[Guide] Confession room

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[Guide] Confession room

Postby Chris_Lightfellow » Mon Nov 06, 2006 11:49 pm

This is a compilation of all the confessions minus Ramada, although I think he might be another person who you can't get. And I think I'm missing Lino's special confession, but other than that it's complete.

All questions are as follows unless otherwise indicated:

Opening: You have done well by coming here. In this room, you may confess what is in your heart and accept proper judgment.

Question 1: Would you secretly inform me about anyone on board this ship who you think is causing problems?

Question 2: Then, would you tell me what you think of [Hero]?

Question 3: Finally, quietly confess the things you wish to atone for, or all the things that you are thankful for.

After the questions is the person’s response to the judgment, either good (G) or bad (B).

O: O-Okay…
1: Hmm…With the current situation, I think people who haven’t strengthened their weapons are a bit problematic…
2: Oh…he’s got two swords, so…I temper them pretty carefully so that when he holds them in both hands, they’ll both feel the same!
3: About the shop in Middleport that I used to work at…They cannot do business because they haven’t been able to find a replacement for me. I feel bad for the master because I left so abruptly…
G: Wheeeewwww! Well, I guess this means that my earnest work has been acknowledged? See you later!
B: Ouch!!! Seriously!! If you do things like this, I won’t strengthen your weapons. Owowowow!!

O: D-Do your worst, if you dare…
1: Let’s see…Like that Tanya girl? The way she speaks isn’t very proper. She asks Lady Elenor questions all the time, but…Such ill-mannered speech is rude to use towards Lady Elenor. Can’t anything be done about it?
2: Sir [Hero]? Hmm…let me think…Well, Lady Elenor trusts him, so…I trust him also. I suppose that’s about it.
3: Let me think…Nothing in particular. I haven’t done anything that I would need to apologize for.
G: Yes! That’s right! After all, I haven’t done anything I should be ashamed of! Well, then, please excuse me.
B: Nooooo!!!!!! Wh-Why?! Meaniiiieeee!!!

O: W-Wait a minute please…
1: L-Let me think…Like Mr. Ramada and Mizuki? Aren’t those two afraid of Cray? They cut their ties without a second thought…I’m worried to death that people are going to come after us!
2: That Rune…I don’t want to be anywhere near it! But…I already said I’d lend a hand so that things wouldn’t come to that…
3: …The weapon I have is something Mr. Ramada gave to me, but actually, I’m supposed to have one in each hand. But I lost one of them. When I told Mr. Ramada, “It’s easier to use just one,” he replied, “I see…” I’m sure Mr. Ramada definitely knows that I actually lost it. I still feel bad about what I did…
G: All right! Oh, forget everything I said here, okay? I’m asking you!
B: Uwaaah!! Wh-What are you doing?! I was only being honest here!! Damn it!! I won’t forget this!!!!

O: Umm, okay…I guess I’ll try to answer what I can. Please go ahead.
1: Ted…I think…I mean, he could be a little more friendly…with everyone. It’s not like I’m saying this to badmouth him. It was just something that came to my attention…
2: Well, he’s my lifesaver for taking me in when I was lost, so…I’m really grateful for him.
3: Something I want to atone for? I don’t have anything, I don’t think…Not right now.
G: Thank goodness…
B: …!! Wh-Why?! Did I do something wrong?

O: Really? Then, go on right ahead…
1: Hmm…let’s see…I haven’t memorized the names of everyone on board this ship, so…I can’t answer that. Sorry.
2: Oh, him? He’s actually rather popular…From what I’ve heard, he has quite a few fans.
3: Hmm…I take responsibility for all that I do…I don’t think I really have anything I need to apologize for.
G: I see…So, this means I’ve been forgiven? That was pretty fun. Later!
B: …!! Hey!! Stop doing stuff like this!! It’ll ruin my make-up!! Really!!

O: What the heck is that supposed to mean? Ah, who cares?! Bring it on!
1: That darn elf! Actually, it’s no big deal. I-I don’t think there’s anyone in particular that I can’t handle.
2: I don’t know, he seems a little reserved. He could be more of a “take charge” kind of person.
3: Well…The other day I was half asleep…and I grabbed onto Chiepoo thinking he was the blanket…I never thought he’d feel so good…But now, I feel so awful thinking about it!
G: Well, that’s not surprising!
B: Wh-Why?!!

O: Yeah, yeah…okay, okay…
1: Hmm? I’m not really keen about Nay-Kobolds. My nose jut gets really itchy when I breathe in their fur…I have nothing against them, but…
2: Oh…he’s a funny person. He stares intently at the ball coming out when he plays the lottery. His eyes are just so serious…
3: Every so often, there are times when I only have white balls in there for the lottery. Well, it won’t be a problem as long as no one finds out, right?
G: Ooh…I did it!! Well, later…
B: Whoa!! Hey…what did you do that for?!

O: In the end, I am a sinner no matter where I go. That is what this means, yes?
1: Why do you ask that?
2: He is a man with a big heart, to look after someone like me…Heh…or maybe he’s just eccentric.
3: I am grateful for all of this…If something happens to me…I intend to leave this place before something that I may regret happens.
G: …Is that…all?
B: Uh!! This level…This level of punishment is enough!

O: O-Okay…
1: Let’s see…Rakgi works a little too much, no? I think a kid’s job is to play, don’t you think?
2: [Hero], huh…I sure was surprised when he was exiled from Razril…I didn’t know the details, but I heard he’d become a pirate or something like that…and I almost believed it! But it’s not that I REALLY believed it! That’s the truth!
3: It’s not like I’m goofing off! Do you know how hard it is to ensure that everyone is taking breaks? That said, I have nothing I need to apologize for!
G: All right! I did it!!!
B: Whooooaaaaa!! Damn it!! Now I’m mad!!

O: Yeah? No kidding…
1: Oh, now that you mention it…There’s a real annoying one…keeps yapping at me about taking a bath and stuff…My hygiene is my own damn business!!
2: Well, from Jango’s perspective, he’s probably a good underling. So, that means he’s my underling, too! See?!
3: What’s that all about? Who do you think you’re talking to, eh?
G: Heh, heh, heh! Well, I’m going back.
B: Noooo!! Y-You!! You’re gonna ruin my precious outfit!!

