care of the ones in the Island Nations.

Snowe: Whew...

Paula: What's wrong, Snowe?

Snowe: I can't stand those things. Those owls...

Paula: Oh, I didn't know that. Are you okay?

Snowe: Yech... That dusty smell...

Paula: Huh? But owls like to keep themselves clean. I don't think they're dirty...

Snowe: Then why do they smell so bad?

Snowe: What do you think will happen to Kooluk after all this?

Paula: Good question.

Snowe: I hated Kooluk. I hated that country so much...

Paula: ...


Kate: Akaghi.

Akaghi: Hey there, Kate...

Kate: How goes it for you? Working hard?

Akaghi: Of course!

Kate: Really? Prove it!

Kate: So, Akaghi...

Akaghi: Uh, yeah?

Kate: What's your opinion on Mizuki?

Akaghi: Oh, I dunno! What d'you mean?

Kate: You're playing dumb...

Akaghi: No, uh, I mean... How d'you have an opinion on a person?

Kate: All right, all right, I'll leave it at that for now...

Kate: You know, Akaghi...

Akaghi: Know what?

Kate: Kyril sure has a lot of great features...

Akaghi: Ah, yeah... I guess. So what?

Kate: He seemed really friendly with Mizuki when the two of them were talking, too.

Akaghi: He did??

Kate: Ha ha haaa! You were so panicked just now! Tee hee hee!

Akaghi: What the--?! You're just messing with me!

Kate: Hehehehe... Sorry!

Akaghi: Bah!

Kate: Akaghi.

Akaghi: Yeah?

Kate: You and Mizuki work in Obel Palace, don't you?

Akaghi: Ahh, yeah.

Kate: It's impressive, that's all. You've really moved up in the world.

Akaghi: Yeah, well... We're kept pretty busy.

Kate: Akaghi.

Akaghi: Uh, hey, Kate.

Kate: Our home is no more, but... I'm glad to see that you two are working.

Akaghi: Kate...

Kate: And if you and Mizuki got together, the bloodline of our homeland would--

Akaghi: Hey! Enough of that talk! I'm outta here!

Kate: Hey, I'm not finished yet! Wait!


Akaghi: Yo, Mizuki! How you feeling?

Mizuki: ...I don't have time to waste on small talk.

Akaghi: Geez...

Akaghi: Hey! Mizuki! You're open from behind!

Mizuki: ! What?!

Akaghi: Hahaha, just kidding!

Mizuki: Damn it! This is no time for your stupid jokes!

Akaghi: Hey, don't get mad...

Akaghi: Hey, Mizuki.

Mizuki: I told you, I don't have time for it.

Akaghi: We never did finish exterminating all those mice at Obel Palace before we came out here.

Mizuki: Hmm... you're right.

Akaghi: Hope it's not totally infested now.

Mizuki: Yes... Well, I'm sure someone else is taking care of them now.

Akaghi: Hey, Mizuki.

Mizuki: What? Concentrate on the battle!

Akaghi: I stand guard a lot while King Lino takes his bath... Man, he sure does love to sing in the tub.

Mizuki: …

Akaghi: And he's got the loudest voice... He goes nuts on the deep notes.

Mizuki: …Like father, like daughter.

Akaghi: Huh??

Mizuki: Princess Flare also likes to sing in the bath... in a loud voice. Her high notes are... difficult.

Akaghi: Ha! I didn't know that...

Akaghi: Hey, Mizuki...

Mizuki: Yes?

Akaghi: After this mess is cleaned up, it'd be cool if we could go on vacation somewhere, don't ya think?

Mizuki: You can go by yourself... I have no desire to shirk my duty.

Akaghi: Eh... guess I won't go, either. Wouldn't be much fun without someone along, anyway...

Mizuki: … Okay, enough chatter. Let's go!

Akaghi: Right, right...


Axel: Hey.

Selma: What is it, O Chief of Na-Nal Island?

Axel: N-Nothing, really. I just thought I'd say hi.

Selma: Thanks. Hello to you too.

Axel: Well, talk to you later.

Selma: Axel...

Axel: Yeah? What is it?

Selma: Is it just me, or is Kooluk more run down than you imagined, too?

Axel: No, you're right... It really is. I can't believe this country caused us so much suffering.

Selma: The irony of it all...

Axel: Well, we can't just stand around while they make a bunch of Rune Cannons! We have to stop them!

Selma: I agree.

Axel: Hey, Selma.

Selma: Yes?

Axel: I still have nightmares sometimes... about when the Kooluk came to massacre everyone on Na-Nal Island. As long as that memory stays with me, I don't think I'll ever be able to forgive the Kooluk.

Selma: …

Axel: Of course, nowadays, I just try to stay focused... on the orders of the King of Obel, or how to help Kyril.

Selma: Indeed. We'll only get through this if we work together.

Axel: Hey, Selma.

Selma: Yes?

Axel: Are there any like you in Kooluk?

Selma: You mean elves?

Axel: Yeah.

Selma: I don't think so... But I've heard that some elves do live north of Kooluk, in Scarlet Moon.

Axel: Really? And do they hate humans, too?

Selma: I would assume so. I've never met any, though.

Axel: Hey, Selma.

Selma: Yes?

Axel: After all this is over, let's go back to Na-Nal Island and start a serious discussion between humans and elves.

Selma: About what?

Axel: About building a new Na-Nal together! That's what.

Selma: Hmm... that's not a bad idea.

Axel: Okay. That's a promise.

Selma: Yes.

[continued in next post]

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Re: All Good Will Conversations

Postby Rogue » Sat Jan 18, 2014 7:09 am


Mitsuba: Hey!

Axel: Uh, yeah?

Mitsuba: Oh, nothing! Just saying hi, since it looks like we'll be fighting together!

Axel: Oh, right. Well, good luck.

Mitsuba: You too!

Mitsuba: Hey, who do you think's stronger, you or me?

Axel: Huh?

Mitsuba: Which one of us do you think is stronger? It's a simple question!

Axel: Well, uh... You'd think... me, right?

Mitsuba: Oho! Listen to the big man! It's on, then! Let's duel! And if I win, you owe me 1000 Potch!

Axel: Okay, sure.

Mitsuba: All right! No going back on your word!

Axel: Uh, okay...

Mitsuba: Aaaxel!

Axel: You again?!

Mitsuba: Thanks for the 1000 Potch!

Axel: Grr!! I can't believe I lost!

Mitsuba: Ahh ha ha haa! Don't forget, I'm up for a rematch any time, okay?

Axel: Why you little...!!

Axel: Hey, Mitsuba!

Mitsuba: Huh?

Axel: I know your dirty little secret! You're a con artist!

Mitsuba: What in the world are you talking about?

Axel: You know what I'm talking about! You make money by betting on fights!

Mitsuba: Yeah, so? I also win those fights. What's the problem?

Axel: You're the problem!!

Mitsuba: If you don't like it, challenge me again! See ya!

Axel: Damn you!

Axel: Hey, you! MITSUBA!

Mitsuba: No need to shout. I can hear you!

Axel: Quit fooling around! Fight like you mean it!!

Mitsuba: Whoa, calm down!

Axel: Listen, I want to end this fighting as soon as possible, okay?

Mitsuba: Yeah, yeah... All right, I'll start fighting seriously.

Axel: You'd better!

Mitsuba: Yes, sir!


Gary: Ema, are you okay?

Ema: Oh, Gary...

Gary: I'm sorry for pulling you into this mess.

Ema: Oh, don't worry about me. I'm happy to help...

Gary: Thank you, darling.

Ema: Gary, dear.

Gary: What's wrong?

Ema: Everyone's so young... Are you keeping up?

Gary: They are young, aren't they? When I try to match everyone else's pace, I'm still tired the next day.

Ema: Don't overdo it, dear. You should fight at your own pace.

Gary: Yes... You're right.

Gary: Ema.

Ema: Yes, dear?

Gary: I wonder if our son's okay...

Ema: Oh! Why the sudden concern?

Gary: Well, watching all these young people fight reminded me...

Ema: We haven't seen him in years, I know... But I'm sure he's grown into a fine young man!

Gary: Mm... You're probably right.

Gary: I'll never forgive Kooluk!

Ema: Gary, dear...

Gary: That Patriarchal Faction, or whatever they call themselves... How dare they! Making Rune Cannons, rebuilding El-Eal!

Ema: Well, I agree, of course, but...

Gary: “But”?

Ema: But if we went to fight them ourselves, they'd tear us to pieces, you know.

Gary: Hmph! All right, all right. In that case, all we can do is support Kyril as best as we can!

Ema: Exactly!

Gary: Ema...

Ema: Yes, dear?

Gary: Kyril and the others look so tired lately.

Ema: I guess we'd better try even harder.

Gary: You're absolutely right...

Ema: Let's go, then, dear.

Gary: Yaaah!


Ornela: So you are Kika...

Kika: Yes. And?

Ornela: I've heard many tales of your exploits. Before you ask... they've all been positive.

Kika: Oh. Is that so? I'm honored.

Ornela: Kika... I must admit...

Kika: Yeah?

Ornela: I wanted to avenge the loss of the Kooluk Navy... of Troy and the other officers... with my own hands... To go to the Island Nations and kill you and the rest of the Obel scum.

Kika:'d better watch your tongue!

Ornela: But now that we've fought together... I just don't understand fate. I respect you. I feel I can trust you.

Kika: ...

Ornela: Kika...

Kika: Huh?

Ornela: Why do you think Kyril's group is fighting for Princess Corselia?

Kika: Kyril's on a mission. That's the way he is. He's as driven as his father Walter ever was. It just so happens that his goals are aligned with Corselia's at the moment. That's all.

Ornela: I see...

Ornela: Oh, yes. Kika?

Kika: What?

Ornela: There's something I wanted to talk to you about. About Princess Corselia...

Kika: Did something happen to Corselia??

Ornela: No, that's just it. Couldn't you call her “Princess” Corselia?

Kika: Oh. Ha ha... That won't come easy for me.

Ornela: I didn't think it would. Well... I won't try to force you.

Ornela: Kika.

Kika: Yeah?

Ornela: You... and everyone else... You're all so powerful.

Kika: Your point?

Ornela: Even though they only sent the navy... The way things are going, Kooluk will lose to the island forces.

Kika: Come on, buck up, Ornela! Where's your confidence? This isn't like you.

Ornela: You're right... Sorry.


Jeane: Tee hee...

Ornela: And you are?

Jeane: My name is Jeane. Nice to meetcha.

Ornela: Nice to meet you, too.

Jeane: Tee hee-hee...

Ornela: Jeane...

Jeane: Yes?

Ornela: The climate around here isn't extreme, but still... Aren't you cold, dressed like that?

Jeane: No, I'm just fine. Don't worry about me.

Ornela: Okay... Well, if you're sure.

Jeane: Tee hee...

Ornela: Jeane.

Jeane: Yes?

Ornela: You're an excellent sorcerer. How would you like to stay in Kooluk after this fighting ends?

Jeane: …

Ornela: You don't have to answer right away. Please, consider it.

Jeane: Okay... Let me think about it a while.

Ornela: You'd be compensated suitably, of course.

Ornela: Jeane...

Jeane: Yes?

Ornela: Did you think about what we discussed? About staying in this country.

Jeane: I can't give you my answer yet...

Ornela: Okay...

Ornela: Jeane... Did you consider my proposal yet?

Jeane: Yeah... About that... I'm sorry, but I can't do it.

Ornela: Really?? Well, I know our country is weak... And we probably can't pay you as much as you deserve...

Jeane: No... That's not the reason.

Ornela: Then why...?

Jeane: I'm really sorry. I just can't. But I'll help you out the best that I can in this conflict...

Ornela: Very well... I respect your decision.


Busk: My dearest sister...

Ornela: Yes?

Busk: Well... Considering the haphazard way we just ended up on the side of these people... Do you think they may be planning to harm us?

Ornela: To tell you the truth, it hasn't much concerned me. If they planned on betraying us, they would have done so by now. I'm here because I was worried about Princess Corselia.

Busk: Oh, the same for me, of course!

Busk: Dearest sister...

Ornela: What is it?

Busk: After the fighting ends, we'll have to start taking care of all the Patriarchal Faction scum.

Ornela: Do you really think now's the time to talk about that? If you're not careful, they'll get us before it's over!

Busk: Oh... Right... *sigh*

Ornela: Busk.

Busk: Yes...?

Ornela: Pardon me if I'm mistaken, but you seem to be throwing yourself into things with more gusto these days...

Busk: Well, did you think me a no-good layabout before?

Ornela: No! Of course not... That is not what I meant.

Busk: You know... I never imagined a conflict like this would occur inside our country.

Ornela: Agreed... But I think there were signs.

Busk: Such as?

Ornela: The Patriarchal Faction was unhappy. The people were on the edge of famine. Still, I thought they'd time things to match the fall of Fort El-Eal to the island forces...

Busk: But, really, they were developing a secret weapon all this time, I suppose.

Ornela: That's true... Either way, we can't let this situation drag on. We have to do something, quickly!

Ornela: Busk, are you well?

Busk: Yes, I'm fine, dearest sister.

Ornela: Good. We must not die here... Both the governor and navy were lost in the fighting at El-Eal... and Graska was even worse! So we can't lose another life to this mess!

