[True Rune] Possibility

A place to post news and also give your ideas about the future of the Suikoden series.
Please justify all speculations with reasons why you think such an event could happen.
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Postby anokosa » Tue Dec 19, 2006 6:51 am

i feel inclined to tell you not to double post!!!!! edit the last post!!!

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Postby eternal_sins » Tue Dec 19, 2006 9:49 am

Hey pie..
cool rune and plot you get there..
but i think posting the ability is not allowed so don't do that again..

Anyway,i thought of a new rune... I don't know what to name this rune so,
i would just call this Rune of Tear.

Rune of Tear
A power lead by a quite heart and govern the power of loneliness and

Compatible with...
I thought that making this rune is easily used by 'she' cause woman tend to
be kinda crybaby or sort... I'm not looking down on woman... woman also
tend to be strong-willed eventhough 'she' felt lonely or sad...
So this rune is perfect for she-tenkai...

Behold,The power of SoD...
If i were given the chace to came up with the plot for KONAMI :shock:
IF.... this is how i would make it...recruiting the SoD is merely for having
the alternate ending and good celebration...but since i called this Rune of Tear,
every SoD hold different tear...example..

Tear of Sorrow (Tenkai)
Tear of Pitiness (Chiyu)

I know it hard thinking 108 feeling but the feeling have to do with the character..
Getting the new level of power depend on the SoD tear you receive...

Getting the story going...
The rune of tear needed the power or i would say tear...,to gain power...
The enemy thought that having the rune of tear in possesion able to
make the bearer control the life of his people...

Your enemy Leader has a loyal servant...until some near last 3 battle before
boss fight,he felt betrayed by the leader and join your army....but that won't be easy...
He the last star you are able to recruit, if you have 107 star you will get a bonus
storyline about him being betrayed by the leader and you get him...if you could not get 107,
you will not get the bonus storyline...cool huh..and he is the most powerful
character under the tenkai in the game with balance stats...
Yes...good choice for final boss fight...let just say he something likie Georg...

I wish this could happen...
so that all..i really love the plot though im sure it not quite :wink: perfect... :wink:
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Re: [True Rune] Possibility

Postby suiko2fan2 » Mon Sep 28, 2009 11:46 pm

I've seen other people post the same type of rune (a time oriented one) I just have filled out the idea of a time TR with bit more detail and picture. It seemed to come together fairly well.


Chronos Rune (Rune of Time and Space)
One of the 27 True Runes. The Rune Governs the Flow of Time and Space. One of the more dangerous True Runes to bear due to the fact that it often can leave its bearer lost and trap in any given time and place with no way back home. It’s rumored that if the Rune ever found a host truly worthy of its power it would be able to use the rune to its fullest potential and not merely travel thought time and space, but also have the power to change it. The Rune is very temperamental about who it chooses as its host, finding many humans, dwarfs, kobolds and other races; even elves to be unworthy of its great power...

Lv 1: Temporal Distortion – Opens a very small rift in time that with a 90 % of chance transporting some foes in that small area back in time or a 10% chance of causing various status effects to foes; past affinity.

Lv 2: Perfect Timing - Freezes time and foes in an area while beams of light rain down on that area inflicting 500dmg on all foes; present affinity
(similar a bit to what the timeknights outside of Muse do in S2)

Lv 3: Millennium Blight– A Sandstorm will appear trapping a single foe inside it, either aging them 1000 years or inflicting 1000dmg onto them; future affinity.