O: Okay, I will do my best!
1: What? People with problems? Let me think…Ms. Maxine stays in the same room as me, but…I wish she would help a little. Every so often, we get a large influx of injured people, so…
2: That Rune…I hear that the curse of that Rune cannot be cured by any medicine…
3: Everyone is helping me out. I feel much gratitude for that.
G: Wow! So, I’ve been forgiven? I’m so glad! Well, then…
B: Aaaah!! Oh really?! I’m mad now!!

O: I-I had no idea…
1: Ms. Rachel is a little scary…Which is kind of distracting…
2: He’s a kind person. He always greets me when I see him.
3: It’s nice being on this ship because there’s always plenty to eat. Hehe…That’s about all I can think of.
G: I’m so glad that’s over.
B: Aaaaaaahhhh!!!

O: Yes, yes, understood!
1: Hmm…Anyone who doesn’t shop at my place!
2: He is always very good to me…No, no, really. But I wish he’d come to my shop more…It’s set up so that we stock any merchandise other stores have if he goes to take a look at them.
3: Oh…come to think of it…The other day, I shortchanged Ms. Louise by 1 potch…I’ve been meaning to hand it to her the next chance I get, but it’s dragged out until now. That’s bad.

O: …? I don’t really get you…
Q1: Would you like to tell me about anyone who you think poses a problem to everyone on board this ship?
A1: Problems? What…is that?
2: Mr. [Hero]? I know! He’s Mr. Chiepoo’s underling!
3: …I don’t really get it, but…I’m not apologizing! Nalkul told me you’ve lost if you apologize!
G: Hmm?…I did it!! I did it Nalkul!!

O: I understand…
1: Well, now, someone causing a problem? I do not wish to make such backstabbing comments…
2: Ah, Mr. [Hero]…He is a wonderful person.
3: I was allowed on board this ship. How could I possibly not be grateful for that!
G: Ah…how beautiful!!

O: Huh? What? If I confess to something, am I going to get punished?
1: Um…Um…M-Me, maybe? I don’t know…
2: He’s a good ally. Yeah.
3: Something to apologize about? Nothing that I know of…
G: Yay!

O: Really…Well, fine then. Do what you want!
1: Well, sure…that’s be that Louise! But hey, I’m a man, too! I’ll have you know I’m not going to stay mad over something so stupid!
2: That kid? It looks like everyone trusts that boy…Man, they should trust me just as much, you know?
3: …Like hell I’d be thinking about anything like that!
G: Hm? Does this…mean it was good? Well, of course!!
B: Groah!! You stupid bastard!! Y-You could’ve killed me!!

O: Well, well…how grand.
Q1: Would you like to tell me about anyone who you think poses a problem to everyone on board this ship?
A1: Little [Hero], I suppose? He seems to be burdened by something enormous…Someone like me may not be able to help him…
2: Let’s see…I’m sure there will be all sorts of ordeals, but…I hope he keeps moving in the right direction.
3: I should apologize for getting on board this ship without permission…Especially since Oskar came along, too…
G: Just as I thought…Then I will pardon myself now. Little [Hero], later.
B: Oh, my!! I guess it’s hard to see the things that concern yourself…But still, you should be a little more considerate, Little [Hero]!

O: O-O-Okay.
1: Someone as insignificant as I should not be commenting on such things.
2: W-Well…He has a tough job, but he does it without a word of complaint, so I think he is amazing!
3: Well, everyone has worked equally hard so that we can live in comfort, so…It is not really an apology, but I am always grateful, yes.
G: *sigh*…Th-Thank goodness…
B: E-Eeek!

O: Oh, my…What shall I do?
1: What? I-I do not know what to say to that…
2: My son was once like him as well…yes.
3: Everyone is so kind to us. I hope we can continue to get along.
G: Oh, my…how pretty. Then, I shall return to my room. Pardon me.
B: Noo!! Wh-What just happened? Oh…you!!

O: I understand. I shall speak from my heart as much as possible.
1: Mr. Micky…He stated he would take care of the young Master, but he barely works, just standing idly. I cannot condone that.
2: Sir [Hero]…He should show more compassion towards the young Master.
3: Currently…I am struggling to produce a more pleasant timbre. I am hopeful that everyone’s souls will be soothed by my performances.
G: This is most joyous news…Then, I shall excuse myself.
B: Oh!! Wh-Why?

O: I-I am prepared…
1: What? P-Problems? Th-Then…I think…that would be me…Because I’m weak…I’m such a burden to everyone else, so I’m always causing problems…
2: He is strong. I practically envy him…
3: I would be grateful…if I could somehow become stronger.
G: H-Have I been forgiven? I…
B: …!! Damn it!!

O: Wh-What is this?
1: I’ve only boarded this ship recently…So, I can’t possibly say anything about anyone else.
2: I feel sorry for him…No, that’s not right. I want him to do well…
3: Desmond doesn’t seem very suited for the battlefield. Up until now, I’ve taken him with me on my patrol ship. Maybe I’ve done that against his own will…If that’s the case, I want to apologize.
G: Whew…That was a little nerve-wracking. Well then…It’s time to go back.
B: No!! Y-You think…you can get away with this?! I swear this isn’t the end!!

O: You sound awfully high and mighty…
Q1: Would you like to tell me about anyone you think poses a problem to everyone on board this ship?
A1: I don’t know and I have no interest.
2: Oh…well…If he knows about Cray, I wish he’d tell me without hiding it…
3: Hmmph…I have nothing to say along those lines.
G: This is ludicrous…I am going back.
B: …!! Damn! Like hell I’ll come to this room again!

O: Oh, o-okay…I’m starting to get a little nervous…
1: Oh…I suppose there is something I want to say to Mr. Konrad. He always complains about my cooking. He says my cooking is too salty…I don’t think that’s true…
2: Oh, [Hero]? Hmmm…I think he must have it tough. He’s been forced to carry all sorts of burdens…Even back when we were knights, he stayed alone in some weird room instead of at the dormitory…I wonder if that’s what you call bad luck…
3: My expertise is cooking up tasty dishes! That’s about it. I can’t express it in words.
G: …? I…H-Have I escaped punishment?
B: Whhhoooaaaa!!! P-Please don’t do things like this…

O: O-Okay…
1: I never expected…Lord Reinbach to actually use the Rose Crest…A delicate piece of work like that should be kept in a sturdy box, only to be admired once in a while. He really doesn’t understand a creator’s heart…I cannot help but feel regret.
2: Let me see…I think the image of him fighting would be worth commemorating with an engraving.
3: There are lots of interesting people on board this ship, so…There are several people I would like to have model for me someday, when things have settled down. I hope the day comes soon when I can devote myself to my creations.
G: Whew…I thought I was done for, but…All’s well now!
B: …!! I…only said what I wanted to say honestly, you know? Oww…

O: I assent.
1: Hm? What did you just say? Are you telling me to sell someone out?! I could not do such a thing!!
Q2: Th-Then, would you tell me what you think of [Hero]?
A2: Sir [Hero]?! He is a most respectable man, is he not?!
3: If I were just several years younger, surely I could have fought by everyone’s side! I cannot help but lament that fact!!
G: Aah! This means I have been forgiven, correct?!
B: Grah!! Wh-Why must I suffer this treatment?! I will not forgive you!!