Busk: Worry not! We will prevail.


Katarina: Keneth, how are you faring?

Keneth: Not bad.

Katarina: Okay. Good luck, then. Let us fight as hard as we can for the glory of the Knights of Razril!

Keneth: For the glory of the Knights of Razril!

Katarina: Keneth...

Keneth: Yes, Commander?

Katarina: I wonder if we're really helping Kyril out as best as possible...

Keneth: Yes... Kyril saved us, too... We're doing the best that we can.

Katarina: No sense in wondering about these sort of things, I suppose. Let's go!

Keneth: Right!

Keneth: Commander Katarina.

Katarina: Yes, Keneth?

Keneth: So... are all the Rune Cannons really going to disassembled?*

Katarina: Yes... That's the only way I see all of this ending. We'll have to improve in areas other than gunnery.

Keneth: It's hard to even imagine naval warfare without the Rune Cannons. But we'll do our best, I'm sure.

(Note: *Verbatim. The missing “be” here is also missing in-game.)

Katarina: Keneth.

Keneth: Yes, Kat--er, Commander?

Katarina: You look a little tired.

Keneth: ...I'll be all right.

Katarina: Very well. But please get some rest.

Keneth: Don't worry about me. I'm more worried about you, Commander.

Katarina: I'm fine. Let's go.

Keneth: Will do!

Katarina: Keneth, will you humor me for a moment...?

Keneth: Of course.

Katarina: Do think I'm doing a competent job as Commander of the Knights of Razril?*

Keneth: Why are you asking that all of a sudden?

Katarina: Fighting together with Kyril's band, I've really felt everyone's strength and conviction. So... I took a look back at my actions, and began to wonder whether I share the same level of dedication...

Keneth: Commander... No one deserves the post of Commander of the Knights of Razril more than you, Katarina. We all know that.

Katarina: Thank you, Keneth. Don't worry, I haven't lost heart. Okay, let's go!

Keneth: Yes, Commander!

(Note: *Yes...AGAIN!)


Katarina: Jeane, isn't it?

Jeane: Tee hee... Hello.

Katarina: Good to have a sorcerer on our side. I'm looking forward to fighting beside you.

Jeane: It's my honor.

Katarina: Jeane, can I ask you something?

Jeane: Yes?

Katarina: It seems that no matter how much magic you use, you never get tired...

Jeane: Oh, that's not true...

Katarina: Are you using some special Rune? An accessory that eases the strain...?

Jeane: Tee hee... No. I'm not using anything like that.

Katarina: So, it's just your natural talent?

Jeane: No... I am tired, but I just... don't show it.

Katarina: Ah, of course. Impressive. You set a good example.

Jeane: Tee hee...

Jeane: Katarina...

Katarina: Yes?

Jeane: You're a little tired... Would you mind closing your eyes? Relax for just a moment.

Katarina: Huh? You mean... like this?

Jeane: Yes, that's perfect. Don't move, now...

Katarina: …

Jeane: There, how's that?

Katarina: What's this...? My whole body feels so much lighter!

Jeane: Tee hee... It's just a little parlor trick.

Katarina: Wow! I've never experienced magic quite like this. Thanks, Jeane...

Jeane: Tee hee... You're welcome.

Katarina: Jeane.

Jeane: Yes?

Katarina: Did the King of Obel ask you to help Kyril, too?

Jeane: No... What, did he ask everyone else?

Katarina: Well, some of us.

Jeane: I'm helping Kyril to thank him for helping me earlier.

Katarina: Ah, that makes sense.

Jeane: Still, whatever our reasons for coming, I think that everyone here is sympathetic with Kyril's goals, right?

Katarina: Yes... I don't think anyone is comfortable around Rune Cannons any longer.

Katarina: By the way, Jeane...

Jeane: Hmm?

Katarina: We can wait until after this fighting is over, but would you mind coming to Razril once to teach the Knights magic?

Jeane: I don't think...

Katarina: Umm, I won't force you...

Jeane: ...In that case, I'm afraid I must decline. I'm sorry. But I'm not good at that kind of thing.

Katarina: I see...

Jeane: Katarina... You're such a fantastic sorcerer yourself... With you to teach them, there's no need for someone like me.


Katarina: You're Pablo, aren't you?

Pablo: You must be Katarina. It is an honor to meet you.

Katarina: The honor is all mine, sir.

Pablo: I wonder why it is that we are speaking so painfully formally.

Katarina: Indeed, I also- - I mean, sorry.

Pablo: Not at all. Entirely my fault.

Katarina: No, no, the blame lies with me.

Katarina: Pablo...

Pablo: Yes?

Katarina: It has occurred to me that there's much more for me to learn in regards to magic. Would you like to study with me?

Pablo: Sure, sounds good. I've been meaning to study it more. My master never taught me much...

Katarina: All right, then. I'll see you tomorrow.

Pablo: Looking forward to it.

Katarina: Pablo...

Pablo: Yes, Katarina?

Katarina: The Rune Cannons... Your master built them, right?

Pablo: That's right. Unfortunately, he has since passed away.

Katarina: Oh... I didn't know. I'm sorry.

Pablo: It's quite all right.

Pablo: Katarina.

Katarina: Yes?

Pablo: Practicing magic the other day was really rewarding...

Katarina: Yes, thanks for that.

Pablo: Would you like to do it again? There's still a lot I'd like to learn.

Katarina: Sure. By all means, let's practice again sometime.

Pablo: Thank you.

Pablo: Katarina...

Katarina: What's on your mind?

Pablo: There are still so many Rune Cannons left in the world... But, you know, my master never wanted things to end up this way.

Katarina: I see...

Pablo: Fighting alongside Kyril like this seems the best way for me to fix the sins of the past.

Katarina: Well, I intend to help you all as best as I can, too...

Pablo: Thank you...


Jeane: Tee hee...

Kika: Hey, you. It's been a long time.

Jeane: I look forward to fighting beside you.

Kika: Yeah, likewise!

Kika: I thought you opened your own shop somewhere, Jeane.

Jeane: I would like to do that someday, but...

Kika: It's too dangerous these days, huh?

Jeane: That's it.

Jeane: Hmph...

Kika: What?

Jeane: I didn't get to take a bath yesterday...

Kika: Hahaha! Is that all? Out on the sea, we don't get much fresh bathing water... But you know, I think that's the first time I've seen you upset.

Jeane: I wonder if I'll have time for a nice, long bath today...

Jeane: Kika...

Kika: Yeah?

Jeane: Kyril and his friends are sure having a rough time of it...

Kika: Yeah... I agree. But you know... All we can do to help is just fight alongside them...

Jeane: That's why we're here!

Kika: Hey, what are you planning on doing once this battle is over?

Jeane: Hmmm... Yeah, once things calm down, I'm going to open a shop somewhere.

Kika: You haven't decided where, yet?

Jeane: No, not yet...

Kika: I see. Well, I hope you find a safe place.


Sigurd: Lady Kika, you aren't hurt, are you?

Kika: Don't worry about it.

Sigurd: Very well. I'll keep helping Kyril's group, then.

Kika: Please do.

Kika: Sigurd...

Sigurd: Yes, what is it?

Kika: I was just remembering when I met Kyril's group... the day you guys came to the island.

Sigurd: …

Kika: Just reminiscing. Kyril has grown so much. Everyone has, even you... You're not as stuffy anymore!

Sigurd: Yes... We've all changed since the day you picked us up.

Kika: Oh, yeah, Sigurd...

Sigurd: What is it?

Kika: The Lord of Middleport put a price on your head, right?

Sigurd: Yes... It's because I ran away from my employer, technically...

Kika: Are they still coming after you?

Sigurd: No, there haven't been any pursuers lately.

Kika: Well, that's good...

Sigurd: Sorry to worry you.

Kika: Sigurd...

Sigurd: What is it?

Kika: Are you getting along okay with Hervey and the others?

Sigurd: Yes. Hervey and I set aside our differences a while ago.

Kika: Okay. What about Dario's gang?

Sigurd: Umm... I'm not sure...

Kika: Hah hah hah... Okay. All right.

Kika: Sigurd.

Sigurd: Yes?

Kika: I'm sorry to always bother you with my personal problems.

Sigurd: What are you talking about? Hervey and I are sworn to a life of service to you.

Kika: Well, thanks. I don't want to be a barnacle. But you're a better listener than, say, Dario...


Dario: How ya doing, Lady Kika?

Kika: Same as always.

Dario: Huh. Well...

Kika: What? What's wrong?

Dario: I dunno... I don't feel too good. My belly's rumbling something fierce.

Kika: Food poisoning, maybe?

Dario: Food...? Nah, it couldn't be... Wait! That's it!

Kika: ?

Dario: It's cuz I ain't eaten anything! I forgot to eat lunch today!

Kika: Hm. Likely story...

Dario: Uh, Lady Kika.

Kika: What is it, Dario?

Dario: I'm sorry Nalleo was so useless when the Rune Cannons were nabbed... I really dunno what ta say...

Kika: What, that? Don't worry about it. Nalleo did his best.

Dario: Well... Sorry, anyhow...

Dario: Lady Kika...

Kika: Yeah?

Dario: So the Rune Cannons are all going to disappear...

Kika: Yes, they'll be gone... If we can't make new ones, that's inevitable, right?

Dario: ...

Kika: Oh, yes. Dario...

Dario: Didya want something, Lady Kika?

Kika: I've heard tales of you snatching other people's food...

Dario: What?! Who told ya that... lie?

Kika: Oh, so it's a lie, is it?

Dario: Umm... Uhh... Probably...

Kika: It better not be true, or you'll be sorry!

Dario: ...Sorry. I won't do it no more.

Kika: Well, well... I thought so.

Kika: Dario.

Dario: Huh? What is it, Lady Kika?

Kika: I'm sorry for being gone so long.

Dario: Oh, that. Well, I wanted ta go with ya as soon as possible... but it don't matter now.

Kika: Okay...


Kika: Nalleo.

Nalleo: Yes, Lady Kika?

Kika: You've really grown powerful lately.

Nalleo: Y-You think so?!

Kika: Yes, indeed.

Nalleo: All right! But I'm still going to get stronger!

Kika: I'm sure you will. Just don't do anything reckless.

Nalleo: Okay!

Nalleo: Lady Kika.

Kika: What is it?

Nalleo: I heard that my dad has been stealing everyone's food and eating it by himself...

Kika: Yes... Apparently so.

Nalleo: So you already knew? We've gotta stop him... Everybody deserves their fair share!

Kika: Poor Nalleo...

Nalleo: Lady Kika!

Kika: Yes?

Nalleo: I... I just wanted to apologize for failing to guard our Rune Cannons.

Kika: There was nothing you could have done about that. No need to apologize.

Nalleo: But...

Kika: Listen. Don't act like it was all your fault. You can't blame yourself for this.

Nalleo: I guess you're right...

Nalleo: Lady Kika...

Kika: Yes?

Nalleo: I had a training bout with my Papa the other day.

Kika: No kidding... And who won?

Nalleo: I did, but... That's because I was really trying, and Papa was going easy on me.

Kika: Hey, don't say that... Don't worry. Once you're a little stronger, your Papa will start fighting you for real.

Nalleo: Yeah... I think you're right. I'm going to keep it up.

Kika: That's the spirit.

Nalleo: Lady Kika...

Kika: Yes?

Nalleo: About my Papa...

Kika: I knew you were going to say that.

Nalleo: It looks like he really is eating everyone's food...

Kika: *sigh* Again?

Nalleo: Lady Kika... Please don't abandon him.

Kika: I wouldn't do that. But... I am going to have to give him a stern talking-to.

Nalleo: Yeah...

Kika: I wish he'd at least realize that his son is worried about him...

Nalleo: He's be a great Papa if only he didn't have that one bad habit... Er, maybe two. Or...


Kika: Hervey.

Hervey: Hiya, Lady Kika! How can I be of service?

Kika: You're in a good mood, as usual.

Hervey: Naturally!

Hervey: Um, Lady Kika...

Kika: What's up, Hervey?

Hervey: Dario stole some food from the communal rations again...

Kika: *sigh* Again?

Hervey: Want me to smack him one?

Kika: No. I'll have a word with him later...

Hervey: Ah, okay... (Man, he's gonna wish she just let me smack him!)

Hervey: Lady Kika, Sigurd and I have been training Nalleo lately.

Kika: What? I hope the two of you aren't ganging up on poor Nalleo.

Hervey: No way, it's not like that... He's gotten really tough, lately. He's so fast, it's like he's ganging up on us!

Kika: Really... That's very encouraging.

Kika: Hervey.

Hervey: Yes?

Kika: It's been a long time since you first started working for me...

Hervey: Yeah... It was when I first ran into Kyril... He was just a kid back then.

Kika: He's hardly a grown adult now... I hope he's handling it well.

Kika: Hervey...

Hervey: Howdy! What's on yer mind?

Kika: Do you plan on going off on your own someday?

Hervey: Umm... No. Not really. I'm at yer service, Lady Kika!

Kika: Really?

Hervey: I tried doin' the free agent thing a long time ago... I don't think I'm, uh, organized enough for all that.

Kika: Okay... I appreciate it.


Yu: How are you doing, Carrie?

Carrie: I'm trying my best, but there's still so much more I need to learn.

