[Guide] PS3 Multi Region Accounts

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[Guide] PS3 Multi Region Accounts

Postby Master Mathiu » Sun Jan 04, 2009 11:32 am

Now with many different games coming out in different regions for the PS3 I expect people will be getting a little jealous of the other regions (Mainly us in Europe). So i decided to write a guide so everyone can have the best of both worlds.

Follow the following instructions:

Multi Region Guide:

1) Create a new user on your PS3 - For example I called mine HK Account.

2) Sign up for a new account on the Playstation Network

3) Select Hong Kong/North America/Europe as your region. The reason for selecting Hong Kong instead of the Japanese region for this is that the Hong Kong region can be in English as well as other languages and has lots more/different goodies than the US and EUR Stores.

4) So for obvious reasons make sure you account language is set to English.

5) Select Master Account.

6) Now you need to create a new email address so that you can sign in. I would just recommend using:


7) Create an online ID

8) Now for the tricky part. You need to find a valid address for your region. The address and postcode/zip have to match the real thing. So this is where your brain has to come in to action. All I did was open up google earth or google maps and search just for a bar/pub/restaraunt and used that as my address. Yes it worked.

Well done, now you have you very own "other region" account.

Now for the real tricky part.

If you want to buy anything from these regions it causes problems. You can change your credit card to the region/country you want so its pretty impossible to use it. So what your gonna need to do is search on ebay and see if you can get a PSN Card for that specific region.

They are easy to come buy and you can get them for the price they've been bought it as its not really that big of an issue, unless....

You live in anywhere but Europe and want a European account. We are still yet to see the PSN cards so you'll have to see if you can do a deal with someone. If theres anything you want from say, europe, give me a shout and ill see what I can do.

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