O: …
1: Uga?
2: Ugaaaa!! Ugaaaaaaaa!! [Hero]! Strong!!
3: Uga?
G: Uga!

O: I-I understand.
1: Um…well…[Keen: Are you saying there is no one?] Well, there is Ms. Millay…Every time she opens her mouth, it’s all about Sir [Hero]. Can we just leave it at that?
2: Well…I am grateful to him for allowing me to join the [army].
3: I am on board this ship right now. There is no joy greater than that. For that, I am truly thankful.
G: Whew…
B: …!! Whoa!!

O: I see. All right, let’s do this.
1: Well…hehehe…There is someone…hehehe…I will refrain from saying who…
2: Yes, he’s doing pretty well. Just kidding…I don’t think I’m an expert on that sort of thing.
3: I’m always pilfering change…Rather, earning money from everyone. I think that does it…
G: Whew…Okay. So, I won’t get punished for doing the kinds of things I’m doing? Good, good.
B: Whoooaaa!! Wh-What did you do that for?!

O: Sure thing, please proceed.
1: I guess that’d be Ms. Tanya. It’s always like the look in her eyes is telling me “Leave”. And I’m the one who was there first! Well, this is something I’ve been telling everyone though.
2: I don’t see much of him since we’re both busy, you know…
3: Me? Well, I think I’m actually one of the hard workers, if I do say so myself…Is that not a good answer? Am I not giving myself enough credit?
G: Huh?...I did it!! I did it!!
B: Dowha!! Oww…Guess it was no good, huh?

O: Wh-What? What is this?
1: …!! Who, me?! Are you singling me out?!
Q2: Then, would you tell me what you think of yourself?
A2: Wha…?! Wh-Why should I tell you?! That’s just too embarrassing!!
3: …!! Why that’s…a secret, of course!!
G: …Well, I’m going back!
B: …!! Wh-Whaaaaattt?! What is going on here?! Someone’s gonna get beat up for this!!

O: Do whatever you want…
1: It seems you’re pointing a finger at me…Am I wrong?
2: I can’t determine that yet…When this war is over…That is when I intend to think about it.
3: I am grateful that they refrained from killing my underling…
G: Hmmph…
B: Ugh!! I will endure…this trifling thing…

O: Wh-What the…? You won’t get to the great Hervey with threats like that!
1: Eh? Lady Kika, I suppose…I think it’s bad, you know? For her to get away from her own ship…You understand?
2: [Hero]? Hmm…nothing really! I’m better than him in both strength and technique, after all.
3: Eh? Atone? Why would I?
G: …? All right, I did it!
B: Ow!! Don’t mess with me!! What d’you do that for?!

O: P-Please do not pick on me…
1: The answer to that would be these guys…Lo Seng! Lo Fong!! Lo Hak!!! Those siblings took over my hot spring!
2: Mr. [Hero]? Well…I think he could come by to relax more often. It seems to me that he is ever so tired.
3: There are many things I would like others to apologize about, but…I believe there is nothing I need apologize for!
G: Hmm? H-Have I done it? Hehehe!!

O: Hmm…So I must speak what is in my heart? Very well…
1: If I had to pick someone, I’d say Axel. His swordsmanship is a bit subpar. Nonetheless, he is a good man at heart.
2: He is a kind man.
3: I would be here forever if I counted them all!
G: Hmm…Looks like today will be a good day…
B: …!! This conduct towards me…I will not forget it!

O: Hey, man…Just hurry up, okay?
1: Eh? Him…You know…that guy! That Desmond guy! He’s always looking at me like he’s scared of me or something…I’ve seen mice braver than him!
2: Eh? [Hero]? Well, he’s not bad, I guess…I think he could make a decent pirate. Hey, that just gave me an idea…It wouldn’t be bad to make him my underling, too! Hehehe…
3: Huh? Apologize? Me? Who do you think you’re talking to?
G: All right!!
B: Ow!! Hey!! You got some kind of a death wish?!

O: I see…Then please go easy on me…
1: There are no such people here…are there?
2: …Hehehe…well…He seems to have a lot of problems…I just want to give him a gentle hug.
3: …I’m sorry…I cannot talk about things like that…Could you please forgive me…
G: Hehehe…Later.
B: Oh!! Really…

O: Yeah, okay.
1: …! Why that sounds like Mitsuba! Just…too impertinent!
2: [Hero]? Oh, he’s a nice guy…I think.
3: Hmm…I never thought about complicated stuff until I came on board this ship…Like about Kooluk and the island nations. But now, it’s different…So, I want them to make use of my swordsmanship, more and more!
G: All right!

O: Huh? Wh-What’s this all about? Oh, man…Looks like I’ve stumbled into a weird room…
1: What? Someone problematic? Let me think…I know…the king of Obel! It’s like, are you sure a king like that is acceptable? Do you ever wonder about that? Other than that, there’s Ms. Elenor…Because, you know, she always looks like she’s angry, you know? Oh, there’s also…[Keen: That is enough.] What? Aren’t you going to let me finish?
2: Oh, [Hero]! Yeah, he’s strong! But he must be having a tough time in all sorts of ways…
Q3: Finally, quietly confess anything about yourself that you feel remorseful for.
A3: Hmmm…Something for me to feel remorseful for?...There isn’t anything that I can think of!!
G: …!! Haha!! I made it!!
B: Ow!! What is this?! Sheeeeesh!! I’ll get back at you for this!!

O: Very well…
1: If I must say, that would be myself. I have been of no particular use, yet, I am being fed to no purpose.
2: He possesses a pure soul. I can tell.
3: I am not satisfied unless I am constantly training, but…I am always yelling, so it must be a disturbance to others. I feel bad for that.
G: Ah…So, I have…been forgiven?
B: Nooo!! This is nothing…I will not lose! Nooooo!!

