Help with editing an audio

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Help with editing an audio

Postby cool_sei » Sat May 23, 2009 2:56 pm

Hey guys!

I need help with editing an audio.. I tried using some software but I just couldn't do it..
I have this .mp3 that needed editing.

The song have people cheering and there some people talking here and there.
I wanted to remove those mention above without removing the music and the singer vocal.

I downloaded it from youtube since the song is not available anywhere...

FYI, the song it Don't Sweat by Ms Triniti feat Qmillion (Edited from the song 'Don't sweat the technique' just for the movie 'Center Stage 2')
I really like the version from 'Center Stage' but I can't find the perfect copy anywhere on the net...
so anyone can help me with the editing?
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