Other True Rune Attacks..What do you think they'd be?

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Other True Rune Attacks..What do you think they'd be?

Postby suiko2fan2 » Wed Aug 12, 2015 12:15 am

Across the series, a lot of the 27 True Runes have been revealed or at least mentioned in passing. Several have very cool game play animations for their spells. However, several True Runes while present in the games can't be used in random battles, such the Dragon Rune or Moon Rune.

My question is simply, what do you guys think the 4 runes spells would be for the "Secondary" True Runes we don't get to use directly in game? It Doesn't have to be a super complex list, just like the runes that are in the game that we wished we could see their spells.

1. Night Rune (S.D. Sword)

2. Sovereign Rune

3. Dragon Rune

4. Moon Rune

5. Rune of Beginning

6. Sun Rune (this one was most disappointing first time i played 5, kept hoping the Hero would get to use it)

7. Beast Rune (I theorized this one many years ago. Made a video about it http://bit.ly/1To2x5b back in the day)
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Re: Other True Rune Attacks..What do you think they'd be?

Postby sticky-runes » Wed Aug 12, 2015 6:31 am

Night Rune
I get the impression that the night Rune is so overwhelmingly powerful that it took the form of a sword so that its power could only be wielded sparingly in battles where it was needed. That's probably why Sierra scorns the Night Rune for allowing itself to be a tool used by human hands. Nyx, the Greek goddess of Night, was also seen as a formidable force (she was the mother of Sleep and Death and other gods associated with the subconscious and passing of time like Dreams and Old Age) and even Zeus respected her power.

Zerase wishes she could use the Sword of Night in her confrontation against the Twilight Rune, so the Night Rune could probably dominate Twilight. Maybe even amplify the power of Zerase's Star Rune? Spells I could think of include:

1.Shroud of Darkness: Like the Fog of Deception, the enemy's vision becomes darkened so that their chance of landing a successful hit becomes dramatically lessened, and allies have increased accuracy and strength and can land multiple hits.

2. Still of the Night: Freeze the enemy for a certain number of rounds so that they are unable to move. Like the sleep status, except they don't wake up even after being hit.

3. Black Banishment: Like the Charm Arrow spell, it damages all enemies and causes significant damage with a high chance of instant death against Undead enemies.

4. Dark Embrace: Inflicts a curse on the enemy, like the poison status, so that they loose damage each turn for a certain number of turns. Works on bosses as well. Allies will recover a little health each turn.

Sovereign Rune
It would seem weird for a Rune that protects against magic to have spells, but here goes:

1: Overbearing Presence: Cancels out all allies turns so that the user can inflict a mighty single blow against the enemy.

2: Supremacy: Prevents enemies from casting spells.

3. Commanding Voice: Frightens weaker enemies into fleeing the battle and raises the strength of allies.

4. Ascendancy: Restores the caster to complete health with temporary invincibility, and delivers a devastating blow to all enemies.

Dragon Rune

1: Sibling Rivalry: Summons three fledgling dragons to bombard the enemy with fireballs at random.

2: Elder's Charge: Summons a large ancient Wyrm to emerge from the ground and breath a blast of flame at all enemies. Enemies up front take greater damage.

3: Mother's Guidance: Summons ice drakes to encase the enemies in ice, and a dragon matriarch smashes the ice with her tail, causing a devastating avalanche.

4: Frenzied Children: Dragons will show up and attack enemies at random each turn for a few turns.

I'll write more later.

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Re: Other True Rune Attacks..What do you think they'd be?

Postby Pen » Wed Aug 12, 2015 9:11 am

Regarding the Sun Rune, I think would be interesting if the Prince got it, and we started to see the cursed effects of "Lusting for power" on him. But would be, ONCE AGAIN, playing with the 1 and 4 concepts of "Hero life turns into **** due a cursed rune".


Rune of Beginning:

I think the Rune of Beginning could mix the effects of each spells of the Bright Shield and Black Sword:

Flash Blessing: 120 damage to one enemy + heals 70 HP and status of all allies.

Twinkling Light: 430 damage to all enemies. 30% of Instant Death.

Piercing Oath: 700 damage to one enemy + heals 300 HP of all allies with Berseker Chance.

Hungry Sign:1200 damage to all enemies + heal all party for max hp.

Gate Rune

Since we know the Pale Gate Rune is a child Rune of the Gate Rune, it's last spell would be different.

I dunno, maybe summoning a HYPER DUPER SUPER powerful creature from the World of Emptyness. Maybe the strongest creature from there.

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