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Re: Best Team - Member Recommended Parties

Postby Pkdragon » Sun Apr 26, 2015 1:14 am

Ok, so I beat it at ~ level 57 or so with:

Lazlo: Flowing Rune / Rune of Punishment / Killer (Killer was just me saying "lol i need a quick, cheap rune to fill a slot!)
Kika: Double Strike / Falcon
Wendel: Warrior/ Lightning/ Cyclone (conserving my thunder rune for the next run...)
Maxine: Cyclone/Lightning/Flowing

The most unique member of the party was probably Wendel. Crazy versatile character due to her high magic growth, high skill and speed growth, and acceptable speed. I basically speced her to be a magic user, but all I had to do was plop a Warrior Rune on her and she also had very nice attacks. Not the best by any means, but decent enough for someone devoting all her equipment to boosting her magic and speed. Her main weakness is that she's a bit squishy, but I didn't find that to be much of a problem in that final fight. Her affinities aren't superb either, but she's more than good enough in Lightning and Wind, and Lightning at least is pretty important. Definitely a jack of all trades, master of none, but I always like really versatile characters who can fill two jobs at once, especially in a game with only 4 party slots.

Because hero was basically on full healing duty, this setup lacked physical damage dealers, other than Kika (who, quite frankly, is enough of a physical damage dealer by herself to carry the team). The goal here wasn't for me to burst the enemy down, it was for me to play safe and have a variety of options at hand. And to see pretty magical effects! :D

Also, while he's pretty useless for the final boss, I found Eugene to be pretty amazing for random encounters and the Killer Golem. I know you're not supposed to use tanks in Suikoden, but I found the Firefly invaluable in a game where you don't have a formation system and your mages are on the front line. Definitely recommend him whenever you're using characters that might be a little squishier than you'd like.

first post on this forum btw, sorry if I rambled on a little bit.

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Re: Best Team - Member Recommended Parties

Postby Virande » Sun Jun 21, 2015 4:18 pm

Separate Task Forces : Akaghi, Mizuki, Kate, Frederica. (They need to rescue Ramada and Frederica have a personal issues with Cray)

Main Party : Kika, Lazlo, Snowe, Lino (Fury and Double Beat on Kika, Lazlo, Snowe... Beat the final boss only in 2 turns... Lino do nothing.. lol)

I think its the most reasonable "official" party.. except for Kate. XD

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Re: Best Team - Member Recommended Parties

Postby gildedtalon » Sun Jun 21, 2015 8:35 pm

Double beat rune doesn't exist in S4
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Re: Best Team - Member Recommended Parties

Postby Virande » Sun Jun 21, 2015 10:05 pm

Sorry my bad.. i mean double-strike...

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Re: Best Team - Member Recommended Parties

Postby Sasarai10 » Mon Jun 22, 2015 12:31 pm

actually you can pretty much use anyone since you can "cheat" via Reinhold's training room,and boost your character's level to the maximum

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Re: Best Team - Member Recommended Parties

Postby Virande » Tue Jun 23, 2015 1:34 am

Yeah Sasarai's right, but for me, my intentions is not using the easiest team, but to use any characters who fits in the storyline.. XD

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Re: Best Team - Member Recommended Parties

Postby Sasarai10 » Tue Jun 23, 2015 11:52 am

Virande wrote:Yeah Sasarai's right, but for me, my intentions is not using the easiest team, but to use any characters who fits in the storyline.. XD

Another nice team you could use could be the 4 other Razril Knights as a separate task force....and for Graham Cray,only Lazlo and Snowe. It'd be a walk in the park if they are both level 99,and weapon level 16.

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Re: Best Team - Member Recommended Parties

Postby Pen » Sun Jul 19, 2015 12:37 am

Well, heres mine:

Main Party:

Armor: Pirate King Set
Accessories: Power Rings x2, Counter Ring.
Rune Pieces: 20 Fire, but there is no strategic reason for that, it's for aesthetics alone. It fits his clothes, give a nice effect when combined with Snowe in the Combo, and complete the Razril Knights elemental team.
Double Strike
Rune of Punishment
Comments:While having him is mandatory, there is no complaints from my part. He have two awesome Combos: One is a Boss Killer with Snowe, and another is a Random Battle Killer with Kika. With this setup, his combo with Snowe reach easily 3500 per round, and his combo with Kika reach 1000 to all enemies. If you are feeling bored and Auto, he still can do, alone, 1300-1400 per round in a single enemy. Rune of Punishment is just a bonus, he can live without it. He also can Goodwill all his party, if you ever need.

Armor:Hero Set
Clothes: Pirate Snowe. It's white and black, goes very well with Lazlo black and red.
Accessories: Power Rings x2, Counter Ring.
Rune Pieces: 20 Water, for aesthetics alone once again. When using True Friends, it really make a nice constrast with Lazlo Fire pieces.
Double Strike
Comments: Snowe is back, baby, proving that while you can't be a good leader, at least you can be a beast warrior! He have a nice Combo with the Hero that wipeout any boss in the game really fast. He also is really good at the Auto departement, like the hero. There is no way to go wrong with Snowe.

Armor: Ogre Set
Accessories: Power Rings x2, Speed Ring.
Rune Pieces: 20 Lightning. Because, eh, looks cool.
Double Strike
Falcon Rune
Comments: The greatest pirate ever is no pushover. With her Falcon Rune and her Combo with Lazlo, she is really good at any ocasion, boss battle or random battle. She is lower than the other two in the Auto, but with Double Swords combo, you only Auto when you are REALLY bored.

