Is the World of Emptiness an underground society

Hypothesis for, and analyses of, the various locations and backstory of the Suikoden world.
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Is the World of Emptiness an underground society

Postby Templeton » Thu Oct 25, 2007 1:24 pm

Noticing that the souleater spell takes monsters underground I find it possible that a vast cavern of summoned creatures such as those from the Blue Gate Rune and Yohn herself may exist in this region.

And what about the "World of Wings and Scales" it could be somewhere on the planet which has been refered to as Earth.

Viki has a homeland said to be on the Earth and this "Waffu" statement may link to it as well.

And finally, how many moons does the Suikoden world have? not to mention the GPS in Megs gadgets could be from a flying castle of somesort high above the atmosphere.

I would like to hear if people can fit these area's into the present world of Suikoden.

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Re: Is the World of Emptiness an underground society

Postby Lovecraft_elder » Thu Oct 25, 2007 2:56 pm

Guess it is possible that the other worlds, or "dimensions," described in Suikoden are unknown part of the Earth. I guess it could be areas so vast and unexplored that they could seem to be a whole other world.

The Empty World could be some kind of underground world where thousands of monsters roam, and the World of Wings and Scales could be high up in the sky. The Million Worlds could just be faraway plains that nobody know much about... but...

We know that the mother of all dragons (I think she is just called Mother?) tears a rift in the dimensions to come from one place to another. Guess she could be somewhere on Earth, and just being too lazy to move herself, but it seems that she actually flies from one plane to another through a rift.

If I remember, and I am not quite sure about this, the final battle in ST takes place in the Empty World. The ground is like water, though we can walk on it, and there's a lot of mist. It's not quite the way I'd imagine how any planet would look at the inside, but then again, Suikoden means "Water Margin Legends," and it is possible that the "Earth" it takes place on is this "Water Margin"-thing, so perhaps it could be all misty and such inside.

About the Million Worlds. It is described as being a general term for all the unknown worlds and dimensions besides Suiko (or Earth), and I think that many people on Suiko are way to smart NOT to have found out, that the Million Worlds are just a lot of unexplored terretories...

But then again... it is possible that your theory is right. Another mystery I guess. :o
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