The Suikoden Calandar

Hypothesis for, and analyses of, the various locations and backstory of the Suikoden world.
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Re: The Suikoden Calandar

Postby JanusThePaladin » Wed Feb 20, 2008 4:49 am

I think its probably a translation error. They did pretty good on translations, but a couple of Luc's statements are definitely mistranslated. I think it was probably supposed to say "1000s" or "thousands" of years, rather than 1000 years.

Knowing the suikoden penchant for mistranslation, this seems more likely to me than anything else.

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Re: The Suikoden Calandar

Postby Lovecraft_elder » Thu Feb 21, 2008 8:09 am

@ maha_gnosis: It might be a very possible reason, that the Island Nations have another time system than the rest of the world. We know that the calendar in Falena is based on their own period.

@ JanusThePaladin: It is a very plausible reason that it is just a mistranslation.
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Re: The Suikoden Calandar

Postby JanusThePaladin » Thu Feb 21, 2008 3:56 pm

Also the term "thousands" could be an oversight in itself. When trying to express large quantities, thousands is often used, though more often than not thousands doesnt come close to the true amount. Thats the problem with generalization.

I'll personally hold out that its a mistranslation until they make Suikoden 12 take place at the 1000 year ago creation of earth.

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Re: The Suikoden Calandar

Postby YuberEightfold » Fri Jan 30, 2009 3:31 am

I would say we really can't compare the Suiko World with ours. Perhaps i think they are a different human than us. Look at Riou(Hero of Suikoden 2),he's 17yrs old in his world but yet he is strong in anyway. If he would be in our world,he would be about 12yrs old. And it doesn't actually make sense that he is that mature in everyway.

So i would say that humans in Suiko World are totally different than us. I would say that they are not what we call human.They are different,in fact like we are comparing Alien (that are close to humans) and us.
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Re: The Suikoden Calandar

Postby blah1017 » Tue Mar 24, 2009 12:28 am

Quing wrote:Hmm. If years are longer in the Suikoden world, we have a problem. That being that for them to be enough longer that it would make a difference, it would also make a major difference in people's ages and in the timeline. However, people's ages seem to correspond pretty closely to ages in the real world. Otherwise, you'd expect people who are in their twenties to be entering into middle age which is not something we see. Yeah, that "the world is 1000 years old" bit sort of bothered me the first time I ran across it, too. My best explanation is that Luc is wrong. It's reasonably likely that the 1000 years are a metaphorical 1000 years, and that it really has just been a long time. He surely doesn't mean exactly 1000 years. Since he doesn't mean exactly 1000 years, but just in the general vicinity thereof, it might as well be 10000 years. There's not that much difference between the two. Alternately, the Suikoden people could just have no idea how short 1000 years is. Or, a third possibility, there were already civilizations before the world was made, and they just got moved from another world. But I'm leaning toward the "Luc is wrong" interpretation.

Also, I could be wrong, but aren't you not supposed to have pictures in your posts?

Yeah, I also subscribe to the "Luc is wrong" belief. There's nothing that really points to Luc being a complete expert on the passage of time or whatever.

It could be a mistranslation, but I kind of doubt it. Even if it's not, it's still irrelevant, it's easy to write off what he said as just being wrong.

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Re: The Suikoden Calandar

Postby Icegryphon » Tue Mar 31, 2009 5:43 pm

Year would have to be the same. Because our year is what it is because of how long it takes our planet to get around the sun. A longer year would mean either it is orbiting more slowly around the sun or it's at a bigger radius. Either way...doubtful.

I don't recall what Luc says regarding the age of the world though...
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