Yu: But everyone says how you're doing a wonderful job. You're saving lives!

Carrie: I hope they're not overestimating me...

Yu: Don't be so pessimistic. Just hang in there, okay?

Carrie: I'll try.

Yu: Carrie.

Carrie: …

Yu: Carrie!

Carrie: Ah! Doctor Yu... I'm so sorry. I was spacing out...

Yu: Wait a moment, Carrie. (dialogue gap) Here, drink this.

Carrie: What's this?

Yu: It's medicine, to alleviate fatigue. Trust me, it'll help you!

Carrie: Oh, thank you. Here goes nothing...

Yu: After you finish drinking it, let's go.

Carrie: Okay.

Carrie: Doctor Yu.

Yu: Carrie! Are you feeling better now?

Carrie: Yes. Your medicine really worked. Thank you very much.

Yu: There's no need to thank me! Just make sure you keep everyone healthy, all right?

Carrie: Yes, Doctor!

Carrie: Doctor Yu?

Yu: …

Carrie: Doctor Yu!

Yu: Oh, Carrie.

Carrie: Are you tired this time, Doctor?

Yu: No... I'm fine.

Carrie: Are you sure? Here, you dropped this earlier.

Yu: *gasp* The... the ingredients for my medicine!

Carrie: Are you sure you aren't tired, Doctor?

Yu: I guess I am. Looks like I need a taste of my own medicine!

Carrie: Just what the doctor ordered...

Yu: Carrie.

Carrie: Yes, Doctor?

Yu: After this fighting ends, there'll be a lot of patients who will need our help.

Carrie: Yeah...

Yu: Things'll be rough for a while, but let's get through it together.

Carrie: I'll do my best, Doctor!


Roget: You guys all just waltzed right in from Scarlet Moon, right?

Coop: …

Roget: Well, well. How the mighty Kooluk Empire has fallen. Can't even police our own borders.

Coop: …

Roget: Hey, Coop.

Coop: Yeah?

Roget: Let me tell you something. If that scumbag Iskas takes over, his first target won't be the Island Nations. It'll be Scarlet Moon.

Coop: What?!

Roget: Believe it or not. Up to you. I really don't care anymore... but don't be naïve.

Coop: ...

Roget: Hey, Coop.

Coop: What is it this time?

Roget: Are you friends with Andarc?

Coop: Yeah... We trained together, long ago.

Roget: Really...

Coop: So what?

Roget: It's just that you're so alike.

Coop: How so?

Roget: You guys both brood too much!

Coop: What do you mean?!

Roget: Ha ha ha! Don't take it the wrong way, okay? But lighten up once in a while...

Coop: (It's true that Andarc focuses too much on the past... But... me, too?)

Coop: Hey, Roget...

Roget: Huh? What?

Coop: You called me on the whole “brooding” thing... so I've been trying to change my vibe just a bit.

Roget: Yeah? … How so?

Coop: Can't you tell? Look at my strong, confident stance...

Roget: You've gotta be kidding me. You look like you're in pain.

Coop: But look at the angle of my back -- it's firm and straight... My head's held high... Can't you tell?

Roget: Uh, Coop, from one guy to another... I think Heinz'd flog you silly if he could see you right now.

Roget: Hey, Coop!

Coop: Yeah?

Roget: You guys are gonna go home after all the Rune Cannons are gone, huh?

Coop: I haven't really thought about it, but yeah, probably...

Roget: Must be nice... Having somewhere to go home to...

Coop: ...


Mizuki: Kate.

Kate: Oh, hey, Mizuki.

Mizuki: It's been a while.

Kate: How've you been?

Mizuki: Not bad.

Kate: Good, good. That's really good to hear, because you, me, and Akaghi are the only three survivors from our homeland, now.

Mizuki: Kate, have you been in Kooluk for long?

Kate: Yeah. My employer put me in a dangerous situation, so I've been looking for him to lodge a complaint.

Mizuki: Did you find him?

Kate: He died a long time ago. I haven't had much luck with employers...

Mizuki: ...

Kate: Hey, Mizuki.

Mizuki: What is it, Kate?

Kate: You and Akaghi were working in Obel Palace, weren't you?

Mizuki: That's right. We worked for the royal family, acting as their guards and so on.

Kate: Wow... That's really quite impressive.

Mizuki: Well, we also did some... garden work. Mouse extermination. That sort of thing.

Kate: Wow, you were the famous Guard of the Inner Garden? The king's personal intelligence operatives? Way to go! Must have been a challenging job, always watching for those “mice”...

Mizuki: No, no, it was just regular gardening. And the mice we took care of were the usual kitchen pest kind.

Kate: Sounds like... uh, fun...

Kate: Mizuki, I was wondering...

Mizuki: Yes?

Kate: What do you think of Akaghi?

Mizuki: …

Kate: Did you hear me?

Mizuki: … Now's not the time for that kind of discussion.

Kate: *sigh* Okay...

Mizuki: Kate...

Kate: Wow, this is new. You're actually starting a conversation with me. What's up?

Mizuki: Kate, what are you going to do after this battle is over?

Kate: Who knows...?

Mizuki: You could join Akaghi and--

Kate: No, thanks.

Mizuki: …

Kate: Working alone suits me better.

Mizuki: I understand.

Kate: Come on, it's not that big a world. I'm sure we'll run into each other again sometime.

Mizuki: Yes, you're right.


Jewel: Hey, you!

Keneth: Oh, Jewel.

Jewel: What do you mean, “Oh, Jewel”?

Keneth: Heh. Sorry.

Jewel: Keneth, you're the Vice-Commander of the Knights of Razril, now, aren't you? You're all important and stuff!

Keneth: Yeah, yeah. Laugh it up.

Jewel: I'm just paying you a compliment!

Keneth: You never change, you know. Kind of a relief, actually.

Jewel: Huh? What do you mean by that??

Keneth: Ha ha ha...

Jewel: Hey there, Vice-Commander!

Keneth: You don't have to call me that now.

Jewel: Really? Okay, then. Hi, Keneth.

Keneth: What do you want?

Jewel: How's everyone doing in Razril?

Keneth: Not bad.

Jewel: That's good to hear.

Keneth: Hey, Jewel.

Jewel: Hey, you.

Keneth: After you guys left the Knights, did you go back home to Na-Nal Island?

Jewel: Yep. Kinda slow there. But Paula lives in the elf village -- in the interior -- so I never saw her much, even though we were on the same island.

Keneth: Elves and humans... So many problems.

Jewel: Yeah, both sides are so stubborn, too. Maybe they'll never get along that well.

Keneth: Yeah... Things must be strange on Na-Nal Island.

Jewel: Hey, Keneth.

Keneth: Yeah?

Jewel: I heard that there were some crummy people running around impersonating the Knights of Razril!

Keneth: Yeah! Can you believe those guys?

Jewel: But it just goes to show how famous the Knights of Razril have become.

Keneth: Yes... But that means that we've got great responsibilities, too.

Jewel: Too true! Good luck! I'm sure you'll be fine.

Jewel: Hey, Kenny-boy!

Keneth: *sigh* Hi, Jewel...

Jewel: So, did anyone new join the Knights?

Keneth: Yes, quite a few people.

Jewel: Wow... Hey, if there are any good-looking ones, send 'em my way!

Keneth: Why don't you come see for yourself?

Jewel: Oooh... All right, I'll stop on by sometime.

Keneth: Sure, come on down. I don't know if any of them are “good-looking,” but I'll show you around.

Jewel: Really? Then I'll be there! Remember, you promised!

Keneth: Sure, sure.


Tal: Hey!

Keneth: How's it going?

Tal: It's been a long time since my last real fight... but I'm doing okay.

Keneth: Good to hear.

Tal: Just leave it to me!

Keneth: Okay. Time to go!

Tal: Last one's a rotten egg!

Tal: Heya, Keneth!

Keneth: Hey, Tal, how's it going?

Tal: I told ya, I'm doing fine! I could wrestle a kangacorn to the ground right about now!

Keneth: Yeah, right...

Tal: What, still worried about my skills? Then let's have a bout sometime!

Keneth: Heh, sounds fun. Anytime!

Tal: Haha! Great! You're goin' down...

Keneth: Don't be so sure about that, big guy.

Tal: Yo, Keneth.

Keneth: Hey, Tal.

Tal: Wanna spar again sometime?

Keneth: Again...? Sure, but I think you're plenty tough already.

Tal: Nah, there's always room for improvement!

Tal: Ya know, Keneth...

Keneth: Yeah?

Tal: I get the feeling I'm stronger now than I was back when I was with the Knights...

Keneth: Hmmm. I would have to agree.

Tal: I think all that fishing strengthened my arms!

Keneth: Hmm... You may have something there. We'll have to consider adding that to the Knights' training regimen.

Tal: R-Really? As an ex-Knight, I'd be glad to help out!

Tal: Heya, Keneth!

Keneth: Hey, Tal.

Tal: After this fighting ends, how'd you like to go fishing with me? We can take my boat!

Keneth: Fishing, huh... Yeah, if you'll teach me how to do it.

Tal: No prob! Leave it to me!


Keneth: How're you doing, Paula?

Paula: Not bad.

Keneth: I never thought I'd run into you guys like this.

Paula: Yeah, I haven't seen you since the fall of El-Eal. Let's hope that the next time we meet isn't during a war.

Keneth: Yeah, no kidding.

Keneth: Paula.

Paula: Yes?

Keneth: Have you been on Na-Nal Island all this time?

Paula: Yes. After Fort El-Eal was defeated, Selma and I went back home to my village.

Keneth: And how are things on Na-Nal?

Paula: Let's see... Well, it's not like humans and elves are getting along any better. It's probably about the same as it was before Kooluk invaded.

Keneth: I see...

Paula: Keneth...

Keneth: Yes?

Paula: How is everyone in Razril?

Keneth: Well... I'm the only one from our group still in the Knights, but Tal is still around, doing his own thing.

Paula: I'd like to see everyone again.

Keneth: Anywhere but a battlefield, yeah...

Paula: Exactly.

Paula: Keneth.

Keneth: Yeah?

Paula: I used to hear stories about the Knights of Razril from time to time, you know.

Keneth: No kidding? Tell me.

Paula: They're so famous that sometimes other groups pretend to be the Knights!

Keneth: Ha ha! You don't say.

Paula: Well, please give my fond regards to the real Knights back in Razril...

Keneth: Will do.

Keneth: Hey, Paula.

Paula: Hi, Keneth.

Keneth: You really have grown stronger since I saw you last, you know.

Paula: Do you really think so?

Keneth: Yes. I'll have to work to keep up.

Paula: Well, I'll be right beside you!

Keneth: Good. Let's mop things up.


Jeane: Hello, Simeon.

Simeon: Jeane.

Jeane: Looking forward to working with you.

Simeon: And I with you.

Simeon: Tell me, where do you hail from?

Jeane: ...All over, really. I've been looking everywhere for the perfect place to open up my shop.

Simeon: I see...

Jeane: Yep.

Jeane: …

Simeon: …

Jeane: …

Simeon: Interesting... You and I can converse agreeably without even opening our mouths, it seems.

Jeane: ...

Simeon: *sigh*

Jeane: What is it?

Simeon: People are always fighting, from one generation to the next...

Jeane: That may be true... But as for this particular fight, Kyril and his troops will definitely put an end to it!

Simeon: Well... I hope so...

Simeon: Jeane...

Jeane: Yes?

Simeon: In this world, there are many amazing sorcerers, are there not?

Jeane: Yeah.

Simeon: Hmm... After this fighting ends, I believe I shall go on a journey to see for myself...


Jeane: Good day, Maxine.

Maxine: Uh... Yeah.

Jeane: Tee hee! Nice to meet you.

Maxine: Umm, nice to meet you, too.

Jeane: …

Maxine: (Huh?)

Jeane: …

Maxine: (This woman... Nothing ever gets past her guard...)

Jeane: …

Maxine: (…)

Jeane: …

Maxine: (What?! Did she just smirk at me?)

Jeane: …

Maxine: (…)

Jeane: …

Maxine: (What the?! Did she just move? I didn't see a thing!)

Jeane: Tee hee...

Maxine: Jeane...

Jeane: Tee hee... Yes?

Maxine: There's something special about you, isn't there?

Jeane: Me? Special? Don't be ridiculous! Not me!

Maxine: What are you?!

Jeane: I'm just what you see... Or, should I say, what you're always staring at.

Maxine: Unh?!

Jeane: Have a nice day...


Roget: Heya! How's it goin'?

Jeane: Heh... You're a cheerful one.

Roget: You're Jeane, am I right?

Jeane: Yes. And you must be... Roget?

Roget: That's right! Wow, you remembered me. That must mean something.

Jeane: Nice to meet you...

Roget: The pleasure is all mine!

Roget: Jeane, is there something wrong?

Jeane: Well... Nothing in particular...

Roget: Well, if you ever need something, remember that Roget's your man!

Jeane: Okay...

Roget: Don't you forget!

Roget: Hey, Jeane.

Jeane: What is it?

Roget: Would you mind initiating me into the art of magic?

Jeane: Huh? But Roget, you're already so strong...

Roget: Well, yeah, naturally... Err, I mean, not really! I've still got so far to go! Please?

Roget: Hey, Jeane...

Jeane: Hmmm?