Lv 4: Phoenix Rising – A Supreme Phoenix appears descending from the heavens completely consuming all its enemies in the wake of its immortal flames as it dies for 1400 damage to all foes, then the Phoenix is reborn from the ash which fully recovers and revives all allies as well as causes the effect of auto-revive on the already conscience allies; eternal affinity.
(This attack is like Suiko5's Creation(LV4) Combo attack meets Flowing's Mother Ocean, but only for everyone, not just one)
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Re: [True Rune] Possibility

Postby Iesous » Thu Oct 01, 2009 8:29 am

I'm not a huge fan of runes that 'are more powerful than all [or most] of the others' or 'more dangerous than the others.' I think the beauty of the Suikoden world is how the story creators put an emphasis on balance. I know that Leknaat said in S5 that the Sun rune has always shown to be more powerful than most of the others, but we don't need to top the previous rune in 'power and danger' every single time. In fact, to me, that would demonstrate an inferior script and product. A good story teller can tell a different story, one that doesn't have to be stronger or something like that. The graphics debate is a good analogy: Just because a game is more powerful (in graphics) does not make that game better. Average or even bad writers have to one-up themselves every time they do something; make a bigger story, with more explosions and more twists, more fights and more power. A good/great writer can create a different story that is 'as good' as the previous because it stands on its own merits. I put 'as good' in quotes because you really won't be able to compare them because they are simply different.

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Re: [True Rune] Possibility

Postby patapi » Mon Oct 12, 2009 11:07 pm

Iesous wrote:I know that Leknaat said in S5 that the Sun rune has always shown to be more powerful than most of the others

I've always thought that the keyword there was "shown". The Sun Rune's persona appears to be especially proud to demonstrate its powers, if Arshtat's mad bursts are any indication. Compare this to its less show-off but equitably painful peers like Soul Eater and the Punishment.

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Re: [True Rune] Possibility

Postby Zykerion » Thu Mar 11, 2010 4:47 pm

I'm fairly sure that what people are after in this thread are possibilities for True Rune introductions in the future, and I've seen a few other threads that have been asking this as well. I'm also pretty certain that it's not speculation (or at least not speculation without evidence) that people are looking for.

Now, all of the ideas that have been presented sound fairly interesting. I especially liked the picture up there. Lots of really good work. But I don't think I've seen a lot of attempts to try to integrate these ideas into the plot of a game.

After reading through a lot of these ideas, I was suddenly hit with a tiny little burst of inspiration that I feel would work wonderfully for a game, and is supported (quite heavily) with evidence from the series thus far.

Communion Rune

The above name is a tentative title, and if anyone has any better ideas for it, feel free to tell me.

Now, as for what this True Rune does. It is the rune governing empathy, love, and longing. It would be the parent rune to many of the runes that have been observed thus far within the Suikoverse. Items such as the Phero Rune and Charm Rune, which induce odd states in people around them. Most memorably is the effect Jeane seems to have on just about everyone she meets.

It is something of a cursed rune, in that it forces its bearer to feel the pain of those around them, for the bearer to become heavily empathic to the needs and desires of the people surrounding them. Now, put this rune in a situation such as a war, and you have yourself a pretty nasty piece of business.

Over the course of the game, the rune would get worse and worse, the hero feeling more burdened by having to bear the brunt of the feelings of those having to watch loved ones being slaughtered, until through the power of the Stars of Destiny, the rune finally relents and allows its bearer a measure of happiness, allowing them to feel not despair, but love.

Just my two cents, I suppose.

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Re: [True Rune] Possibility

Postby Palmguy » Sat May 08, 2010 2:09 pm

About the idea of a Time Rune...
I actually think that this is one of the most probably True Rune to come in a future Suikoden. However, I don't really see it being used for time travel, but more for time control like slowing down or speeding up something. Maybe some (minor) rewinding or freezing. For example : There's a huge flood/avalanche or something then whomever has the rune could either slow it down or freeze it so the villagers (there's always villagers) would have enough time to evacuate.
As for the "curse" that comes with bearing it, instead of some form of being immortality (which anyways comes with any True Rune Package) like some have suggested, why not the total opposite , Ageing? With every major use (read : Plot related) of the Rune, the Tenkai would gain a good 15-ish years. The average is for the main character is what? 15? Let's say he starts the game at 15, got the use the rune 3 times (one for each Lv's of magic) which makes him goes 15-30-45-60. And if anybody says that a 60 years old cannot fight properly in a war, I'll point you to Han Cunningham.
At the endgame, he'd get to use his Rune multiple times to save everybody and depending on the number of SoD collected, he'd either die by growing too old (maybe even become dust) or be "reborn" as an infant.
As for the attacts that the rune would give you to use in battle, it could be something like :

Lv1 : Make the battle restart from the begging
Lv2 : Protects everyone for one atk/spell
Lv3: Revive and/or heal party member
Lv4: One big atk to the enemies and (maybe) heal.

