Lucky Lottery Ticket

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Lucky Lottery Ticket

Postby silverk » Sun Apr 19, 2015 1:56 pm

anyone notice that equiping these increases the drop rate too?

i was farming for stone of magic in obel ruins from Unicorn Zombie, it was slow, i equipped luck rings and lottery tickets and found that the stones started to drop more often, i tested this with other chars and noticed that stones were still dropping, sometimes 2 in one battle.

lucky lottery tickets are created by a char with a normal ticket being hit by the enemy with a critical hit.

btw i also found out that a natural magic of 250 (no equipment boosts) let's a char have 9/9/7/5. i got to 250 using stones of magic.

EDIT Affect of an increase in magic points is only gained at level up so trying to increase a char's mp at level 99 is too late as their final mp is fixed at level 99.

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