Roget: Hey, will you teach me magic sometime? Let's have a little one-on-one session. How about it?

Jeane: Tee hee... Okay, sometime...

Roget: Sometime soon?

Jeane: Want me to rain my magic all over your head?

Roget: Er, no... That's not... No, thanks...

Jeane: Tee hee...

Roget: I've made up my mind, Jeane! I won't say anything dumb anymore. I'm going to be a serious guy.

Jeane: Tee hee...

Roget: What's so funny?!

Jeane: Roget, you've always been serious about your intentions...

Roget: Huh?!

Jeane: It's obvious...

Roget: Damn... Am I that easy to read?

Jeane: Tee hee...


Jeremy: Hey.

Trishtan: *cough* Hi.

Jeremy: You just showed up with Princess Flare, right?

Trishtan: Yes. *cough*

Jeremy: You disappeared all of a sudden, so I was a little shocked. I thought maybe you were dead or something.

Trishtan: *cough* Sorry to... *cough* Worry you... *cough*

Jeremy: Hey, hey, don't pass out, now.

Trishtan: I'm fine... *cough*

Jeremy: Hey!

Trishtan: *cough cough* *cough*! *cough cough cough*!

Jeremy: Hey, are you...?

Trishtan: I'm... *cough* I'm fine! *cough cough cough*!

Jeremy: No, seriously. I really don't think you are...

Trishtan: *cough cough*! *cough cough cough*!!

Jeremy: Hey, Trishtan.

Trishtan: Hi. *cough*

Jeremy: Sorry for bugging you the other day.

Trishtan: It's no problem. *cough*

Jeremy: I hope you feel better soon.

Trishtan: Thanks. *cough*

Jeremy: But, you know...

Trishtan: What? *cough*

Jeremy: When you actually fight, you're pretty strong.

Trishtan: Am I? *cough*

Jeremy: If only you weren't sick, you'd be incredibly powerful. Poor guy...

Trishtan: ... *cough*

Jeremy: Trishtan.

Trishtan: Yes? What is it? *cough*!

Jeremy: I'd trust you to watch my back anytime!

Trishtan: Really? *cough* I'll try to live up to that. *cough* *cough cough cough*!

Jeremy: (Hmm... Maybe I should rethink that...)


Mitsuba: Hey, lady-killer!

Jeremy: ! You!

Mitsuba: How've you been?

Jeremy: Not bad... I've been training, you know. You aren't gonna get me this time!

Mitsuba: Hah! Wanna bet?

Jeremy: I won't lose to you anymore, because I won't fight with you anymore!

Mitsuba: You're no fun.

Mitsuba: Hey.

Jeremy: Yeah?

Mitsuba: You work in Obel now, right?

Jeremy: Uh-huh. I teach swordsmanship.

Mitsuba: No! Learning swordsmanship from you would just make people worse!

Jeremy: Wh-What did you say?!

Mitsuba: You heard me! If you have a problem with it, we can always go one-on-one...

Jeremy: Grr... I won't fall for that again!

Mitsuba: All right! Another day, another smackdown!

Jeremy: It's not like you're smacking them all down yourself, you know... Get a grip.

Mitsuba: I was talking about you!

Jeremy: What did you say?

Mitsuba: Nothing! Nothing at all.

Jeremy: You definitely said something! Tell me!

Mitsuba: I said I didn't say anything! Stop bugging me before I smash your face in!

Jeremy: Hey.

Mitsuba: Yeah?

Jeremy: Do you guys plan on just fighting and scamming people out of their cash for the rest of your lives?

Mitsuba: Yeah, I guess... It's the easiest way to make a living.

Jeremy: Haven't you ever thought of actually getting a job, like me?

Mitsuba: Nah! What's fun about letting someone else tell you when and how to use your sword?

Jeremy: *sigh* Okay, suit yourself.

Mitsuba: Hey.

Jeremy: Yeah?

Mitsuba: If you ever wanna come work with me, lemme know. We can use your help.

Jeremy: I'm not going to work with you! Sheesh!

Mitsuba: What, you scared?

Jeremy: Come on, it's time to go!

Mitsuba: Yes, master...


Millay: Jeremy.

Jeremy: Hi, Millay. What's going on?

Millay: You remember how we left our work behind in the Kingdom of Obel... Do you think things are going okay?

Jeremy: Huh? Yeah, I'm sure they are.

Millay: But...

Jeremy: The king wouldn't have sent us on this mission if he didn't think it would be okay.

Millay: Yeah... I guess you're right. I'll try to stay concentrated on our new mission!

Jeremy: Sounds like a plan!

Millay: Jeremy.

Jeremy: Huh? Yeah?

Millay: I've been watching you in battle, and I have a favor to ask... Umm... When we get some time, would you mind training with me?

Jeremy: Oh, is that all? Sure thing! Anytime you want!

Millay: All right! Thank you very much.

Millay: Jeremy, thank you for training with me the other day!

Jeremy: Huh?

Millay: Our bout?

Jeremy: Oh, yeah. How are you feeling now?

Millay: It made me realize that I still have a ways to go... Can we do it again sometime?

Jeremy: Sure, anytime!

Millay: Jeremy.

Jeremy: Yes?

Millay: How did you get so good with your sword?

Jeremy: Oh, my dad taught me.

Millay: I see... He must be quite the swordsman.

Jeremy: Yep, my dad, my uncle... My whole family's like that.

Millay: Your family sure must be strong.

Jeremy: Yeah. Although, the strongest one would be... my mom.

Millay: R-Really?

Millay: Jeremy.

Jeremy: Yes?

Millay: After the fighting ends, how about we head back home to Obel and train together?

Jeremy: Uh... Sure!

Millay: All right! Thanks! I'm looking forward to it.


Reinhold: Greetings, Jeremy.

Jeremy: Hello.

Reinhold: Ha!

Jeremy: Wh-What?!

Reinhold: They were coming at you from behind.

Jeremy: They were? Oh... Thanks.

Jeremy: Hi there, Reinhold.

Reinhold: Ha haa!

Jeremy: What happened?! Were they coming from behind again?

Reinhold: No. I was just taking a practice swing.

Jeremy: Then point your blade away from me! That was a close one!

Reinhold: Sir! I was only... I-I'm terribly sorry...

Jeremy: Sheesh.

Jeremy: I know your secret, Reinhold.

Reinhold: What?

Jeremy: You guys are trying to con Kyril out of some cash, aren't you?

Reinhold: Well... When you put it that way, yeah...

Jeremy: Man... Don't you think it's time you grew up?

Reinhold: Bah...

Jeremy: Reinhold!

Reinhold: Yes?

Jeremy: So you're pretending to be injured, with all those bandages, to trick everyone?

Reinhold: N-No... I would never do something like that.

Jeremy: Reinhold...

Reinhold: Yes, what is it?

Jeremy: Those bandages of yours... You're not really hurt, are you?

Reinhold: That's none of your business.

Jeremy: Show me!

Reinhold: NO!

Jeremy: "NO"?

Reinhold: Um... I mean... What I'm trying to say is... No.

Jeremy: All right, already.


Sigurd: Hey, Dario.

Dario: Yeah?

Sigurd: You haven't done anything to inconvenience Lady Kika in any way, have you?

Dario: A'course not! Whaddaya mean?

Sigurd: Like pilfering the dinner rations...

Dario: No way! I nicked the breakfast fish, not dinner!

Sigurd: …

Dario: Aww, shut up!

Dario: Hey, Siggie...

Sigurd: That is not my name.

Dario: Er, ahh, well, ya see... I wanna ask ya a favor.

Sigurd: From me?

Dario: Could ya train Nalleo sometime?

Sigurd: Oh. Well, sure...

Dario: Thanks... He's got so damn strong lately, I can't keep up with him anymore.

Sigurd: That's very responsible of you.

Dario: Heh, well, ya know... Thanks for helping out. Whew...

Sigurd: Dario.

Dario: Siggie, my man!

Sigurd: Nalleo's skills are really impressive these days...

Dario: Yeah, thanks to his bouts with you! The kid could clean knock yer block off!

Sigurd: I think he did... ouch...

Sigurd: Uh, Dario...

Dario: Whaddaya want? Been trainin' with Nalleo much?

Sigurd: Yes. Hervey and I have been taking turns... Lately, he's been chasing Hervey around with that axe of his.

Dario: Ahh... I'm glad he's getting' stronger... But it does make me kinda... sad. Not sure why...

Dario: Hey... Are these bozos really gonna get rid of all the Rune Cannons?

Sigurd: Who knows...? All I do know is that if we can get rid of that Evil Eye, at least, we've got to do it.

Dario: Ain't that the truth. I like ta eat fish, not be one, ya know... But doesn't it scratch ya the wrong way that all the Rune Cannons'll be gone?

Sigurd: Somewhat...

Dario: Arrrr... Well, what can ya do...?


Nalleo: Sigurd!

Sigurd: What is it, Nalleo?

Nalleo: I'm so glad I got this chance to fight beside you!

Sigurd: Yeah... Well, keep up the good work!

Nalleo: I will!

Nalleo: Hey, Sigurd.

Sigurd: Hmmm?

Nalleo: You and Hervey get along pretty well, don't you?

Sigurd: Well, yes...

Nalleo: You're good friends?

Sigurd: Yes... Well, maybe we're “rivals,” really.

Nalleo: Rivals...

Sigurd: But we're not at each other's throats. It can be a positive thing - - it keeps me on my toes. Maybe you'll have a rival someday, too.

Nalleo: Yeah! I hope so!

Nalleo: Sigurd...

Sigurd: What is it, Nalleo?

Nalleo: Do you remember Edgar's gang?

Sigurd: Why do you ask?

Nalleo: I heard Kyril's guys talking about them. I was still a kid, so I don't remember them very well.

Sigurd: I don't know much about them, myself. We kind of came in as they were going out...

Nalleo: I guess you're right...

Sigurd: I heard Edgar was a great guy. But even if you want to know the details, don't ask Lady Kika directly.

Nalleo: Why is that?

Sigurd: Don't worry about why. Just don't ask her!

Nalleo: Okay, okay, I won't...

Sigurd: That's a promise, Nalleo.

Nalleo: Sigurd... Are the Rune Cannons really going to be all gone?

Sigurd: It seems likely. I haven't heard about anyone terrorizing the high seas lately...

Nalleo: Yeah...

Sigurd: But if the remaining Rune Cannons are all in Kooluk... We'll have to get rid of them ourselves.

Nalleo: Yeah!

Sigurd: Nalleo... You're so strong these days.

Nalleo: You really think so?

Sigurd: Definitely.

Nalleo: But I'm still no match for my Papa!

Sigurd: Are you sure about that?

Nalleo: Yeah! I want to be as strong as him someday!

Sigurd: I bet you won't have any trouble...

Nalleo: Thanks!


Hervey: Yo!

Sigurd: Mmm.

Hervey: Wow, you're cold. Why the mood?

Sigurd: No offense... I just don't feel like having to say "hi" all the time. I see your face every day, anyway.

Hervey: All right, all right, I get it. Sheesh...

Hervey: Hey.

Sigurd: Hervey.

Hervey: We should think of some new attack. Like this. Watch!

Sigurd: Watch what?

Hervey: This! Watch... Hah! And then, bam! Yeah?

Sigurd: That... That looks difficult...

Hervey: Yo...

Sigurd: What?

Hervey: Don't you think Nalleo's been acting a lot like Dario lately?

Sigurd: Like father, like son, right?

Hervey: You think? But we can't let him turn into another Dario! We gotta do something...

Sigurd: Nah, let's just leave it up to the kid.

Hervey: Well, I guess, but...

Sigurd: Hervey...

Hervey: Heya, what's up?

Sigurd: Do you think the Rune Cannons will really be gone when we're done?

Hervey: Probably...

Sigurd: If that happens... We'll have to entirely rethink naval warfare.

Hervey: You're right... Well, hey, no one can beat us when it comes to the up-close fights!

Sigurd: That's true...

Sigurd: Hervey, tell me something.

Hervey: Yeah?

Sigurd: You said you'd devote yourself to Lady Kika for the rest of your life...

Hervey: Yeah, I said that. So? Wait... Don't tell me you've changed your mind?

Sigurd: No, I haven't changed my mind. I'm sticking with Lady Kika. I just wanted to check your loyalty.

Hervey: Don't scare me like that!

Sigurd: Heh. Sorry.


Pablo: Simeon.

Simeon: Yes? What's on your mind?

Pablo: Why in the world do Rune Cannons turn into Evil Eyes?

Simeon: I don't know the details... We know little about how Rune Cannons are built from living creatures.

Pablo: …

Simeon: Pablo... Your master manufactured Rune Cannons, did he not?

Pablo: Yes, he did.

Simeon: Exactly how many did he make?

Pablo: I'm not sure... I guess he made as many as the Lord of Middleport requested.

Simeon: Hmm... I wish there were some records of it...

Pablo: Sorry. That's all I know.

Simeon: Have Kyril and the others told you about the pirate Steele?

Pablo: You mean the Evil Eye he had?

Simeon: Yes... It seems likely to me that his Evil Eye was created through an accident of some sort.

Pablo: Are you saying that nobody really “made” it, then?