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Re: [True Rune] Possibility

Postby WichitaQ » Mon Jun 28, 2010 3:34 pm

true chrono rune would be awesome. however, why do all people automatically assign "attacks and damage" to it? i rather see it as something similar to a dragon rune, worn by joshua/milia in s1. true chrono rune allows time to exist and to advance. not necessarily worn by someone whom you can use in your party to deliver massive damage to your foes.


Re: [True Rune] Possibility

Postby allanrodelas » Tue Oct 05, 2010 10:53 pm

The Rune of Sealing: represents limitations

hehe it just bump my brain a little while ago...

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Re: [True Rune] Possibility

Postby The Director » Sun Oct 17, 2010 5:43 pm

I actually think the rune of chronos, wouldn't fit in the suikoden universe, the rune would be too close to physics rather than the magic of the suikoden games. Besides i think the rune of change and the circle rune sort of take the role of time.

I rather like the "communion rune" given above but rather than just the rune being about love, make it a rune about the relationships between two people, teamwork, friendship love.

I think that a better name for the rune would be "The Affinatas Rune" a rune that represents the good and the bad of relationships whether it to be hate, friendship, teamwork, love etc.
Its power draws from the relationships the owner has. The more powerful the people react to the owner the more powerful the rune. So if those around you hated you the rune would have offensive or if they liked you it would be more support and healing magic.

As for the history of the rune. The rune initially belonged to a nation that enjoyed unity and prosperity thanks to this rune. But then the Harmonians one day tried to steal it and the country completely collapsed into a war with harmonia which it lost. However the rune vanished in the struggle. Now it enjoys an physical existence like the night rune. But as the tablet of stars.

I just think the tablet of stars is a rune or something close to a true rune. As it seems to play an almost key role in uniting the rebel army against its suppressors. As the more stars you have the better the ending in most suikoden games.

Just my opinion though.

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Postby Thiamor » Thu Nov 25, 2010 3:29 am

Wraith wrote:The Rune Of TIme is the only rune that i think is really going to be released by Konami.Time is a large aspect in suikoden( not to mention the REAL world) and thus there ought to be a True Rune governing that.

In my case its powers would be not to influence time but to travel through time.I would say in the suikoden case time travel to the past would not change the future since the bearer would've already been in the past while he was in the present.
BTW true Wind bearer, I think Hatred is under the Beast Rune.
but ofcourse thats my opinion.

Als o about the Rune Of Light I have my own opinions:
The rune you described seems to be governing morality(the evil light, good light thing).But morality is subjective, in other words what's "evil" for one man could be "good" for the other.Example:Letting an innocent child die so that 100ths of childs may live may be evil to one man and good to the other.
Also the rune should be dim at first and when more and more stars(get it, stars make light) join you the more bright it gets until you get all 108(and probably some other prequestie)and you get the 4th level spell+ your 1,2 and 3th lv spells are stronger.And maybe a stat increase.

Well in Suikoden I, when getting the Star Dragon Sword, they were thrown back in time. I doubt the rune it truly is, is capable of such a thing. But maybe there is such a Time Rune, but they never planned on releasing it yet.

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Re: [True Rune] Possibility

Postby TrueWater00 » Sun Dec 26, 2010 7:33 pm

True Manipulation Rune

It States that Jeanne doesn't have a True Rune, but something like the "charm rune" could be a child rune of the True Manipulation Rune.

