[Guide] Armor Compatibility

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[Guide] Armor Compatibility

Postby Enigma » Sat Jan 17, 2015 1:38 pm

This is a guide that shows each piece of equipment and which characters can equip it. Please note that the actual list of items and their descriptions are from something I found somewhere years ago, as I never intended to create a guide or anything. The work I did myself was to check the sell prices for the items that cannot be bought, and double them to come up with a potch value. I then acquired each of the items in the game and made lists of which characters could and could not equip everything. I analyzed these lists and came up with equipment classes to describe where everything fits.

The classes:
L - Light Armor
E - Medium Armor
H - Heavy Armor
R - Robe
*Note that some characters are in both the L and R classes

M - Man
W - Woman
G - Girl
N - Nobility
K - Nay-Kobold
*Note that each character can only be in AT MOST ONE of these classes, and some characters are in none
*Also note that not all male characters are in the M class. Check the character list to see which classes each character is in.

S - Shield
C - Cape
J - Jewelry
*Only Keneth is in the J class. This was the simplest way I could come up with to deal with him being able to equip some female-only equipment, like the Star Earrings and some others.

*Note - strangely, Axel is only class H for his body gear, but for all other gear he is in classes H M C

I hope you will find this guide useful.
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Re: [Guide] Armor Compatibility

Postby Celes » Tue Feb 03, 2015 4:04 pm

There is a special rule for Axel, so I would rather put a special note to Keneth as well instead of creating a unique class just for him. He can equip girl class only for accessories.

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