Collecting OSTs - Bootlegs

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Collecting OSTs - Bootlegs

Postby Antimatzist » Mon Jun 24, 2013 1:17 am

Just wanted to let you know:

Recently, I bought two Suikoden OSTs on ebay (for a REALLY good price). I got them this weekend, and I noticed that they were not official Konami releases, but Taiwanese bootlegs. That wasn't in the description of the auction, and it doesn't bother me much (I need to listen the CDs to check them for quality), but for a collector, this isn't so good.

So this is just a warning to all those looking on ebay for cheap OSTs - there are bootlegs. There are also bootlegs for other games' OSTs (they advertise them on the OBI).

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Re: Collecting OSTs - Bootlegs

Postby Nanami_chan » Mon Jun 24, 2013 5:18 am

I think thats an interestig topic. I wish I knew it when I was 15 and started buying these thinking they were originals *sigh*. Anyway, there's an easy way to know it; the ones with the smile face, and the ones with SM letters in it, are fake. The true ones should have Konami logo in the spincard. If thats used and doesnt have spin card it may be harder. Anyway, you can see the differences here
Hope it can helps someone ^-^

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