The Most Evil True Runes

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The Most Evil True Runes

Postby veriaqa » Sun May 18, 2014 11:21 pm

If we talk about which True Runes is the most evil, our mind would think about Souleater or Rune of Punishment. Maybe some people would say that Sun Rune is the evilest amongst them all. But, in my opinion True Wind Rune is the most evilest of all True Runes.


Because unlike other True runes that only took one soul at one time (RoP and Souleater) or killing a whole kingdom (queendom) ie Sun Rune, True Wind Rune tries to kill a whole continent or even more. The destruction that will occur from Luc trying to destroy one True rune is of unknown scale, but it's safe to say that a continent being blown away is the most minimal result. Now Luc tried to destroy not one not two but 5 true runes.

People assume that this is Luc plan to free humanity from True Runes. But I think the whole Suikoden 3 plot is a True Wind Rune plan to destroy humanity to achieve its purpose, whatever it is. It feeds Luc with an image of a bleak world, then it whispers to Luc mind the solution to evade that future is by destroying the true runes. But, nobody ever destroys a true rune, not even the Syndar, the most advanced race in Suiko universe. So, Luc didn't know for sure that the ritual that he do would result in destruction of true rune. True Wind Rune probably knows all this, and intentionally leads Luc to believe that it is the only way. The truth is only known to True Wind Rune, but it possible that the ritual that Luc did only will release energy that will destroy anything bar the true rune itself.

So True Wind Rune is the most evilest of all true runes because it tries to destroy all of human civilization.
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Re: The Most Evil True Runes

Postby bluemask » Tue May 20, 2014 8:38 am

I don't think a True Rune is evil. It is those who possess them that makes them evil.

Sun Rune was clearly harmless staying on the bust. But with Arshtat's intervention, it was able to control Arshtat into becoming a mad woman. As for Luc, we had no definite proof that the TWR was controlling him. If it was, why would it want to destroy the other True Runes? I mean, if the world is destroyed, would it serve the rune's freedom? Luc has stated his purpose and living with a curse, who would not want to end it?

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Re: The Most Evil True Runes

Postby Wolkendrache » Tue May 20, 2014 5:46 pm

The Beast Rune wants sacrifices, and turns its host to some kind of rabies infected monster.
The Punishment Rune punishes his host whenever he uses it.
The Souleater devours the souls of the host and those around him.
The Sun Rune is devastating whenever its host gets grief-stricken or weakened emotionally.

These runes are always harmful, even if the nicest person bears them. Like parasites, they do no harm without a host, of course.

The harming potential of other runes completely depend on the host's alignment, see Blue Moon Rune (Neclord or Sierra).
I think the Dragon, Gate (Leknaat or Windy), Night, and Sovereign Runes are of the same kind.

Barbarosa was the nicest enemy I've ever met: Neither did he use his rune to stop or attack me, I attacked him; nor did he use it to stop Windy, out of love. So his love did more harm than his rune.

I wouldn't use "evil", but I think you can say that some true runes are more harmful than others.
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Re: The Most Evil True Runes

Postby wataru14 » Tue May 20, 2014 8:44 pm

The Sun Rune isn't evil. And it doesn't pray on its bearer's emotional stress it causes it. It is extremely powerful and the human mind cannot safely handle the power it gives. That's why it causes megalomania. If the bearer of the Sun Rune also bears the Dawn and Twilight Runes, then there is no issue whatsoever. The Sun is both nurturing and destructive and the Sun Rune embodies both aspects. It's hardly evil.

The Beast Rune isn't evil, it is savage. There is a difference. Luca Blight (who never actually bore the Rune) was hateful and sought vengeance and the Beast Rune's influence accentuated that, but I don't think it CAUSED it. As for the sacrifices, that seems to me to be a way to make the Rune manifest. I doubt you need to do them to activate the Rune.

The Rune of Punishment is cruel, but not necessarily evil.

The Soul Eater is the closest thing to evil I can see. Maybe if it focused more on the "Life" aspect (since it is the Rune of Life AND Death, after all).

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Re: The Most Evil True Runes

Postby Antimatzist » Wed May 21, 2014 3:35 am

I think evil is the wrong word to describe True Runes, because they stand above morality.

Also, is the TWR really "evil"? I thought it just showed Luc a glimpse of the future, which made him freak out.

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Re: The Most Evil True Runes

Postby sticky-runes » Tue May 27, 2014 12:00 pm

the True Rune of Hangovers.

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Re: The Most Evil True Runes

Postby bluemask » Wed May 28, 2014 7:50 am

sticky-runes wrote:the True Rune of Hangovers.

You even serious??? I thought it was the True Vodka Rune

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Re: The Most Evil True Runes

Postby Pen » Thu Jul 16, 2015 3:18 pm

Like some people say, if we judge the runes by human standards of morals, of course some will appear evil to us. But because we are using our morals as humans to judge beings that we don't know which line of logic they follow, and how they see humans: As tools or as "partners" for their desires and ambitions.

One thing we know for sure is that the runes have Wants and Needs, and they need the humans to get what they want or need. So I don't believe they effectively seek to bring harm to humans, after all, without humans, they won't be able to get what they want.

What I believe is what the most "cursed" runes seek is simple a "perfect/ideal host", the ones that they would like to spend a long time with them. See the Soul Eater and the Rune of Punishment, two runes that people love to call "cursed", that after a while, stopped showing the cursed effects after they growed confortable with their hosts. Tir life wasn't stolen when he befriend Ted when he had the rune, and neither Gremio life was stolen a second time after Tir mastered it. The Soul Eater growed confortable with it's host overtime, or simple have no more desire to "eat". And as we know, the Rune of Punishment have a Forgiveness Phase, which means it stops taking the user life.

So I believe the runes, when they needs and wants are accomplished, stop "tormenting" the owner.

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Re: The Most Evil True Runes

Postby sticky-runes » Sun Jul 19, 2015 3:50 am

I certainly don't think the Soul Eater is evil. It rejected Windy as its host. If it were an evil rune it would have allowed her to bear it and use its power to kill everyone on the planet, or whatever she was planning to do.

People forget that the soul eater is the true rune of life and death, meaning its ideal host is somebody who values life. Ted bore it for 300 years and he spent most of his time avoiding people - not because he hates people, but because he doesn't want to be the cause of death and suffering, and he doesn't want to get close to someone only to lose them and outlive them. Tir cared for all the people he lost to the rune - his father, his servant and his best friend and the woman who changed his life, and he becomes a lone wanderer a bit like Ted. These boys didn't want to go on a destructive path absorbing souls, they wanted to preserve human lives and avoid destruction. But Windy hated everyone. She didn't love the Emperor or any of her co-conspirators, they were all just a means to an end. She didn't care for the lives around her, she was only interested in death and vengeance. And the Soul Eater refused to give her that and chose to stay with the boy who was resisting her. So its not an evil rune.

EDIT: Then again, Hellion does describe the soul Eater as having "evil intentions", so it could be that the soul eater gets off on its bearer's heartache at losing a friend or relative, and it refused Windy because she had already experienced great tragedy in the past and was no longer capable of feeling any more sadness at the deaths of others, guess it depends on how you look at it.

A rune that controls life and death and eats souls would be pretty useless in a world with no more souls to absorb.

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