Simeon: Precisely. If someone had made it, then there would be others floating around, too. I think that, perhaps due to some freak accident, his Rune Cannon somehow gained control over its own muzzle eye.

Pablo: Interesting...

Pablo: Simeon...

Simeon: Yes?

Pablo: Even though I worked under Warlock, the creator of Rune Cannons, I don't think I'm his apprentice.

Simeon: You say this because he never taught you anything about them?

Pablo: Right.

Simeon: Those, however, were secrets that I imagine he never taught to anyone... not even his own family. Nevertheless, he taught you many other things, did he not?

Pablo: I suppose...

Simeon: Do not worry, then. You are a genuine apprentice.

Pablo: ...

Pablo: Simeon...

Simeon: Yes?

Pablo: After all this fighting ends, would it be all right if I came by to talk with you from time to time?

Simeon: I would not object. However...

Pablo: “However”?

Simeon: This fighting has given me much to think about, as well. I'm considering embarking on a journey of my own...

Pablo: I see...

Simeon: Well, when I am home, at least, you are welcome to come as you please.

Pablo: Thank you.


Simeon: I am called Simeon.

Maxine: I'm Maxine.

Simeon: Your magic is most impressive... You almost blew me away.

Maxine: … Nice to meet you.

Simeon: Likewise.

Simeon: With that much power, I imagine you have difficulty leading a quiet life.

Maxine: Yeah... Well, it's mostly the snobby rich folks that won't leave me alone.

Simeon: I see... I assume they hoped to use your abilities for murder?

Maxine: I've said enough. That was long ago...

Simeon: You must not sell your powers to people like that.

Maxine: Like I said, it was a long time ago.

Simeon: Hmm...

Simeon: Tell me... What do you think of Kyril?

Maxine: Kyril... is something of a dilettante. He chases after things that are completely valueless.

Simeon: But is it not that straightforwardness itself that you admire?

Maxine: How would you...?!

Simeon: I apologize... I did not mean to make implications, but your feelings are plainly visible.

Maxine: Hmph!

Simeon: Ah... Just who I wanted to see.

Maxine: …

Simeon: Your power... You must never use it for assassination again. I know your heart is good.

Maxine: Would you stop deciding for me what I am?

Simeon: You avoid people because you are afraid that they'll sense goodness in you, is it not?

Maxine: Dream on.

Simeon: You.

Maxine: …

Simeon: You must not use your powers in the service of the evil-hearted.

Maxine: …

Simeon: I give this advice for your own good.

Maxine: I know that. I'll be more careful in my choice of employers next time.

Simeon: Good.


Roget: So you're Simeon?

Simeon: Indeed.

Roget: The famous Simeon of Haruna... It's an honor to meet you.

Simeon: Thank you. And you, as well.

Roget: Simeon...

Simeon: Yes?

Roget: I've given it a lot of thought. You've been a famous sorcerer since I was a kid...

Simeon: And?

Roget: Well, nothing really... I was just wondering why you're younger than me!

Simeon: Some secrets must be kept, I'm afraid.

Roget: Simeon. I thought of something else.

Simeon: Do tell? Please, marvel me with your ruminations...

Roget: Are you Simeon the 2nd?

Simeon: I am not.

Roget: What? Then... Simeon the 3rd?

Roget: Umm...

Simeon: Go on...

Roget: Simeon, are you... are you using your magic powers to stay young?

Simeon: That's it. Well, more or less.

Roget: Wow! I had no idea. I thought of something in my own head, and it turned out to be right! What a wild guess!

Simeon: A wondrous thing, that head of yours. But to be more precise, I use my magic to appear younger rather than stay young.

Roget: So Simeon...

Simeon: What is it this time...?

Roget: Tell me how to do it too!

Simeon: Do what?

Roget: Bah! Don't play dumb. Tell me how you make yourself look young!

Simeon: But Roget, you have no need for it. You're the very image of youth.

Roget: C'mon, why not?!

Simeon: I don't appreciate the tone of your voice.

Roget: My... Well, then, umm... Umm... Would you please teach me how... please?

Simeon: No. You wouldn't be able to do it, even if I did explain.

Roget: Aw, man...

Simeon: Everyone I've taught in the past has always botched the technique and died as a result.

Roget: What?!

Simeon: ...a joke, my friend.

Roget: Whew... Bah. I give up...


Charlemagne: Hello there, Lord Reinbach!

Reinbach: Yes? Well, if it isn't Lord Charlemagne!

Charlemagne: Ah, to meet foes on the battlefield with you, as brothers in arms! What a magnificent honor!

Reinbach: Let us fight remorselessly, to the full extent of our abilities.

Charlemagne: But of course!

Charlemagne: You know, Lord Reinbach...

Reinbach: What is it, pray tell?

Charlemagne: During the incident with the Rose Crest, I went so far as to question your dependability...

Reinbach: Pay it no heed. I, for one, have never given it a second thought. Please, forget the whole sordid affair.

Charlemagne: Oh! Lord Reinbach! That you should say such a thing!!

Reinbach: Come, my friend. Let us return to the heat of battle.

Charlemagne: And it shall be an honor!

Reinbach: *cough*!

Charlemagne: Is something the matter?

Reinbach: Oh... There is a bit of discomfort in my throat.

Charlemagne: Oh, my! That's terrible! You mustn't catch a cold! Please, do not overextend yourself!

Reinbach: I shall be fine. I am, even at this very moment, sucking a cough drop as I should be.

Charlemagne: Please, if you ever feel under the weather, do not hesitate to call on me!

Reinbach: Your kind words are truly heartwarming. Oh! How grand it is to have a friend as true as yourself.

Reinbach: Hello...

Charlemagne: Is something troubling you?

Reinbach: If only the Rune Cannons would vanish from the face of this world...!

Charlemagne: Lord Reinbach...

Reinbach: Ah, please, your forgiveness. I've grown quite distraught. Perhaps eliminating them all will prove impossible... But I swear -- I will do all I can to destroy them!

Charlemagne: And you shall have my assistance, sir!

Reinbach: Ohh! My sincerest gratitude!

Reinbach: Lord Charlemagne, I have come to a decision.

Charlemagne: And what might that be?

Reinbach: I have decided upon a way to ensure that I forget neither this battle nor our friendship, for as long as I live. I shall plant a commemorative rose bush upon my return to my home in Middleport.

Charlemagne: Oh! What a splendid idea!

Reinbach: Every time a rose blooms, I shall recall our friendship!

Charlemagne: Oh, Lord Reinbach!

[continued in next post]

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Re: All Good Will Conversations

Postby Rogue » Sat Jan 18, 2014 7:12 am


Jewel: Hey!

Tal: Hey, good to see ya again!

Jewel: Yeah! Wow, you haven't aged one bit!

Tal: Ya think? Neither have you!

Jewel: Heh heh! Thanks.

Jewel: Hey, Tal.

Tal: Yeah?

Jewel: Keneth sure has moved up in the world. Ever think you should have stayed with the Knights, too?

Tal: Nah... I chose my own life!

Jewel: Yeah, I guess that's more important.

Tal: Oh, without a doubt!

Jewel: Hey, Tal.

Tal: Yeah?

Jewel: Katarina sure has mellowed out, huh?

Tal: Yeah, she has. I live in Razril too, so I see her around sometimes. She's not like she used to be.

Jewel: Yeah... I bet Katarina's been through a lot, what with Glen's death and all.

Tal: Well, it looks like she's doing a lot better now.

Jewel: Yeah, I think so, too.

Tal: You know...

Jewel: What?

Tal: They really were scary, weren't they? Those Rune Cannons.

Jewel: Yeah, and to think we used them all the time! Well, until recently, that is.

Tal: I can't believe they used living beings to make them. Sorcerers sure think up the nastiest things...

Jewel: We'll just have to take 'em all out then.

Tal: Right with ya!

Tal: Hey, Jewel.

Jewel: Yeah?

Tal: Not too long ago, I woke up in the middle of the night, and...

Jewel: A-And?

Tal: Keneth was up, swinging his sword around!

Jewel: You mean he was practicing?

Tal: Yep. He sure is amazing.

Jewel: I know.

Tal: I'd better work hard too... at least until all this is over!

Jewel: Me too!


Paula: Are you working hard, Jewel?

Jewel: Of course!

Paula: Heh. You're as cheerful as ever.

Jewel: Who would have thought we'd fight together again, huh? Anyway, good luck!

Paula: Thanks. Let's do the best we can and make King Lino proud.

Jewel: Paula, were you really on the same island as me? I never ran into you.

Paula: There's... a lot of pressure to keep away from humans.

Jewel: Oh... That must be a pain.

Paula: I had so many things I wanted to talk to you about, but...

Jewel: Hey, I wanted to talk to you, too! We have so much catching up to do!

Paula: In that case, let's have a nice, long chat later.

Jewel: Deal!

Jewel: Hey, Paula.

Paula: Yes?

Jewel: Andarc looks pretty cute when he takes his glasses off, don't you think?

Paula: Hmm... Really?

Jewel: I'm serious! Next time he's washing his face or something, sneak a peek!

Paula: Oh, Jewel... You never change, do you?

Jewel: Huh? What do you mean?

Paula: Tee hee... Never mind.

Jewel: Hey!

Paula: Hi.

Jewel: I can't believe the Rune Cannons we used to use were so dangerous...

Paula: Yeah, it's a scary thought.

Jewel: If this had happened back when there was ammunition left, and everyone was blasting away with Rune Cannons...

Paula: Yeah... First the ammunition went, and now, luckily, the Rune Cannons are going, too.

Jewel: Now we just have to get rid of the last ones, so that they can't be misused.

Paula: That's right. We'll have to work hard.

Jewel: Hi!

Paula: What is it?

Jewel: I saw a lot of Kooluk...

Paula: Uh-huh?

Jewel: Not many hunky guys, are there?

Paula: Uh... umm... There aren't?


Rachel: Cedric...

Cedric: Argh! You again?!

Rachel: Just thought I'd say hi today.

Cedric: …

Rachel: You can't run. You know that, don't you?

Cedric: Oh, man...

Rachel: Cedric.

Cedric: Argh!

Rachel: What? Were you trying to run away just now?

Cedric: O-Of course not...

Rachel: Listen to me. Kyril's group still hasn't paid me back for that time you ate and ran!

Cedric: I know, I know... Sheesh!

Rachel: Cedric!

Cedric: Erk! Yes?

Rachel: You aren't stealing food from these people too, are you?

Cedric: No! I'd never do that!

Rachel: Really... I just heard someone yelling about their dinner being stolen, so I thought... Sorry for doubting you, Cedric.

Cedric: D-Don't mention it.

Rachel: But you still owe me for the rest! This isn't over yet!

Cedric: Um, yeah, okay!

Rachel: Cedric...

Cedric: …

Rachel: Cedric... … Eeyah!

Cedric: Ouch! What are you doing, Rachel?!

Rachel: You were snoozing, so I woke you up. Sleeping on the job is dangerous, you know!

Cedric: Getting stabbed with a spear is even more dangerous, if you ask me!

Rachel: Then stop napping!

Cedric: Okay... I'm sorry.

Rachel: Hey, Cedric.

Cedric: Yes?

Rachel: Are you making yourself useful to everyone?

Cedric: Hey, I'm doing the best I can, you know...

Rachel: Well, I just hope so.

Cedric: You sure are a mean one, Rachel.

Rachel: What?! I'm just concerned about you!

Cedric: … I know...


Selma: Paula.

Paula: Yes?

Selma: How are you?

Paula: I'm fine, thanks.

Selma: All right... Time to show them what elves can do!

Paula: I'll do my best.

Selma: Paula.

Paula: Yes?

Selma: Did you see that Yohn person next to Kyril?

Paula: Yohn? Yeah.

Selma: What is she, exactly? I've never seen anyone like her before...

Paula: I'm not sure either...

Selma: Hmm...

Selma: I can't believe those Evil Eyes can turn people into monsters.

Paula: I wonder if any of the monsters we've been fighting used to be human...

Selma: Well... Nothing we could have done anyway...

Paula: …

Selma: All we can do is destroy all of the Evil Eyes.

Paula: Right.

Selma: Paula.

Paula: Yes?

Selma: Are you planning on going back to the village after this fighting ends?

Paula: That's my plan...

Selma: Good.

Paula: Huh?

Selma: That's good, because you're the only elf who knows anything about humans. And honestly, I'd be lonely if I had to go back home alone. The villagers would have a lot to say about that.

Selma: Paula.

Paula: Yes?

Selma: Don't you think the rest of the elves should try talking with humans more often, the way we do?

Paula: Yeah, I think so, too.

Selma: Maybe I'll try to convince the Chief...

Paula: You think that'll go okay?

Selma: If they chase me out of the village, I'll deal with that when it happens.

Paula: Well, I'm on your side, Selma.

Selma: You are? Wanna get chased out with me, then?

Paula: You...

Selma: Heh heh!


Selma: Mitsuba.

Mitsuba: Yes?

Selma: I heard about what you're doing. You're conning travelers out of their money again, aren't you?

Mitsuba: What?! I don't know what you're talking about!

Selma: Oh, yeah?

Mitsuba: I mean, people just come up to me and put their money down, begging for a duel! Just because I always win doesn't mean I'm conning them.

Selma: *sigh* What am I going to do with you?

Mitsuba: Whew...

Selma: Mitsuba.