O: I…see…
Q1: Then, would you tell me what you think of [Hero]?
A1: …When the Commander…of the Gaien Knights passed away…I could only…condemn [Hero]…even though the Commander’s death was not any fault of his…I just…I just wanted to turn my hatred against someone…
Q2: Finally, quietly confess the things you wish to atone for, or for all the things that you are thankful for.
A2: Glen, who was the Commander of the Gaien Knights, is my…father…But even the Commander himself did not know that he had a daughter by my late mother…I had thought I would find the right opportunity to tell him of this…but it never came to pass……But it doesn’t matter now. He’d surely be angered by a Vice Commander who only looks back at the past. From now on, I would like to be as much help to everyone as I can possibly be…
G: Now that I’ve gotten that off my chest, I feel just slightly…less burdened.
B: Aaaaaahh!! Am I…getting what I deserve?

O: Whatever you say…
1: Well…There’s Akaghi and Mizuki…What do you think of those two? I think they look good together.
2: He’s a little soft. He shouldn’t let someone like me on board the ship so easily. For all he knows, I could be an agent of the Kooluk, you know?
3: …I’m sorry…I don’t remember anyone doing anything I’d be grateful for…
G: Well, I guess that’s about what I could expect…I’m heading back…
B: Uhh!!! I’ve certainly lost my edge if I couldn’t even dodge that…

O: I see…Okay, I guess I’ll answer a little seriously.
1: Hmm…let me think…It is not that they are up to anything, but every so often, I see someone doing nothing. I think they should worry more about what they ought to be doing, but…I suppose I’m as guilty as anyone here.
2: [Hero], huh…I think he’s a strong guy.
3: There is nothing…I believe I am doing everything that I can right now. I need not be ashamed of myself.
G: Whew.
B: Whoa!!!!

O: I-I understand.
1: I do not think there is anyone in particular…Everyone is very proper.
2: He’s still young, but seems to have a lot of troubles. I hope that we can help him with even a fraction of it…
3: To everyone…or rather, to my wife…I feel bad for always getting her involved in my life…That is how I feel.
G: Wheeewwwww…
B: Noooo!

O: Hmm…I suppose that is fine with me.
1: It is not exactly a problem, but…I am somewhat worried about Katarina. I am sure she went through a lot after Commander of the Gaien Knights passed away, but…
2: [Hero]? Hmm…he is a good young man. I always hoped that he would emerge out of Snowe’s shadow to fulfill his potential.
3: Hmm…I cannot say I do not carry any guilt with me, but…I will hold that in my heart for a while longer. I am sorry.
G: Yes…Yes…
B: Wha…?! What are you doing?! *pant* *pant*!

O: Okay.
1: Problem? I don’t really understand…
2: I’d be happy if he’d come to help make accessories!
3: I’m happy because I found Lilin on this ship!
G: What…is this? It’s pretty…

O: Okay. That’ll be fine.
1: I don’t really know. I was told that they’re all good people, so I’m sure they are good people.
2: Lilin said he is a good person. I’m sure he must be a good person.
3: I want everyone to make more accessories.
G: …Is this is the end? [this is not a typo! It was like that in the game] Well then, I will go back.
B: Yikes! Wh-What did you just do? What was done to me?!

O: All right, I’ll talk.
1: I don’t really know. They’re all good people.
2: He is a very good person.
3: I wan to find my older sisters. I wan them to get rid of the bad guys so we can hurry up and look for them.
G: Is that all? I was looking forward to it because they said water would rain down. I will go back now.
B: …!! That scared me!

O: What?
1: I don’t know…
2: He let me on this ship. He let me see Lilin.
3: …? What’s “atone”?
G: What is this? Can I go back now?

O: Huh? Why would you do something like that?
Q1: Would you quietly tell me about anyone you think there’s a problem with on board this ship?
A1: Humans! Humans are scary.
2: Not scary.
3: I’m glad, because I found Lilin. But I have lots more siblings. I want to see them soon, too!
G: What? Can I go back? If so, I’m going.
B: …!! Humans are mean after all! I’m going back!

O: Judgment, huh…Well, I guess I’ll humor you…
1: Hmm…Well, if I had to pick one…I suppose it would be Tov…He’s certainly competent, but he is far lacking in social graces. Other than that…probably Setsu and his gut…
2: Oh, he’s a good leader, I think.
3: …Even as we speak, the people of the kingdom are suffering…For that I feel terrible…
G: All right! Of course!!

Lo Fong
O: What? What did you say?
1: I dunno…I don’t really bother with things like that.
2: Give him another 30 years…Then we’ll see if he becomes my type of man…
3: I don’t have time to waste to reflect about things like that. Sorry, I don’t have anything new to say about how I’ve been!
G: No surprise here, right? Well, it did feel good, though…
B: Aaahhh!! Wh-What are you doing?! I’ll remember this!!

Lo Hak
O: Oh, really…
1: Let’s see…I know! Him! Igor1 We were managing the hot spring on Mordo in his place, but he actually got mad at us for some reason! And he’s still holding a grudge now…Man, I wish something could be done about it, if I knew what it was…
2: Oh. The great leader of the [army]. He’s fine! He’s okay with me!
3: Huh? Apologize? Thank? Those words are a tad outside my realm…
G: Oh? Did I pass or something? Well, I’ll start heading home, then. That was kinda fun!

Lo Seng
O: Huh? I don’t get it, but if you say so!
1: Huh? Let’s see…Us? Just kidding. Well, who else could I choose? After all, we aren’t motivated to work.
2: He’s a good-natured guy. I mean, he let us join the [army]…heh, heh, heh!
3: Don’t have anything really.
G: All righty! Well, I’ll go take a nap or something now. Later!

O: Really…well, that’s fine.
1: From where I stand, that applies to everyone. They all have problems. But…That’s exactly what’s so endearing about them.
2: Well…His eyes are just nice. Those eyes tell me he will do something grand. Hehe…
3: …Who would ever have thought that I would see Nalleo here…He’s grown so much…I’d thought maybe I’d made a mistake entrusting him to Dario, but…He seems to be fine, much to my relief.
G: Hehehe…That was fun. Well, later.

O: …Please don’t scare me too much, okay?
1: I hate people who use the stairs. If they didn’t use them, maybe they’d appreciate the Elevator more.
2: Well, he’s a good person, don’t you think? Just the fact that he understands my research is wonderful!
3: For now, I am satisfied just being given the privilege to build an Elevator on the ship.
G: Well, I suppose that was just what I expected…Well, then…
B: Whoooaaaa!! Wh-What are you doing?!