Armor: Magic Set.
Accessories: Magic Rings x2, Water Magic Ring.
Rune Pieces: 1 Wind just for effect.
Soul Eater
Comments: The Soul Eater is back... nerfed, but back. But this is not a problem, because it's at the right hand of the best mage in the game. Ted is the ultimate mage: He can nuke stuff with Judgement for 2300 of damage, or Kindness Rain everyone for +1300. You only die now if you get careless. He can also Silent Lake at high speeds in the Training Room, avoiting the annoying Sleeps and high damage spells. He can do stuff at Random Battles with Black Shadow, but is better let Lazlo and Kika take care of that.

Side Characters(Characters I used and now belong on the second party):

Armor: Guardian Set.
Accessories: Magic Rings x2, Thunder Magic Ring.
Rune Pieces: None
Comments:Stripperific as ever, Ms.Jeane is once again present. She probably would surpass Ted if she didn't had the Charm Rune, or a Wizard Rune could be put on it's place. The Charm Rune ratio of working is really not that great, and since Jeane is made of paper, she would be getting some heavy hits. But she is not there to prolong the fight, she is there to end it as fast as possible with a barrage of heavy damaging spells. If you took more than two shots, you are not using Jackobs, I mean, Jeane.

Armor: Diamond Set.
Accessories: Power Ring x2, Counter Ring.
Rune Pieces: 17 Earth.
Double Strike
Comments: The king of Obel is nice, have a really nice damage. Too bad his Combos are nothing to write home. Still, his Earth Magic and damage carried me a long way through the game, since he have the advantage of being present for a lot of it.

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Re: Best Team - Member Recommended Parties

Postby SolInvictus » Thu Oct 29, 2015 3:27 pm

I just finished this game again and my play style is to use different characters and combinations throughout the entire play through. This definitely prolongs the game and slows it down due to constantly having to level up and upgrade the equipment/weapons of a character that you've never used before, but I think it keeps things interesting. Here are some of the teams and the points in the game that I found them useful.

Right after getting base


Here I find that the best team to use is the Ninja Trio. This is particularly true if you are trying to farm Horns from the Bloody Behemoths on Illuya before they go away for good (which is when you get the golden seal and name your ship, I tested this for future reference). Not only are the individual members very fast, have moderate physical attack, and in the case of Mizuki and Kate have good magic, but their run affinities go well together. Mizuki is magic healer due to affinity with water, Kate is runic damage/support with fire/earth affinity, and I use Akaghi for item heals either through the item command or with the medicine rune. Ultimately through their real value is with their unite attack which does fixed earth damage to all enemies. At this stage in the game fixed damage is better than a damage multiplier due to the lower strength values of your characters and limited access to things like Fury and Double Strike runes. After leveling up their unite it is just enough damage to one shot the annoying stun lizards on Illuya while farming for horns.

Reinhold's Training Hall

Anyone else

This party is pretty self explanatory and if you use the training center or any other guide you would certainly know why Ted and Lazlo can easily take care of this by themselves. I would also add Eugene with the Magic Canceller as a very welcome third to this set up. At times even when you have all the speed boosting gear in the game and have added the fastest characters to your 2nd and 3rd ship parties, the enemy will still get the jump on you occasionally. With his Firefly rune and the added magic cancellor he can really save your ass when this happens as someone like Reinhold in the 5th round will single target him with a 4th level lightning spell that will be negated.

Farming Obel Ruins magic stones w/o over leveled Slash Rune


If you are like me and prefer not to over level in the training hall due to making the game overly easy, but would still like to farm the zombie unicorns in the Obel Ruins for magic stones to open rune slots, the best additions to your team that I've found are Gau and Dario. You can add Kika for good measure to ensure everything goes down in one round at first, but giving Gau enough speed rings to ensure that their unite triggers before the enemy and Dario enough power rings to make sure they go down in one hit, will be all you need eventually as they have the strongest "target all" unite in the game.

Final Party

Armor: Pirate King Set
Runes: Rage, ROP, Water
I use Rage for level 2 spell, Water for level 3 spell, and ROP for Level 4 spell. Lazlo is main healer until out of Level 3 and 4 then goes to attacker.

Armor: Hero Set
Runes: Water, Fury
I tend to stay away from Double Strike runes just because I don't like either the "load everyone up with enough damage to one shot everything" approach or the obvious extra damage you end up taking. It's just not my style. Snow can be used as back up heal, but his main focus is to attack while Lazlo is healing or unite with him when he isn't.

Armor: Guardian Set
Runes: Mother Earth, Soul Eater, Flowing
As everyone has pointed out Ted is the over powered character of the game. Level 4 spell from Soul Eater, Level 3 spell from Mother Earth, Level 2 from either Flowing or Soul eater depending on the need for heals or damage. He destroys everything. You can additionally equip him with 1x-3x Earth Magic rings for an additional boost to his already high affinity with the rune.

Armor: Ivory Set
Runes: Cyclone, Mother Earth, Flowing
I think Warlock is more versatile than Jeane and it makes sense story wise for him to fight against the final boss, but Jeane can easily be subbed in with the Thunder and Flowing runes added for very good damage. For Warlock I will typically start with Level 3 Mother Earth and use either Level 4 Cyclone/Mother Earth or Flowing/Cyclone combos depending on if I need healing or pure damage. I Level 2 is also interchangeable with Cyclone and Flowing for the same reasons.

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Re: Best Team - Member Recommended Parties

Postby BrucePrintscreen » Thu Oct 29, 2015 3:58 pm

My best team is the three hottest girls in the game, because it's such an easy game that I don't need any special character to beat it, so I may as well have a nice view.

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