Mitsuba: Yeah?

Selma: Isn't your sword kind of heavy?

Mitsuba: What, this? Well, maybe a bit...

Selma: …

Mitsuba: But if it was any smaller than this, it wouldn't impress anyone!

Selma: Well, that's your prerogative.

Mitsuba: Hey, Selma.

Selma: Yes?

Mitsuba: Are you guys trying to smash up all the Rune Cannons or something?

Selma: Huh?! Yeah, we are. You didn't know? Why did you join up, then?

Mitsuba: What? 'Cause Kyril's tough and stuff. I figured that with him around, there'd always be plenty to eat.

Selma: You know... Sometimes you worry even me, Mitsuba...

Selma: Huh? Mitsuba? Is there something wrong?

Mitsuba: When I look at you, it makes me think... Elves and humans aren't all that different, are we?

Selma: Yeah... We're not all that different. We elves do live longer, but still...

Mitsuba: You're kiddin'! You guys live longer? Wow! I wanna keep making money forever, so I can stay alive as long as you!

Selma: Yeah, but first we have to make it out of this alive.

Selma: What's wrong, Mitsuba? You seem a bit down.

Mitsuba: I've just been kind of tired lately.

Selma: Ha ha ha! What did you expect, waving that big, heavy thing around?

Mitsuba: Eh, don't worry. I'm not giving up yet! Bring it on!

Selma: What's wrong? Are you feverish? I've never seen you so serious.

Mitsuba: Oh, that's not it. I'm just thinking about how I'm gonna spend all that money once the fighting ends.

Selma: Oh, Mitsuba...


Nalleo: Papa.

Dario: Yeah?

Nalleo: I'm finally strong enough to fight alongside you!

Dario: Yeah... That's fer sure.

Nalleo: I won't hold you back, Papa!

Dario: I believe it! I'm proud'a you, son!

Nalleo: Papa.

Dario: Yeah?

Nalleo: How's my swing? Is it strong enough?

Dario: Why this all of a sudden?

Nalleo: I'm just worried about holding everyone back.

Dario: What are ya talkin' about?! Yer doing fine! Great! Don't worry about it.

Nalleo: Okay!

Nalleo: Papa.

Dario: Yeah?

Nalleo: You took Hervey's dinner again, didn't you?

Dario: I...I don't know what you're...

Nalleo: Oh, Papa...

Nalleo: Hey, Papa.

Dario: Hey, son.

Nalleo: I've been training with Sigurd and Hervey lately.

Dario: Yep. Think it's been helpin' ya?

Nalleo: Yeah! Sigurd and everyone sure are strong...

Dario: I guess...

Nalleo: But you're the strongest of all, Papa!

Dario: A'course I am! Arrr, let's go!

Nalleo: All right!

Nalleo: Papa?

Dario: Yeah?

Nalleo: Papa, will you train me sometime?

Dario: I worked with ya a while back, didn't I?

Nalleo: Yeah, but that time... You went easy on me, didn't you?

Dario: Huh?

Nalleo: This time, don't pull your punches!

Dario: Oh, r-right... Sure, one of these days... *gulp*

Nalleo: Okay. Thanks, Papa!


Hervey: Hey, Dario!

Dario: *munch munch munch*

Hervey: Huh? Are you eating something again??

Dario: *chomp chomp* I'm not eatin'!

Hervey: Hey! Don't spray your half-chewed food on me!

Dario: Shaddup! *burp*

Hervey: Hey, I said cut it out! Gross...

Hervey: Hey, Dario!

Dario: Yeah? Whatcha want?

Hervey: Nalleo really has grown up, hasn't he?

Dario: Yeah!

Hervey: Better make sure we aren't left behind!

Dario: Yeah. You could stand ta train some more, Hervey, until you're as strong as me.

Hervey: ...

Dario: Arrr, I'm famished!

Hervey: Wh-What?

Dario: Gimme some food! Hand it over, ya mullygrubber!

Hervey: I don't even have any...

Dario: Why not?! Damn... Let's get this over with, then! Here I come!

Hervey: Somebody needs to feed him a knuckle sandwich...

Dario: Hey, Hervey... There's somethin' I wanna get straight.

Hervey: What's that?

Dario: I got seniority, right?

Hervey: Yeah... Well, I mean, you've been working for Lady Kika longer...

Dario: That's what I thought. I'm ahead of you.

Hervey: Yeah, so what?

Dario: Gimme half yer dinner tonight! I'm starvin'!

Hervey: Not that again!

Dario: Hey, I got somethin' to ask ya.

Hervey: What now...?

Dario: I just want ya to keep trainin' Nalleo.

Hervey: Oh, that? Sure thing. Nalleo's really come a long way.

Dario: And...

Hervey: Huh? What else?

Dario: At dinner tonight... gimme half.

Hervey: Aw, cripes...


Tal: Hey, hey!

Paula: Ah, Tal. Long time no see.

Tal: So, how've ya been, Paula?

Paula: Not bad. Jewel, Keneth, and everyone else are doing well, too.

Tal: Yeah, it's great to see all the old Knights together again. Really takes me back.

Paula: We'll have to get together and talk later, when there's time.

Tal: For sure!

Paula: How's it going?

Tal: Hmm, not bad.

Paula: So, did you go back home to Razril after fighting against Kooluk?

Tal: Yeah, I spent the whole time fishing...

Paula: Razril has some tasty fish, doesn't it?

Tal: It sure does! You should come over and have some sometime! I'll catch you something and fry it up fresh!

Paula: That sounds great. We'll all have to pay you a visit sometime.

Tal: Hey, Paula.

Paula: Yes?

Tal: I was thinking... You came from the elf village, right? With Selma?

Paula: Yes. We told the Chief that the Island Nations might be attacked again, and he told us to help you prevent it.

Tal: Wow... You know, in the old days, that never would have happened.

Paula: You're right...

Tal: Heya.

Paula: Hi there.

Tal: Keneth is the Vice-Commander of the Knights of Razril now, isn't he?

Paula: Looks that way, yes.

Tal: That's so cool... I'm almost tempted to rejoin the Knights myself.

Paula: But I thought you said you wanted to become a fisherman.

Tal: That's true... I guess I'm happy the way things are.

Tal: Hey...

Paula: Yeah?

Tal: I wonder if Kyril's group has been traveling like this for a long time.

Paula: Looks like it.

Tal: Wow...

Paula: But with our help, maybe their journey will finally come to an end sometime soon.

Tal: You're right. Let's get goin' then!

Paula: Yeah!


Nalkul: Hey, Champo.

Champo: Huh? Oh, hi, Nalkul.

Nalkul: Don't get too close to the front, okay? Leave that to the stronger guys.

Champo: You got it!

Nalkul: Hey, Champo.

Champo: …

Nalkul: Champo!

Champo: Huh? Oh, Nalkul... Sorry, I was kinda sleeping.

Nalkul: I can't believe you! Sleeping at a time like this will get ya killed!

Champo: Sorry!

Champo: Nalkul.

Nalkul: What is it?

Champo: Look what I just found.

Nalkul: What's this? Some kind of flower seed? Must be from some local flower... Hey, find some more!

Champo: All right! … Hey, wait!

Nalkul: What?

Champo: There's a hole in your back pocket!

Nalkul:What?! … Dang, the flower seed must've fallen outta there...

Champo: Poor Nalkul...

Nalkul: Oh, well. Let's just keep learning as much as we can about what grows in all these different lands.

Champo: Okay! Sounds good to me!

Nalkul: Whew...

Champo: Are you a little worn out, Nalkul?

Nalkul: Yeah... Sometimes I wish I could just take a nice, long nap...

Champo: Nalkul...

Nalkul: …

Champo: Okay, me too, then...

Nalkul: … Wait, this ain't good! Champo! We gotta stay alert!

Champo: Huh?! Uh... I mean, okay!

Nalkul: Hey, Champo, are you fighting hard? No injuries?

Champo: None! How about you, Nalkul?

Nalkul: Of course not. If we get knocked out in battle, our dream'll never come true!

Champo: Yeah...

Nalkul: We're gonna be big!

Champo: We're gonna be HUGE!


Noah: Hey, hey! How's it goin', Champo?!

Champo: I'm great!

Noah: M'kay, see ya!

Champo: See ya!

Noah: I'm so hungry...

Champo: Me too...

Noah: I wonder if there's anything tasty lying around here, somewhere...

Champo: Yeah, I wonder...

Noah: Dang... I'm sooo huuungry...

Champo: Me too...

Noah: Your head's so soft and fluffy! I love it!

Champo: Really?

Noah: Can I touch it?

Champo: Uh, sure... Ack! Ouch! Whaddaya doing?!

Noah: I had a great idea! I'm gonna stick some of your fluffy fur onto my ears.

Champo: No! Stop it!!

Noah: Cham-po!

Champo: Cut it out! I'm not giving you any more fur!

Noah: Okay. Don't worry. I won't pull any more out.

Champo: You promise?

Noah: Yeah. I mean, it's more work that way. If I'm gonna take something from you, I might as well take your whole ear!

Champo: NO!! HELP!! Somebody help me!!

Noah: Ha ha ha! I'm kidding! Gee wiz. Sorry!

Champo: Huh? That wasn't very nice...

Noah: Sorry about pulling your leg the other day.

Champo: It's okay...

Noah: Let's open up a great shop when all this fighting's over. Deal?

Champo: Okay. I can't wait!


Millay: Good luck, Trishtan!

Trishtan: Oh, thanks... *cough*

Millay: Are you sick?

Trishtan: No, *cough*! It's nothing, *cough*!

Millay: Uh, okay...

Millay: Hey, Trishtan.

Trishtan: Hey there! *cough*! *cough*!!

Millay: Uh-oh, that sounds pretty bad. Are you okay?

Trishtan: I... *cough*! There's... In my bag... *cough*! Medicine... *cough*!

Millay: Is this it?

Trishtan: Yeah, that... *cough*!

Millay: Don't die on me, you hear?!

Trishtan: *cough*! *cough cough cough*!

Trishtan: *cough* Millay.

Millay: Ah, Trishtan. How are you feeling?

Trishtan: Thank you for helping me with my medicine the other day. It's really working. I feel much better... *cough*

Millay: Don't overdo it, okay?

Trishtan: Okay. *cough cough*

Millay: ...

Millay: Trishtan.

Trishtan: *cough* Yes?

Millay: Could we train together sometime?

Trishtan: A training bout? *cough*

Millay: Unless you're not feeling up to it...

Trishtan: No, it's okay. *cough*

Millay: All right, then!

Millay: Trishtan...

Trishtan: *cough cough* What is it? *cough*

Millay: You know, when we had our training bout the other day, I realized something. You're incredibly strong, Trishtan. And not only that...

Trishtan: Yeah?

Millay: While you're fighting, you don't cough at all!

Trishtan: *cough*! Really? *cough*

Millay: Yeah. I was pretty surprised...

Trishtan: That surprises me, too! *cough*!


Noah: Hey, Nalkul.

Nalkul: Yes?

Noah: I'm hungry...

Nalkul: Heh. Here, take this. I'm not gonna reopen the shop for a while, anyway.

Noah: Wow! A Meat Bun! Thank you!

Nalkul: That's the last one, you hear me?

Noah: Uh-huh!

Noah: Hey, Nalkul!

Nalkul: Yeah?

Noah: Do you have some kind of goal in life?

Nalkul: Of course I do! My goal is to open up a huge shop, like the one Chiepoo has on the Deserted Island.

Noah: Oh, I know that one... It sure is huge, that's for sure.

Nalkul: Yeah... Someday...

Nalkul: Hey, how are you?

Noah: Not bad.

Nalkul: So, what's your goal, huh?

Noah: Me? Well, I wanna make these ears look completely real and surprise everyone!

Nalkul: So you want to be... a half Nay-Kobold?

Noah: Exactly! Heh heh!

Nalkul: Hmm... So that's your goal, huh? I don't really get it.

Noah: Hey.

Nalkul: What?

Noah: So... you don't have any food left?

Nalkul: Nope.

Noah: Yeah, I guess you wouldn't... Dang, I'm so hungry. You hear that? That's my tummy grumbling!

Nalkul: Tsk! I give up... Here!

Noah: Wow! Mackerel Miso Stew!

Nalkul: But that's really the last one, okay?

Noah: Thank you!

Noah: Hey, how are you feeling?

Nalkul: Not bad...

Noah: I hope this fighting ends soon.

Nalkul: Yeah... I have to work on my shop -- it's gonna be huge!

Noah: Well, let's fight even harder, then!

Nalkul: Right.


Hervey: Hey, Nalleo.

Nalleo: Hi, Hervey.

Hervey: So are ya used to getting into all these scraps yet?

Nalleo: Not quite yet... But I'll stick with it!

Hervey: Good luck!

Nalleo: Thanks!

Hervey: Ah, Nalleo...

Nalleo: Yeah?

Hervey: With your physique, don't you think a sword would be easier for you to hold than an axe?

Nalleo: Hmm... I guess so. But I want to use the same weapon as Papa.

Hervey: Well, I know how you feel, but...

Nalleo: I want to be a great pirate, just like Papa!

Hervey: Hmm... You do hold that axe just like your dad does.

Nalleo: Really?? Thanks!