O: Hehehe…
1: I don’t know…I don’t know…anything like that…
2: Hehehe…
3: I don’t have anything in particular…
G: Heh…

O: E-Eeeeek…
1: Th-There is no such…Oh, Mr. Charlemagne…His terribly familiar attitude towards the young master…I think…is a problem…
2: Sir [Hero]? I think he is a kind person. I believe he is a good, earnest person who is working for the young master.
3: Eep! I-I could not possibly talk about such a thing!! If I were to speak, I…I will be fired from this place…P-P-P-Please forgive me!
G: O-Oh!! I-I have been saved, then? Ooooh!!
B: Eep!! N-No, please stop!!

O: A-All right…I understand.
1: What? I-Is it appropriate to speak of such things? I-I think I will decline after all…
2: What?! N-No comment!
3: I thought that Mr. Reinbach was a more terrible…more indecent person. But in reality, he is not like that at all…I may have been ignorant, but I still felt hatred toward other people. For that, I must apologize…
G: Th-This is…? Is this fine? For me…to be forgiven?
B: Nooo!!...Does this mean…that I have not repented sufficiently enough?

O: Reeaaalllyyy…
1: I don’t know…They’re all good people.
2: [Hero]? Let me think…I had my guard down the other day, so I carelessly lost, but I’d like the chance to play with him again!
3: Hahahaha! Let’s see…Some time ago, Mr. Reinhold was reading something that looked like a letter, behind a building or something…I just happened to pass by, out of sheer coincidence, but…Ever since then, he apparently thinks that I “saw” that letter! And he does anything I tell him to. Man…hahahaha! This is a bad thing, isn’t it? But Mr. Reinhold is just so gullible! Hahahahaha!!!
G: …? Whoo!! All rriiight! I did it!
B: Whoa!! W-Wait a minute! What exactly does this mean?!

O: I will not say anything.
1: …
2: …
3: …
G: …Well then, excuse me.
B: Kuh! Well then, excuse me…

O: Oh…okay…
1: Hmm…It isn’t that there is a problem, but…I wish Mr. Shiramine would work harder at hauling up treasure. Indeed more things to appraise, you see.
2: Oh, Mr. [Hero]…I’d like him to work harder at collecting treasure.
3: …I don’t think…there is anything…
G: Hm? Ooh, I did it! Hahahaha!!
B: Whoa!! Wh-What the heck is this?! I wasn’t told anything…about this!!

O: Eh? Well, whatever…just do it!
1: Problems? Well, that’d be…Champo. He’s gotta work more…After all, he got a free chance to get on the [ship]!
2: He’s amazing, you know? He’s on completely equal footing with Mr. Chiepoo…
3: I’m…I’m really just not keen on that whole “bath” thing…I wish people would stop inviting me to take a bath!
G: Yeah! That’s real pretty!! Heh! Does this mean I’ve become a better man after all this?
B: …!! Wh-What d’you do that for?!!!

O: O-Okay!
1: Hmm…daddy, I think…Oh! This is just between us, right? Daddy…pilfered a broiled fish again the other day and ate it at night…*sigh*
2: He’s what I aspire to be! I want to become a strong pirate like Mr. [Hero] in the future, too.
3: I still can’t handle a sword properly, and I can’t use magic well either…so I can’t fight with everyone…I want to apologize to everybody. I want to say that I’m sorry I’m not strong.
G: Wow…it’s so pretty! I…did it, didn’t I?!

O: Oh…I had no idea…
Q1: Then, would you like to tell me about anyone you think poses a problem to everyone on board this ship?
A1: Mushrooms…You can’t…Mao…You can’t grow mushrooms…
2: Sir [Hero]? I wish…he’d grow lots of mint…Heh…heh…hehehe…
3: …Heh…Hehehe…Hehehe…
G: Heh…heh…

O: Yes, I understand.
1: There is no one of that sort.
2: Yes…I can only do window work. But…Sir [Hero] allowed me to come on board this ship. So, I believe he is a very kind person.
3: I hope the island of Iluya goes back to the way it was soon…I would like to do everything I can right now with everyone to restore Iluya back to normal.
G: …Thank goodness…Then, I will excuse myself.

O: O-Okay.
1: What? Hmmmm…Like Mr. Haruto? Because I’ve never once seen Mr. Haruto doing any work…
2: Sir [Hero]? Well, I think Sir [Hero] works at a feverish pace! I almost think he might be working a little too hard.
3: I’ll apologize! I know I shouldn’t be wasting time in this place right now! For that, I am very sorry!!
G: Oh? Have I…escaped punishment? Whew…Thank goodness…
B: …!! Owowow…I was wrong! I meant to say, I am terribly sorry!!

O: Oooookkkiiiieeee.
1: Hmmm…Nothing comes to mind right away…Could I skip this question?
2: He’s quite the dependable guy.
3: You know, Mr. Desmond…thinks Noah is a real Nay-Kobold! Hahahahaha!!! I had no idea…Some people actually believe things like that……
G: Hmm…This is one of the better results, right? Hahaha! I passed!
B: Ouch!! Why? Why are you so mean to a cute girl like me? Honestly! I’m mad now!!

O: Hrmm…Somehow, that sounds a bit scary…
1: On this ship? I would say, that King of Obel…He’s a bit of a cheapskate. No, really…
2: He seems to have understood my research. Such people make me happy, yes.
3: Let me think…I would be thankful if this conflict settles down soon.
G: So, I’ve…been forgiven? Whew…Then, please excuse me.
B: Whoa!! Wh-What the heck is this?!

O: Very well…
1: Mr. Desmond, I suppose…He seems to have taken an interest in Ms. Louise, but…she seems rather bothered by it.
2: Hmm…I think he is trying his hardest. That’s about it. There’s nothing I particularly like or dislike.
3: …If more people come join us, I think I may be able to get some information about the woman I’m looking for as well. Yes…I would be thankful if everyone tried a little bit harder to help…
G: Whew…Then, I will be going now…
B: Whoa!!! Wh-What’s this?!

O: My, sounds rather difficult…I wonder if I’ll be able to answer properly.
1: That would be Deborah! Whenever Deborah finds something that catches her interest, she just wanders off on her own. I ALWAYS get left behind! And Deborah says we’re friends!
2: Let me think…At first, I thought he was a kind of snobbish boy, but…He’s even allowed someone like me to be here…I’m grateful for him.
3:…The other day…I tried to sneak into the women’s bath, thinking there probably wouldn’t be anyone there…I know, that was wrong of me…B-But someone had already beat me to it!! What’s with that Reinbach guy?! He had all these rose petals floating in the water!!
G: Oh…Oh!! Thank goodness!
B: …!! N-Nooooooo!!