LVL 1: Mediate - Coarse 1 Enemy to attack itself or fellow enemy.
LVL 2: Mental Finesse - Attack one enemy with Mental Energy.
LVL 3: Mind Mold - Uses Power and Magic levels of team members to attack all enemies with mental blast.
LVL 4: Total Control - Absorbs Enemy and Teams Power/Magic Levels to Create a Giant Mental Explosion to hit all enemies.

True Poison Rune

Pretty self Explanatory, I know we have poison and venom runes in the Suikoden world but I mean c'mon...they have to be child runes of something, and well, the True Poison rune just makes the most sense ;) PLUS I have always thought that poison attacks would just look sweet.

LVL 1: Antidote Shield - Cures all negative status for party and protects against all poison effects for 3 turns.
LVL 2: Venom Infection - Damage one enemy with poison magic and inflict venom status.
LVL 3: Poison Cloud - Damage all enemies with poison magic and inflicts poison status on all enemies.
LVL 4: Toxic Warp - Heavy poison magic damage to all enemies and inflicts venom status to all enemies.
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Re: [True Rune] Possibility

Postby DoReMi_Vampire » Thu May 05, 2011 7:35 am

I've had many ideas for true runes over the years, but most often after looking back at them I find them pretty dumb. Except for two ideas that I think might have some potential.

1. Since the True Runes give birth to the ordinary runes I thought I'd look on all the existing ordinary runes to get an idea of what could have given birth to them. What I noticed was that there existed many bird-themed runes. E.g the Falcon rune, Kite, Great Hawk and Swallow to name a few. And all of them are Technique Runes so it would only be natural if the True Rune these were born from would give it's bearer immense physical abilities that would far surpass ordinary people. It would also function kinda like a Listening crystal that allows the bearer to communicate with creatures such as griffins, harpys and hawk-men. It could also be hinted at that the rune is somehow connected with the Winger-race.
The Wing Rune, as I chose to call it, would have the embodiment of perhaps a Phoenix or a Sphinx. The will of the rune would very much resemble that of a bird's will as well, the bearer would for example somehow feel drawn to a life of travel (because birds migrate et.c).
This would probably be my favorite idea since it was so easy to apply it to already existing themes in the Suikoworld. :mrgreen:

My other idea would be The Rune of Phantasy. I read in the early comments here about the idea for a rune of sound, which at first sounded like a good idea, but then I thought - They made one True rune for each of the 5 elements so what if you'd have to make runes for each of the 5 senses too? One rune for sound, taste, sight, touch and smell.
So I thought maybe it would be better to put all these things into one rune instead, and thus my idea for a True rune that governs Perception and Imagination was born. The rune would barely have any offensive and/or defensive spells, it would rather focus on status-oriented spells instead. It would basically have the ability to manipulate the 5 senses and effect what we percieve as reality and imagination. To add some drama to the story, the will of the rune would be that it wants to be center of attention no matter what. The rune has no sense of moral and doesn't know right from wrong. It would be up to a very strong-willed bearer to control the illusions it throws at people so it doesn't spread nightmare-like visions and the like.
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Re: [True Rune] Possibility

Postby Flufflez » Thu May 05, 2011 11:15 am

it has been speculated that technique runes such as falcon runes are not actually runes but a game mechanism to allow the player to access unique fighting styles.

a rune for senses is an interesting idea, but i think it's more plausible that all true runes grant their bearers heightened senses. also, if the rune needed to be the center of attention, its location would be very obvious to this point in the suikoden story, whereas most runes are a little more mysterious.

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Re: [True Rune] Possibility

Postby DoReMi_Vampire » Thu May 05, 2011 3:03 pm

While I've heard that the technique runes could be a special case I don't think it would hurt the series in any way if at least their origin was explained. Sure, it could be shrugged off as a gameplay mechanic but in my personal opinion it would only enrich the suikoworld if they explored these things a bit more. :mrgreen:
EDIT: I also realize some of the tech-runes are man-made but I'm not sure which ones.

And the idea about the rune wanting to be the center of attention was mostly just my inner fan-fiction writer trying to show off, so that part of the idea is free for interpretation :lol:
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