Hervey: Heh... That wasn't a compliment, exactly...

Hervey: Hey, uh, Nalleo...

Nalleo: Yes, sir?

Hervey: Dario keeps going after my dinner! Couldya tell him to cut it out?

Nalleo: Okay... But I don't think he'll listen to me... I'll probably make things worse.

Hervey: Yeah... No big deal.

Nalleo: Hervey, sir...

Hervey: What's up?

Nalleo: Can I, uh, have some of your... dinner?

Hervey: What?! Do you have to copy everything yer dad does??

Nalleo: No... It's just that Papa eats my dinner, too. I haven't eaten since yesterday...

Hervey: Huh...? What a horrible father... All right, all right. I'll share my dinner with you tonight.

Nalleo: Thank you very much...

Hervey: Nalleo.

Nalleo: Yes, sir!

Hervey: You sure have a lotta natural talent. I wish you'd try training on some other weapons, too.

Nalleo: No... No way! I'm an axeman to the end!

Hervey: Just like your Papa, right?

Nalleo: Yes, sir! That's my objective!

Hervey: Heh. You're too good a son for Dario.

Nalleo: Did you say something?

Hervey: Nah. Let's go!

Nalleo: All right!


Rita: Noah!

Noah: I'm fighting with you! Good luck!

Rita: You, too!

Rita: You've got some cute ears, you know that, Noah?

Noah: Heh heh! Aren't they great?! I made them myself!

Rita: What?! No kidding? And those paws, too?

Noah: Yup!

Rita: Wow! That's incredible! Can I try em' on sometime?

Noah: Sure! See ya later!

Noah: Hey, Rita! I love your hammer. It's so cute!

Rita: Really?

Noah: Can I see it for a sec?

Rita: Sure... It's heavy, though. Be careful.

Noah: Thanks. Gnn! I can't even lift it! Gnnn!

Rita: Are you okay?

Noah: It's not as cute as I thought it was...

Noah: Hey, Rita, wanna hear something funny?

Rita: Yeah?

Noah: Listen to this... (*whisper whisper*)

Rita: Bwah ha ha ha! You're kidding!

Noah: And that's not all... (*whisper whisper whisper*)

Rita: Bwah ha ha ha ha! Get outta here!! A ha ha haa!!

Noah: Funny, huh? I told you it'd be funny!

Rita: Thanks, Noah! That made my day! Hee hee hee...

Rita: Hey, Noah!

Noah: What?

Rita: After this fighting's over...

Noah: Yeah?

Rita: Let's invite Corselia and everyone, and go hang out together!

Noah: Sure! That sounds great!


Noah: Ah, Rene!

Rene: Hello.

Noah: Hey, you wanna go treasure hunting with me sometime?

Rene: Sure!

Noah: Except, this time, can we go hunting for food? Something really tasty...

Rene: You want to look for... food? That sounds a little tough... but I'll do my best.

Noah: Hey, Rene.

Rene: Yes?

Noah: Teach me how to search for treasure too sometime, okay?

Rene: Sure. But I think you'd have trouble holding the rod with those hands...

Noah: Aw, man! I guess so, huh? Okay, let's go looking for treasure together again sometime!

Rene: Sure thing.

Noah: Hey.

Rene: What is it?

Noah: You're good at digging holes, aren't ya, Rene?

Rene: Umm, yes...

Noah: When you have some time...

Rene: A pit? There?!

Noah: It'll be okay! I promise! Please!

Rene: Umm, all right... But don't blame me if something happens, okay?

Noah: Rene.

Rene: Yes, what is it?

Noah: The other day... You dug me a pit, right?

Rene: Yes, I did.

Noah: Well... I fell in.

Rene: What?!

Noah: It hurt!

Rene: That's your fault for goofing off!

Noah: But next time, I'll trick someone else into falling! Next time for sure!

Rene: Noah...!!

Noah: Hey, Rene. Listen to this!

Rene: What is it?

Noah: Guess what... (*whisper whisper*)

Rene: Huh?! Are you sure?

Noah: Yeah. (*whisper whisper*)

Rene: But that means...

Noah: Right!

Rene: Aha ha ha!! That's funny.

Noah: Yeah! And guess what else...


Flare: You're Frederica?

Frederica: Well, if it isn't the Princess of Obel!

Flare: Uh, yes... I wish you'd call me by my name, though.

Frederica: I see. May I call you Flare, then?

Flare: Yes, please. Nice to meet you.

Frederica: The honor is mine.

Frederica: Flare.

Flare: Yes?

Frederica: Are there no more Rune Cannons in Obel?

Flare: You can't even find ammunition now... but I think there are still muzzles.

Frederica: …

Flare: I know what you're thinking. Don't worry. We'll have everyone dispose of the muzzles as soon as we get home. And not just Obel, of course. All of the Island Nations.

Frederica: I see... Thanks. I'm counting on you and your father to make it happen.

Frederica: Hey...

Flare: What is it?

Frederica: How is Obel holding up?

Flare: It's pretty much the same as always...

Frederica: It's such a gorgeous island. I really like it.

Flare: Really? You'll have to come visit, then.

Frederica: Yeah... As soon as I have the free time.

Flare: Okay, then it's a promise!

Flare: Frederica...

Frederica: Yes?

Flare: What do you plan on doing after we destroy all of the Kooluk Rune Cannons?

Frederica: I haven't decided... I can't go back home, since it's nothing more than a wasteland now...

Flare: ...

Flare: Hey, Frederica... Would you be interested in working in Obel after this battle is over?

Frederica: What...? What would I do there?

Flare: Well, you could decide that after you arrive. There'd be time.

Frederica: … That's true... I'll go visit Obel first, and then think it over. Either way, we'll have to win this battle first.

Flare: Right! Let's go!


Flare: Millay.

Millay: P-Princess Flare! I'm honored that you would deem me worthy of your attention!

Flare: Hey, now. No reason to be so formal.

Millay: But were I to somehow cause offense...

Flare: Please, as a favor to me... address me as you would anyone else.

Millay: Uh... Umm... I-I'll do my best.

Flare: There you go, see? It's not hard.

Millay: Very well, Your-- I mean, okay!

Flare: Millay.

Millay: What is it, Your High-- I mean, what's up?

Flare: Your back was open... Be careful.

Millay: What?! Thank you!

Flare: Also, you need to relax more.

Millay: Understood!

Millay: Princess Flare, are you okay?

Flare: Fair, I guess... and you?

Millay: I'm fine.

Flare: Okay. We'll get some rest soon. In the meantime, let's give it our best.

Millay: I always do!

Flare: Millay...

Millay: Yes?

Flare: You used to work for us in Obel, didn't you?

Millay: Yes. I was in charge of one of the king's platoons.

Flare: And what of your platoon now?

Millay: They're doing fine without me. I was ordered by the king himself to give this mission the highest priority.

Flare: I see. Good work.

Millay: Thank you, my princess.

Millay: Princess Flare, are you uninjured?

Flare: Oh, I'm fine. But...

Millay: What is it, Your Highness?

Flare: Millay, I told you to just talk normally with me. Remember?

Millay: Ah! I'm so sorry!

Flare: No, it's my fault. I know that soldiers aren't used to being so casual with their officers.

Millay: Princess Flare, your kindness is unmatched.


Flare: So, you came at last, huh, Father.

Lino: Sorry to keep you waiting.

Flare: That's okay. Let's get to it!

Lino: All right. Time for me to flex my muscles, too!

Flare: How are you feeling, Father?

Lino: Not too shabby.

Flare: Shouldn't you keep a lower profile? You do remember your job, right... leader of the Island Nations?

Lino: I know, I know. Don't worry about it.

Lino: How are you, hon? Not tired at all?

Flare: I'm more worried about you, Father.

Lino: I'll be fine. Don't wear yourself out, okay?

Flare: I won't.

Flare: I wonder what will happen to the Kooluk Empire now.

Lino: I'm not sure. It'll take some time just to recover from all of this, for a start...

Flare: ...

Flare: Father...

Lino: Yeah?

Flare: Is the Kingdom of Obel all right?

Lino: Of course it is. All the islands of the Island Nations are doing great.

Flare: That's reassuring to hear.

Lino: And if they weren't doing good... we'd just have to help them out.

Flare: Let's hope we never have to get around to that.


Roget: You're Maxine, aren't you?

Maxine: …

Roget: Huh? Did I get it wrong? Max- -

Maxine: I heard you.

Roget: Ah, okay...

Maxine: And you're Roget, right?

Roget: Yup! It's nice to meet a fellow sorcerer!

Maxine: I was just checking. I have no interest in getting buddy-buddy with you.

Roget: Ahh... ummm... okay...

Roget: Maxine, you always rest alone, separate from everyone else, don't you...?

Maxine: What of it? I don't like the noise...

Roget: But it's fun! Everybody has great stories to tell...

Maxine: When something needs to be done, I'll do my part. But otherwise I prefer to be alone.

Maxine: Roget... It is Roget, right?

Roget: Yep, yep. What's up?

Maxine: Nothing, just checking.

Roget: (Is she teasing me...?)

(Note: The text looks as if it has two spaces between “teasing” and “me”.)

Maxine: Roget.

Roget: Wow, you're actually talking to me? What is it?

Maxine: Nothing, really... Just... your skill with magic is impressive.

Roget: Not as impressive as yours, Maxine!

Maxine: It's hard to evaluate yourself. Anyway, I just wanted to thank you. I've been learning some things by watching you at work.

Roget: You're learning... from me?

Maxine: Yeah, I'm just watching from a close distance. It's been educational.

Roget: No kidding. Glad to be of help! Watch any time ya like.

Maxine: I just may. Well, good luck to you. I'll be doing my best as well.


Mitsuba: Hey there, Reinhold! Havin' fun?

Reinhold: Hello, Mitsuba. Full of energy as always, it seems.

Mitsuba: Whaddaya expect? I'm young!

Reinhold: Yeah...

Mitsuba: Come on, don't be so serious. Let's go!

Reinhold: Very well.

Mitsuba: Come on! I'll pulverize ya!

Reinhold: Mitsuba... Are you not tired from all those powerful swings?

Mitsuba: Not one bit!

Reinhold: You sure have a great deal of energy...

Mitsuba: Take that!!

Mitsuba: Eeyah!

Reinhold: So much energy...

Mitsuba: Ee... Yah...

Reinhold: ?

Mitsuba: Man, I'm pooped... Reinhold, you take the rest, 'kay?

Reinhold: What?!

Mitsuba: How's it goin', Reinhold?

Reinhold: Mitsuba.

Mitsuba: Somethin' wrong?

Reinhold: After this fighting is over... Will you give it all up?

Mitsuba: You mean...?

Reinhold: After all this is over, you'll stop that fighting scam of yours, yes?

Mitsuba: Well... I guess it's not fair for you to always play the victim role...

Reinhold: ?

Mitsuba: Maybe I'll do things through the Quest Guild from now on...

Reinhold: That's not what I meant...


Rita: Good luck, Millay!

Millay: You too!

Rita: Let's smack these guys around some!

Millay: I'm not sure I have it in me to smack anyone around...

Rita: Come on!

Millay: Oh, okay, okay.

Rita: Hey, hey! Hey!

Millay: What is it?

Rita: Do you like to play, Millay?

Millay: Huh?! We're in the middle of a battle!

Rita: Who cares?

Millay: I care!

Rita: Sheesh, what a party pooper...

Rita: Hey, hey. Hey! Hey!!

Millay: Lemme guess... You wanna play?

Rita: Yup!

Millay: NO!!

Rita: Sheesh.

Rita: Hey, Millay! Let's play Ritaland sometime!

Millay: Rita-what?

Rita: Heh heh! It's a new game I invented!

Millay: Ah, well... fine. I'll play it with you. Next time.

Rita: Yessss! All right!

Millay: *sigh*

Millay: Rita.

Rita: Yeah?

Millay: Let's play Ritaland again sometime!

Rita: Huh? Are you serious?

Millay: Yeah. It's good practice for actual battles.

Rita: Yeah, sure it is! You just can't admit you liked my game!

Millay: No, that's not it...

Rita: Admit it!

Millay: Okay, okay... Maybe it was a little fun.

Rita: Ha!


Lino: Hey there! How's it going?

Eugene: Oh, I-I'm fine...

Lino: Put a little more life into it! That's what I'm doing!

Eugene: I'll do my best, sir...

Eugene: Take that!

Lino: Oho! Nicely done! You're pretty good with that spear, aren't you?

Eugene: Thank you very much, sir!

Lino: Come on, don't be so formal.

Eugene: But... but you're the king!

Lino: As long as I'm here, I'm just another mercenary. And, since you're a spearman too, that makes us comrades-in-arms!

Eugene: Um, okay... I'll do my best!

Lino: You know...

Eugene: Yes?

Lino: You seem to attract an awful lot of those bad guys.

Eugene: Yeah, that's because of my Firefly Rune. It makes the enemies come after me.

Lino: Interesting... In other words, that's your secret weapon, huh?

Eugene: Uh, I guess... Ack, here we go again!

Lino: Hey there!

Eugene: Oh, hello. You might want to stay away from me. I attract a lot of enemies!

Lino: No problem! If any turn up, I'll just pick 'em off.

Eugene: Oh... right.

Lino: Here we go!

Eugene: Right with you!