O: Y-Yes…P-Please do not take too much time. I cannot leave my post for long.
1: What? Hmmmmm…Let me think…Master Warlock is…He will not answer my questions, no matter how much I ask…Can’t something be done about this? *sigh*…
2: To be honest…That Rune is a little frightening. If possible I do not want to be too close to him……Well, I’m sure he himself is a good person…
3: Having the opportunity to work with Master Warlock is a supreme joy. I cannot be grateful enough. Now, if I could just ask Master Warlock about other things, that would jusm be the best…
G: Ooh!! Ah! This is…slightly encouraging!
B: …!! Gah!! Th-This is horrible…!!

O: yes, I understand.
1: Mr. Travis…He always asks me about my buns…But I keep telling him my buns are my own little secret. The ingredients, the family recipe…that’s for me to know!
2: I think he must be having a hard time, but I hope he does his best.
3: The other day…I tried making a new product and let Mr. Chiepoo sample it, but…It seems Mr. Chiepoo came down with stomach trouble later…I feel bad about that.
G: Wheeewwww…
B: Oh…my!! Is this…?!

O: That sounds difficult…
1: Th-Then, confidentially speaking…If I had to single someone out, it would be Mr. Chiepoo, I suppose…It seems when is aboard the ship, all he ever does is either sleep or eat. Is that acceptable?
2: He is one of us.
3: Let me think…I suppose I must become even stronger. At this rate, I will end up being a liability to [Hero]…That is my worry.
G: …Thank goodness…
B: …!! Wh-Why?!

O: My, my…It seems I’ve come to an extraordinary room…
1: No one in particular, I guess…After all, everyone keeps their rooms quite tidy.
2: Let me think…decorating his room with objects is fine, but I wish he could come to my room sometimes as well..
3: Hohoho…I never do anything that I might later regret…
G: My, my…how pretty! It’s like light shining from above…It’s very nice…
B: Noo!! Oh, my…How dare you do this!!

O: Wh-What?
1: People with problems? I-If there’s anyone like that, let me know right away! I’m hurting for good topics lately, so please!
2: [Hero]? The leader of the [ship]…Originally a Gaien Knight…Wait, wait…That’s not what you mean, right?
3: Let me think……I was writing a novel in the newspaper and I got criticized by everyone for it……That was depressing…
G: Okay! Now…I guess I’ll turn this experience into an article, too!
B: Whoa!! Damn it! I’ll remember this! Never underestimate the power of the pen!!

O: I-I understand.
1: Mr. Tov, maybe? I work in the same room as him, but…He never responds to me, even when I try talking to him. On top of that, he sometimes comes up with a response to it the day after or so…When I think of how he might have spent all that time thinking of a response…it sort of gets to me a little, too.
2: Hmm…I guess I’d like him to make more clothes. However, I do know how much hard work it takes to just gather the materials, let alone put them together…
3: Once before, when I asked for a scale from Lilin, she got really mad at me…Since the, she’s refused to speak to me. Later, I heard that Lilin and the others had been treated horribly by humans…I feel bad for what she went through. I wish I could…talk to her and reconcile our differences.
G: …! All right!
B: …!! Owowowow…

O: Wh-What’s that mean? Anyway, let’s just get this over with. Come on, already!
1: Oh…you mean, like Cedric? I’m just always afraid that he’s going to eat and skip the bill like always!
2: Hmm…it seems like he’s hiding something, you know? Maybe he has some secret supply of savory food all to himself…Or something like that.
3: Something I want to apologize for? Me, personally? Hmmm…I don’t think I have anything like that…
G: All right!
B: …!! What is this?!

O: Oookay…I don’t really understand, but…whatever you say.
1: I’ll tell you who…Ms. Louise. Ms. Louise was pulling out pieces of paper from the comment box and reading them! I think it was very wrong to do! [Keen: Hmm…I see.]
2: Yes, he’s definitely the leader of this ship!
3: My mother is always saying, “Let us be thankful for being allowed on board this ship.” So, I am grateful!
G: …All right1 It wasn’t painful at all!!
B: Oh!!...*sniff* *sniff*

O: Ah, who could possibly understand the things I agonize about? Still, I shall take this as a good opportunity to reflect upon myself. Now, carry on…
1: Let’s see…Micky is…not taking very good care of my. It is troubling…He cam aboard this ship with promises of caring for me…It is deplorable how he has seemingly broke that promise.
2: He is a wonderful man. I would place him second to myself.
3: I spend everyday reflecting upon myself in contrition. I spend my time diligently, so as not to trouble anyone else. Therefore, I would never need to apologize! You see?
G: Splendid…This is the right result.
B: …!!…!!…!! What is the meaning of this? This…What does this mean?!

O: Oh-ho!
1: Hmm…Lady Mitsuba…She has found out about my secret. At this rate, I think I may end up under her thumb for the rest of my life. What am I to do?
2: Let me see…I would like him to come to the training hall more often, so I may train alongside him.
3: Thus far, I have pinched quite a few from various people…B-But it was all under Lady Mitsuba’s orders! Oh…
G: Oh? Ohhh? H-Have I been forgiven? Have I?
B: Nooo…Whoa!! I-I cannot stand this!

O: U-Um…I understand.
1: Ms. Louise…She says to come have fun at the saloon more often…But I didn’t get on this ship to have fun or anything…Still, I feel bad for refusing her offer…I’m in a bit of a bind.
2: Mr. [Hero]? I would like to go treasure hunting more often with him!
3: Um…I don’t really have anything to say right now.
G: Whew…I’m glad…Well, thank you very much!
B: Aaah!!!...You’re terrible!

O: Yes, I understand. I would like to answer in a manner that is honest to myself.
1: What?! Let me think…My son, Rakgi…may be causing trouble for everyone…
2: I pray that the fate that befell my husband does not befall him…
3: Everyone is very nice…I am glad to have come aboard this ship. Rakgi also laughs and smiles much more often compared to when we were in the ruins.
G: …Thank you very much…

O: Oookkkaaayyy.
1: Hmm…Mr. [Hero]!! Because I want him to play more matches with me! Well, I can understand that he’s busy, too…
Q2: Then, would you tell me what you think of yourself?
A2: What? Me? Um, I always really earnest…And always neat…Ummm…and also, I like puffer fish sashimi! I think that’s about it…
3: Umm…The other day, when I played Ritapon with Rakgi, I cheated a little…I only did it because I just couldn’t lose to Rakgi! But that was wrong…I’ve decided I’ll play fair and square next time.
G: Yaaay! I did it, I did it! Later!
B: …!! That hurt!! I won’t give up over something like this!!

