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Postby Celes » Sun Jul 26, 2009 3:38 pm

Whilst the administration contain excellent researchers into most of the facets of the games, there will be aspects that people have not had the time to look into; or in extreme cases have not been noticed.

We are therefore prepared to take any submissions that people wish to make that enhances the site.

However there are rules about submissions that must be followed:

  • Do not steal someone else's work and claim it as your own. We are well aware of other Suikoden sites and general gaming guide sites like GameFAQs, as well as publications like the official guides; so any attempt at copy/pasting or even slight rewording will almost certainly be spotted.
  • If you do use such a guide to help you in your research then please mention that you have done so (with links or page references) this way we can check up and see how much is your own efforts.
  • Submissions should be fact based only: anything based on the opinions of the author, over what is in the games will be rejected.
  • The person submitting the work gives the right for Suikosource to use the work in question as they see fit, provided credit is given. The author revokes the right to ask us to remove the submission from the site at any point.
  • Suikosource is not mandated to use any submission it receives; nor is it required to place any submission on the site within a given time period.
  • Suikosource retains the right to rewrite any submission, or amalgamate submissions of similar content without the permission of the original author or authors.
  • Submissions that contain no additional content to what is already on the site will be dismissed; any corrections or slight addendums to existing site content should be made in this forum rather than through the submissions process.
  • Suikosource will aim to get back to those submitting pieces in a prompt manner; but depending on content and time submitted this reply may take some time, so please be patient; we will reply to everything submitted, even if it is just to say that we cannot use the piece.
  • Submitters will recognise that people will submit research based on the same principles; Suikosource will attempt to use the best of these submissions, not the first, although we will note down who else submitted similar material in the site update.

If you feel you can abide by these rules and wish to contribute something then please post it in the appropriate Gameplay Forum or, if it does not address a certain game, in the Website Forum.

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