Lino: Hey there.

Eugene: Oh, hello.

Lino: What do you plan to do after all the fighting's finished?

Eugene: I'm still thinking it over.

Lino: Is that so? How about coming over to Obel?

Eugene: What?

Lino: We'd love to have a talented guy like you with us.

Eugene: Really? Th-Thank you!


Rachel: Hey there, Eugene!

Eugene: Hello, Rachel. Looking forward to working with you...

Rachel: What's wrong? You seem a bit down.

Eugene: N-No... I'm always like this...

Rachel: Well... okay, then. Good luck with that spear!

Eugene: Thank you, and the same to you.

Rachel: Hey, Eugene!

Eugene: Um, yes?

Rachel: How'd you like to try a bout sometime? You and me, spear to spear?

Eugene: Umm...

Rachel: Come on, it won't kill ya to hang out with me a little!

Eugene: O-Okay... Just a little.

Rachel: Hey!

Eugene: Um, hi.

Rachel: Our bout the other day... I'm not letting you off the hook yet.

Eugene: Wh-Why not?

Rachel: You were totally spaced out. Why won't you fight for real?!

Eugene: I'm sorry...

Rachel: So anyway, we need a rematch, and real soon! This time, I'm gonna go all out on you!

Eugene: What? But I'm so tired...

Rachel: Come on, Eugene! Pretty please?

Eugene: Okay...

Rachel: Damn it!

Eugene: What's wrong?

Rachel: Why do you always win our practice bouts?!

Eugene: Oh, I-I'm sorry...

Rachel: Geez! This is so frustrating!

Rachel: Eugene!

Eugene: Unh?!

Rachel: How come it's so easy to scare you?

Eugene: Let me guess... You want another rematch?

Rachel: Yeah, about that...

Eugene: Okay, okay.

Rachel: We don't have to do that anymore.

Eugene: Huh?

Rachel: I wanna save my energy for the real fighting! So, no more bouts.

Eugene: Uh, I see. Okay...

Rachel: What, gonna miss me, are ya? Come on, then! Let's go!

Eugene: Um, okay...


Rita: Rene, how ya doin'?

Rene: I'm fine, thanks.

Rita: I've thought up a new game. Wanna try it with me sometime?

Rene: Okay, sure.

Rita: You promise?

Rene: I promise.

Rita: Hey, hey. Hey!

Rene: Yes, what is it?

Rita: Let's go treasure hunting sometime!

Rene: The two of us?

Rita: Yeah!

Rene: Hmm... That sounds fun. Okay, let's go sometime!

Rita: You promise?

Rene: I promise.

Rene: Umm, Rita.

Rita: Yeah?

Rene: Isn't that hammer a little... heavy?

Rita: Nah, not at all! Look!

Rene: Wow. That's pretty impressive... I wish I could do that.

Rita: Hey, hey. Hey!

Rene: Yes, what is it?

Rita: What's that weird rod you've got there, Rene?

Rene: Oh, this? It's called a "Divining Rod"... I use it to find treasure.

Rita: Wow! That's amazing!

Rene: But there's a certain knack to it... I'm still trying to get the hang of it.

Rita: No way! You're always finding all kinds of great treasure!

Rene: You think so? Well, I just hope I'm helping out, in my own way.

Rita: Hey, hey. Hey! You won't believe what I heard!

Rene: What?

Rita: (*whisper whisper*)

Rene: Really?

Rita: Yep, and then... (*whisper whisper*)

Rene: Wow!

Rita: Shhh! Keep it down!

Rene: Oops! Sorry.

Rita: Anyway, it's pretty crazy, huh?

Rene: Heh heh... Yeah.


Lino: Hey.

Rachel: Oh, Your Highness!

Lino: About that... Please, call me “Lino” for now.

Rachel: I... uh, okay... I'll try to call you “Lino” from now on.

Lino: Much appreciated.

Lino: How are things going?

Rachel: Not too bad, I suppose.

Lino: That's good to hear. There aren't many other spearmen, so let's make our blows count, huh?

Rachel: Yes, sir! I'm with you all the way!

Lino: By the way... when you're not fighting like this, what do you normally do?

Rachel: Me? I collect debts... stuff like that... Uh, sir.

Lino: I see...

Rachel: Is there something else?

Lino: Well, I just thought, with your skills, it'd be nice to see you working with me on Obel.

Rachel: What?! Me?

Lino: Yeah, so what do you say?

Rachel: Well... You see, the job I'm doing now is really tough. I don't think anyone else could handle it, to be honest. So... I don't think it'll be possible. I'm so sorry!

Lino: Okay, I understand.

Rachel: I'm really so terribly sorry...

Lino: It's fine, it's fine. You don't have to apologize so much!

Rachel: Lino...

Lino: Hm? What is it?

Rachel: You're built so big, but you're still so agile. It's amazing.

Lino: You think so? Well, I've been training!

Rachel: I'd better keep up with my training, too. The way things are going, everyone's gonna leave me behind!

Lino: Ha ha ha... I wouldn't worry about that. Don't panic, just keep working at it.

Rachel: I'll do my best!

Lino: You know, that Kyril kid's not half bad.

Rachel: I completely agree.

Lino: He's been though some pretty tough times. But all we can do is fight by his side and get rid of the Rune Cannons.

Rachel: That's true, but don't do anything to draw undue attention to yourself. After all, you're still the king.

Lino: Yeah, I know.


Meow Attack (Nalkul, Champo, and Noah)
Nalkul: Alright, kids, it's time to do this!

Noah: Yes, sir!

Champo: Off we go!

(Meow Attack was learned.)

Princess Attack (Flare and Corselia)
Flare: Are you ready to go?

Corselia: Yes!

Flare: Let's do it!

(Princess Attack was learned.)

Ice Crush Attack (Kyril and Corselia)
Corselia: Kyril...

Kyril: I'm ready, Corselia.

Corselia: So am I!

(Ice Crush Attack was learned.)

Nymph Attack (Rita, Millay, and Corselia)
Millay: Let's go!

Rita: You too, Corselia!

Corselia: Oh, right! Okay!

(Nymph Attack was learned.)

Pirate Family Attack (Dario and Nalleo)
Nalleo: Papa! I'm ready!

Dario: Well, well! Let's get a move on then!

Nalleo: Here I go!

(Pirate Family Attack was learned.)

Pirate Attack (Sigurd and Hervey)
Sigurd: All right...

Hervey: Huh? Are you about ready to go?

Sigurd: No problems over here.

Hervey: I'm ready, too!

(Pirate Attack was learned.)

Double Sword Attack (Kika and Lazlo)
Kika: Ready, Lazlo?

Lazlo: I'm all set.

Kika: Okay... let's go!

(Double Sword Attack was learned.)

Double Leader Attack (Kyril and Lazlo)
Kyril: Lazlo... Looks like we're about ready to go!

Lazlo: Yes. I'm ready.

Kyril: All right, let's go!

(Double Leader Attack was learned.)

True Friends Attack (Lazlo and Snowe)
Snowe: Okay, I-I'll do my best.

Lazlo: I'm ready, too.

Snowe: Let's go.

(True Friends Attack was learned.)

Ninja Attack (Akaghi and Mizuki)
Akaghi: All right! Mizuki, it's time...

Mizuki: I know. Don't mess up, Akaghi.

Akaghi: Come on, it's me we're talking about!

(Ninja Attack was learned.)

Fierce Wind Fangs (Pablo and Simeon)
Simeon: Are you ready?

Pablo: Definitely!

(Fierce Wind Fangs was learned.)

Sibling Attack (Ornela and Busk)
Busk: Shall we go as well?

Ornela: Of course! Here we go!

(Sibling Attack was learned.)

Flame Array (Katarina and Jeane)
Jeane: All right, let's go!

Katarina: I'm ready to fight!

(Flame Array was learned.)

Thunder God (Simeon and Maxine)
Maxine: Me, too.

Simeon: Very well... Let us begin!

(Thunder God was learned.)

Water Dragon (Maxine and Roget)
Maxine: All right, let's go.

Roget: Just leave the fighting to me!

(Water Dragon was learned.)

Adonis Attack (Roget, Andarc, and Coop)
Roget: Yahoo! Here I come!

Andarc: I suppose we should give it a try...

Coop: Uh, yeah...

(Adonis Attack was learned.)

Scorched Earth (Katarina and Pablo)
Katarina: No problems here!

Pablo: Then let's go!

(Scorched Earth was learned.)

Love Love Attack (Charlemagne and Reinbach)
Reinbach: Lord Charlemagne!

Charlemagne: Lord Reinbach!

Reinbach: Let us sally forth!

Charlemagne: Oh! Indeed!

(Love Love Attack was learned.)

Sorcerer Attack (Simeon, Jeane, Maxine, and Roget)
Simeon: Shall we try combining our efforts, too?

Jeane: I hope this is safe...

Maxine: I'll hold back a little for you.

Roget: Better not go blasting anyone on our side!

(Sorcerer Attack was learned.)

New Knight Attack (Katarina and Keneth)
Katarina: Let's get started!

Keneth: All right... Time to show them not to mess with the Knights of Razril!

(New Knight Attack was learned.)

Old Knight Attack (Keneth, Jewel, Tal, and Paula)
Keneth: Are you ready?

Jewel: Anytime!

Tal: It's in my blood!

Paula: Alright, let's do it!

(Old Knight Attack was learned.)

Pirate Band Attack (Sigurd, Hervey, Nalleo, and Dario)
Sigurd: Looks like I'm about ready...

Hervey: Finally, a chance to fight!

Nalleo: Let's go, already!

Dario: All right, everyone! Follow me!

(Pirate Band Attack was learned.)

Allure Attack (Ornela, Kika, and Jeane)
Ornela: I will help you. You'd better be thankful.

Kika: …

Jeane: Tee hee... You can count on me, too...

Spear Attack (Lino, Rachel, and Eugene)
Lino: Ready or not, here I come!

Rachel: Leave it to me!

Eugene: I'm ready, too!

(Spear Attack was learned.)

Giant Sword Attack (Axel, Selma, and Mitsuba)
Axel: I'm ready to go!

Selma: I'm ready, too.

Mitsuba: Then let's go!

(Giant Sword Attack was learned.)

Barrage Attack (Flare, Frederica, and Seneca)
Flare: I'm good to go!

Frederica: All right!

Seneca: I guess I'm ready to go, too...

(Barrage Attack was learned.)

Family Attack (Flare and Lino)
Flare: Father! I'm ready when you are!

Lino: Excellent! Let's get on with it!

(Family Attack was learned.)

True Ninja Attack (Kate, Akaghi, and Mizuki)
Kate: All right! Here I go!

Akaghi: Yeah!

Mizuki: Let's go!

(True Ninja Attack was learned.)

Cohort Attack (Andarc and Seneca)
Seneca: You ready, Andarc?

Andarc: Yes.

Seneca: Then let's get going.

(Cohort Attack was learned.)

Dying Wish Attack (Kyril, Andarc, and Seneca)
Kyril: Let's go!

Andarc: Yeah!

Seneca: Time to show 'em who's boss!

(Dying Wish Attack was learned.)

Intolerable Attack (Mitsuba, Reinhold, and Jeremy)
Mitsuba: Here we go!

Reinhold: Let us set forth!

Jeremy: Oh, well... Guess I'll join the party!

(Intolerable Attack was learned.)

Obel Soldier Attack (Millay, Jeremy, and Trishtan)
Millay: We're ready!

Jeremy: Time to show you what we can do!

Trishtan: I'm rea--*cough*!

(Obel Soldier Attack was learned.)
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Re: All Good Will Conversations

Postby Antimatzist » Sat Jan 18, 2014 12:09 pm

Awesome, thank you for this fantastic work! I started compiling this some time ago, but getting every last conversation is a pain.

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Re: All Good Will Conversations

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These conversations made me fall in love with Trishtan.
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Re: All Good Will Conversations

Postby patapi » Sat Jan 18, 2014 10:24 pm

Finally, someone transcribed the entire thing years after Rhapsodia is out. Well done!

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Re: All Good Will Conversations

Postby highwind44029 » Sun Dec 14, 2014 12:12 am

Thank you for this!

I was hoping Lazlo and Snowe would get a lot more cordial with each other. xD

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Re: All Good Will Conversations

Postby ralphyu » Fri May 08, 2015 1:06 pm

Soooooo much information, especially, in the conversation. Thank you very much!!
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Re: All Good Will Conversations

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Mercenaries don't have any at all? Weird.

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Re: All Good Will Conversations

Postby Antimatzist » Tue Feb 16, 2016 7:06 pm

They don't even have names and are absolutely average characters. Really, going through so much hard work to get them and then they just give you... nothing.

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Re: All Good Will Conversations

Postby Sasarai10 » Tue Feb 16, 2016 7:21 pm

Antimatzist wrote:They don't even have names and are absolutely average characters. Really, going through so much hard work to get them and then they just give you... nothing.

They aren't so bad...but I wonder why they don't have names...also I don't know what those guys are anyway....they don't even have eyes, and they appear since the battle against Sigurd.

Although it'd be good if they had some Unite attack at least.

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Re: All Good Will Conversations

Postby Sasarai10 » Thu Mar 03, 2016 6:09 pm

Is it me, or Support Unites delay more to get the next Good Will conversation?

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