O: Hmmph…You won’t get an answer that easily out of me. But I suppose, I could humor you, if only for a little bit.
1: Paula. Paula should…be more proud and aware of herself as an elf. As she is now, she’s no different than a human.
2: He is a rare man—one who holds no prejudices against elves. I feel that is, technically, praise.
3: I had ridiculed it until now, but…bathing together was actually quite a pleasant experience. I sincerely apologize for having ridiculed it.
G: Hmmph…
B: …!! Damn! What the…heck is this?

O: Wh-What are you saying?
1: On this ship? In that case, that would be Master Tov. To position that young man with the Rune so close to His Majesty’s room…Just what is he thinking?!
2: I think he is a good young man, but…That is…if only he did not have that Rune.
3: His Majesty is always telling me that I am annoying him…If caring about him is such an annoyance to him, then he’ll just have to put up with my pestering ways!
G: Yes, of course! Yes!
B: …!! Y-Y-You will not get away with this! Oh…I must tell His Majesty…to not come near this room!!! I swear!!

O: I-I see…
Q1: Then, would you like to tell me about anyone who you think poses a problem to everyone on board this ship?
A1: Hmmm…Sir [Hero], perhaps? That man…I think he may be working himself too hard.
2: As I said earlier, perhaps he works too much…Well, I’m not saying that it’s necessarily a bad thing, but…
3: Hmm…Ugetsu…I am able to tell myself that I still have far to go because of him. I am grateful that I am able to spend my days on board this ship with him!
G: Whew…I experienced a bit of a cold sweat…
B: Huh…whoa!!

O: O-Okay…
1: Problems, you ask? Let me think…When it comes to problems, that would be Dario…He always does whatever he pleases and leaves lady Kika to pay the consequences. Something must be done!
2: Sir [Hero]? Let me think…He does not seem to have a very favorable impression of pirates…That is slightly awkward for me.
3: I…once belonged to the fleet of Middleport long ago. We were only a fleet by name. Yet, we were no different from pirates. However, we acted under the lord’s orders. There was an accident and I left. That was when Lady Kika saved my life. However, If they earn that I am alive, they may come after me, fearing that I will leak the fleet’s secrets…I believe I am causing unnecessary trouble to everyone, due to that…
G: …Are you sure…that someone Like me should be forgiven?
B: Whaaaaaa!!...Well, that was not surprising…I must not be someone who can be forgiven so easily…

O: Huh? What did you say?
1: I can’t tell you that.
2: It seems like he’s working hard. I take joy in seeing him strive towards success.
3: I am grateful…just to be alive and here right now…That’s the truth.
G: …S-So did I…pass?
B: …!! A-Aaaaahhh!!

O: Sure thing, bring it on.
1: Oh, those two, Jango and Brec! They rarely take a bath, but when they do, they make such a mess! Because of that, after they bathe, I have to drain the water and clean it up! Sheesh, I wish they’d take care of it…
2: He’s good, when it comes to how to use the bath and stuff. Yeah…
3: Let me think…I’m grateful that they always secure a lot of water fro the bath. My mission is to use that water to prepare baths that couldn’t possibly be any better!
G: Hmm? Ah…Nice, nice, it’s very tasteful. Then, I’ll be going now…
B: Wha…!! What the heck is this?!

O: Half of me felt like I sot of got it, but half of me didn’t…Oh, keep going anyway.
1: Let’s see…Well, there’s Chiepoo…He sells other people’s stuff, you know.
2: Well, honestly, I think he’s amazing. He’s doing things I could never do. But despite all of that…I’m a better fisherman than he is! Heh, heh, heh!!
3: Hmm, let’s see…With [Hero]…I haven’t been able to help him much. I’ve been working hard, but recently, we’ve been gaining strong allies…I just hope I’m not becoming a burden…
G: Whew! All right!
B: Daaaaaa!!! What the heck is this?!

O: Uh, okay…
1: Uh, Ms. Agnes, I suppose? I don’t think anything particular of her, but she seems to hate me. She should just tell me whatever it is that she wants to say to me…That is what I think.
2: Oh, Sir [Hero]?...Nothing in particular. I would be happy if he brings the Old Books to me. That’s about all, I think…
3: I am grateful for being allowed to store so many books. But if I had more space, I would be able to store even more books!
G: Hehe…It’s only natural, I suppose. I will go now…
B: Eeek!! Wh-What is this?!

O: What’s that supposed to mean?
1: That’s none of my concern…nor is it yours…
2: Well…He’s doing quite all right, isn’t he?
3: Nothing in particular…As long as no one bothers me, I’m fine.
G: Then…I’ll head back.
B: Damn it!

O: I see…
1: …No one should speak of such a thing.
2: I believe he is a man undertaking an incredible endeavor.
3: This ship. It seems that it has a room that did not exist when it was designed. I am most sorry about that.
G: …Thank you…Thank you very much…
B: Nuuuwhoa!! I suppose this is just another thing that cannot be helped…

O: Yeah, no problem.
1: Everyone…is so loud. I wish someone could do something about that.
2: He’s a good guy.
3: The food here is wonderful. I’m grateful for that.
G: Whew…
B: Eeek!! Wh-What is this?!

O: *cough*…A-All right…*cough cough*…
1: *cough* N-Nay-Kobolds…It looks like…when I breathe in their fur…my health takes a turn for the worst…*cough*
2: I envy him…*cough*…*cough cough*…Because…he seems so healthy…
3: They brought…such a sickly and weak man on board…*cough*…and I…feel bad about that…*cough*
G: *cough*…H-Have I been saved?
B: …!! *cough*…H-How could you…do that to a sick man? *cough*!!

O: P-Please go easy on me!
1: What?! I-I couldn’t possibly tell you something like that!!
2: Huh…Mr. [Hero]? He’s a good man…I’d like to fish with hi sometime.
3: I-I…I fished up Shiramine, that was bad…He had such a strong pull, I couldn’t help but to fish him up!! That wasn’t a very nice thing to do. I couldn’t sleep that night!!
G: Wheeeewww…My heart was just pounding! But I’m so glad I got though it…
B: Huh?! Wh-What are you doing?! Uuuuhh!! This is horrible!!

O: Um……What does that really mean?
Q1: Would you secretly inform me about anyone on board this ship who you think is causing problems?
A1: O-On this ship? There is no one like that.
2: Sir [Hero]? Um, I think someone is calling for me. Maybe not. I may be wrong…
3: Everyone is very friendly. I would like to continue to work, side by side, with everyone.
G: I-I…was fine, then? Whew…
B: !!!...Wh-Why would you do something like this?

O: What does that mean?
1: That’s got to be Nico! He should be treating me properly, like a full-fledged apprentice!
2: I dunno. It’s not for me to say, one way or another!
3: Don’t got anything like that. Say, are we done yet?
G: All right!! Well, I’m going back! Later!
B: Owowowowowowow!! What d’you do that for?! You won’t get away with this!!

O: Judge? Well, that’s fine. I guess…
Q1: Then, would you like to tell me about anyone you think poses a problem to everyone on board this ship?
A1: Let me think…There are some among my patients, but……I cannot speak of my patients in a place like this. It is a doctor’s obligation.
2: He may be pushing himself a little too hard…I think he should rest his body more. It is not because he has the Rune, but rather that he is working a bit too much.
3: Everyone has been good to me. And the Obel king is also a kind man, you know?
G: Whew…Well then, I have an appointment, so I will excuse myself now…
B: Whoa!!!!! Please keep the tomfoolery to a minimum! Honestly…
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Postby SOe » Tue Nov 07, 2006 2:41 am

I believe i've read this in gamefaqs before..
Nice little feature.. replacing detective report i guess..

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Postby Chris_Lightfellow » Tue Nov 07, 2006 7:01 pm

I've looked at that one. It's not nearly as complete. It only has about 5 or 6 of them.
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Postby SOe » Tue Nov 07, 2006 8:11 pm

The one that Reinbach_III wrote is a complete set i guess.

Well anyway, i really wish i can see Maxime and Warlock 's confession.
And there's nothing really revealing about Viki and Jeane out of the confessions.

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Postby Chris_Lightfellow » Tue Nov 07, 2006 10:22 pm

I didn't know that that one was up. I had only seen the other one. Oh well.
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Postby Aldo » Wed Jan 03, 2007 2:17 pm

Kika's is also missing.

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Postby Chris_Lightfellow » Wed Jan 03, 2007 6:47 pm

Kika, Maxine, Warlock, and someone else who I can't remember do not have confessions.
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Postby Aldo » Thu Jan 04, 2007 9:27 pm

Chris_Lightfellow wrote:Kika, Maxine, Warlock, and someone else who I can't remember do not have confessions.

That sucks. Theirs would have been interesting

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Postby SOe » Fri Jan 05, 2007 7:30 am

Chris_Lightfellow wrote:Kika, Maxine, Warlock, and someone else who I can't remember do not have confessions.

Well that 'someone else' should be Keen, right?
and as you stated in the top most post, Ramada probably doesnt have one either..

BTW how long did it take you to finish this confession list? more-than-once-apperance of one char in the donfession room is possible right, innit? (mind my english :oops: )

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Postby patapi » Fri Jan 05, 2007 12:20 pm

Only once per character per playthrough. No repeats.

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Postby Chris_Lightfellow » Sat Jan 06, 2007 1:41 pm

SOe wrote:and as you stated in the top most post, Ramada probably doesnt have one either..
Ramada supposedly has a special confession after the liberation of Razril, but I always miss it b/c of when he leaves, which made me doubt its existance. I also didn't get Lino's special confession after the liberation of Obel either When he leaves, his confession is unavailable. As to how long it took me, it was about a couple of weeks.
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Re: [Guide] Confession room

Postby Sasarai10 » Wed Dec 30, 2015 5:34 am

I have done all confessions and I noticed 6 are missing. Those 6 were Elenor, Kika, Maxine, Warlock and of course Keen and Lazlo. Ramada has one too, but I believe it must be done before he leaves.

I understand why Keen and Lazlo don't have one, but I don't understand why the other 4 don't have any. Maybe there is a certain time frame they can be done? Or are they scripted already but they don't appear in the game?

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Re: [Guide] Confession room

Postby sticky-runes » Mon Jan 18, 2016 12:59 pm

Sasarai10 wrote:I have done all confessions and I noticed 6 are missing. Those 6 were Elenor, Kika, Maxine, Warlock and of course Keen and Lazlo. Ramada has one too, but I believe it must be done before he leaves.

I understand why Keen and Lazlo don't have one, but I don't understand why the other 4 don't have any. Maybe there is a certain time frame they can be done? Or are they scripted already but they don't appear in the game?

Let me get this straight. You want to get three dangerous women on the rag, and a sorcerer responsible for summoning otherworldy creatures and converting them into runic weapons, to open up about their feelings and risk dropping heavy objects on them if you don't like what you hear?

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Re: [Guide] Confession room

Postby Sasarai10 » Mon Jan 18, 2016 6:04 pm

sticky-runes wrote:Let me get this straight. You want to get three dangerous women on the rag, and a sorcerer responsible for summoning otherworldy creatures and converting them into runic weapons, to open up about their feelings and risk dropping heavy objects on them if you don't like what you hear?

Well, Maxine isn't a danger since you've beaten her up twice before. Elenor is just a middle-aged woman who doesn't fight so she isn't a danger either. Warlock might summon some creature but still it's no problem since you've beaten up before another creature of his (This boss in the dungeon was summoned by him right?).

Maybe Kika might be a little bit...but still there are even more aggressive characters like Axel and Gau who didn't do anything.

Actually now that I think about it, Maxine MIGHT had a confession if Ramada was still around. But by the time you recruit her, Ramada has left already. Elenor is perhaps too busy with her role as Tactician, and Warlock is too busy in the Control Room. So no time for confessions.

Only about Kika I cannot find any good explanation, but she's kinda suspicious generally (hidden age, no confessions, ONLY female pirate in the game, and not just that, but a leader of a whole gang of pirates). Perhaps there's something more about her, but it hasn't been revealed. :roll:

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Re: [Guide] Confession room

Postby wataru14 » Tue Jan 19, 2016 7:32 am

Doesn't Kika not live on the HQ anyway? I thought she hung out on the Grishend and only came aboard the Dauntless for story scenes.

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